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Examples of IB Extended Essays in various subjects, written to IB-specific criteria

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  1. Effects of Ultrasound on Halogenoalkanes and NaOH

    "The effects of ultrasound on the relative yield of elimination and substitution mechanisms when halogenoalkanes are reacted with NaOH". This person got an A.


  2. Three assessed examples of English EEs

    Three assessed examples of English EEs


  3. Submitted

  4. Submitted

  5. Submitted

  6. Submitted

  7. EE Human Rights

    Examples of an EE in human rights. There are not many examples of this type of EE, so here are two with some notations.


  8. Writing research paper

    How to write a good research paper, course work or extended essay by considering the rubric requirements


  9. Extended Essay - TOK Points Conversion Matrix

    Matrix detailing the award for bonus points for the EE and TOK components, for exams sessions 2010 onwards.


  10. EE Guide 2013

    Extended Essay guide. First Examinations in 2013.


  11. Physics Exemplar EE

    A sample EE in Physics for you to look at. Mark: 26/36.
    Research question: Investigation of the effects the change in vertical centre has on the stability of a canoe.
    Hope it helps. I'll be uploading more Physics EE samples soon.


  12. EE Exemplars

    2007 EE Exemplars with grades.
    Includes English A1, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Social Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Music, Theater Arts, and Visual Arts
    490 pages--large file


  13. ITGS Extended Essay

    A brief review of EE for ITGS. Hope it helps.


  14. IB Physics Lab Report Guide

    Just a simple guide that might help with Physics IAs.


  15. Presentation of an Extended essay

    This document shows an example of how an EE should be orgainized


  16. Economics EE - May 2011

    Marks awarded: 31/36
    Grade: A


  17. Extended Essay Due Dates (Suggested)

    Here's the file with suggested due dates starting from year one for when to do what for the EE. Hope it helps you guys!


  18. IB extended essay checklist

    Make sure to check off while writing any IB extended essay.


  19. Extended Essay Template

    template for cover page, abstract, etc.


  20. How to write a good research paper

    It is important when writing a research paper, extended essay or other coursework requirement to research the paper's rubric requirements. The rubric is just a fancy way of saying the marking criteria or "what the examiner wants".


  21. Submitted

  22. Chemistry EE 2010 report

    This is the Chemistry EE 2010 report, you can look to the mistakes of other candidates and the ways of improvements.


  23. Extended Essay Research Diary template

    A tool to help keep all your Extended Essay research together


  24. History EE in French - Mémoire en histoire

    Voici mon mémoire en histoire. C'est au sujet du système des pensionnats autochtones au Canada et leur rôle dans l'assimilation des peuples autochtones de la Colombie-Britannique. J'ai reçu une note de 35/36 (un A).
    J'èspère qu'il vous sera utile. Bonne chance!
    Hello everyone, 
    This is my History EE in French. It's about the Canadian residential school system and its role in the assimilation of First Nation tribes in British Columbia. I scored 35/36 (an A).
    Hope you find it helpful. Good luck!


  25. EE guide and assessment Criteria with a book

    In this file you can see I have attached the EE guide, assessment criteria and also a EE book which will be useful for writing and also guiding your EE in the right path


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