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  1. Hello Everyone! I am in a big trouble!!!!! I have 4s in psychology and I don't know how I will manage to increase my grades in Mock EXAMS!!!!! Could please tell me where can i find psychology past papers 2010-2014 may exams? thanks in advance
  2. Out of love for all you fellow IB survivors, I've done my research and made my notes and will post up the grade boundaries to all subjects I am aware of the grade boundaries for - apologies in advance that there are some subjects I don't know at all, or only have the HL for Group 1 English A Literature HL 1: 0 - 17% 2: 18 - 32% 3: 33 - 43% 4: 44 - 56% 5: 57 - 68% 6: 69 - 80% 7: 81%+ English A Literature SL 1: 0 - 16% 2: 17 - 30% 3: 31 - 42% 4: 43 - 55% 5: 56 - 68% 6: 69 - 80% 7: 81%+ Group 2 Spanish B HL 1: 0 - 13% 2: 14 - 27% 3: 28 - 46% 4: 47 - 60% 5: 61 - 72% 6: 73 - 86% 7: 87%+ Spanish B
  3. I'm working on the TOK title paper, and I wanted to see what others think of this title. Title #3: "The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility." Evaluate this claim.No one in my class is doing this title and I need some help. I want to affirm the claim, and say that knowing something carries a responsibility to act to either prevent harm, uphold principles of integrity (in a case of lying or cheating), and/or to spread wellness. I have a definition in mind for ethical responsibility, but not for "Possession of knowledge" yet. I want to take this in the direction of Ethics
  4. HELLO Does anyone have a copy of the may 2013 Chemistry Hl exam with the mark scheme ? (both TZ1 and TZ2) Please I really need it ! Thank you
  5. Hey guys! Since it's been 24 hours, how did everybody find it?
  6. as you all might know, the Internal Assessment (IA) for SL Math has changed this year because of the new curriculum. Now we have to find a topic ourselves, and investigate it [ t(-_-t) to IB ]. But I am stuck with no topic right now and im in desperate need for some suggestions. some suggestions my teacher made were trying to investigate things with relationships. Like maybe traffic vs. construction or reaction time vs. time of day. but these have already been taken. So i desperately need suggestions for some topics. please help. )':
  7. Hello! I'm having a bit of trouble with my math IA. I chose to do it on time dilation, since I am really passionate about space and time and I thought it would be quite interesting. Except I have a bit of a problem, I can't seem to figure out my thesis. I was planning on making this an investigation about the effects of time dilation, it's applications, and significance but I can't seem to form a thesis from that. I would be much obliged to any suggestions or help, thank you!
  8. Hello guys ! How did you find the exam in general? I hope we can discuss most of the papers now. Personally, i think i did a good job in Physics, B&M, and Chemistry to an extent. Math paper 2 and 3 were a challenge ! English was quite manageable.
  9. How did you all think it went? Personally fine until I got to the longer questions where 8 was very simple but 9 & 10 a bit challenging, but I don't remember it all perfectly either.
  10. Does anyone do SL economics here? How did you guys find it? paper 1- I thought the questions were pretty easy! I was really happy with the questions, both micro and macro paper 2 - It was ok i guess? it wasn't too bad. I really want a 7 for eco but expecting a 6 if i didn't do so well in paper 2
  11. Unless my converting between GMT and AEST is terrible, I believe we're allowed to talk about English paper 1 now. So, did you pick prose or poetry? And what were your thoughts? I did poetry and talked about the poet's seeming reluctance to accept the new perspective on the inanimate objects as he kept trying to point out that he knew it was weird and was explicity referring to the fact that it was dignified. I also looked at the contrast between 'still life' art and what the poet was observing and suggested that the poem was critiquing the lifeless nature of 'still life' My final paragraph was
  12. I'm at SL and my option is Abnormal psychology. I realized by seeing other past papers that exam questions tend to ix 2 objectives or take a part of one. Everything is related. My exam is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. I have started studying by looking at the etiologies and treatments of an afective disorder and an anxiety disorder by just reading because I don't have time to make notes (it's already 9:25 p.m. I find this option veeeeryyy large and with everyting related it's kind of confusing. Can someone help on how to study well this option please?!?!?!? Thankss
  13. So the November exams are finally here (starting tomorrow with A1 English Paper 1, omg). To everyone doing the November exams: GOOD LUCK! We got this Anyone still doing some last-minute cramming?
  14. Hey guys! I have already posted up a question on practice past papers for HL Biology? However, I just wanted to know whether I should practice past papers for HL English and HL History. I don't really have time to study the contents. Even though I have brushed up through reading the books (English Literature) and reading the chapters from the History guide. I still don't feel confident. I am giving the exams next month, November (there are only 8 days left.....yes I am freaking out) and it would be really helpful if you guys could give me some pointers on what to do? I really am clueless. I fe
  15. Hello.... so ummm since this year's case study is RDB. Would the paper 1 mocks be on actual IB created Questions or would it be random ones that our teacher made up? and also for paper 2- are they past exam paper questions? ohh sorry if i seem kind of annoying/ new to this... its beacuse i take Business and management SL anticipated and im really nervous about the mocks because i have never done them before. Thanks
  16. Hi guys, I have an Internal Assessment which is a commentary, based on microeconomics only, and it's due in 2 weeks! I was wondering whether any of you have good news articles that is related to what I'm doing (microeconomics), and a news article that I can easily do a commentary on (something that I can write a lot about)? Anyways, just hoping to get some suggestions! Thanks in advance! (:
  17. Hi Mandarin B fellowers~~~ I'm a current IB student doing Mandarin B HL, with my exam session in November 2013. I have to complete my language B written task on the coming Monday. However, after reading the 2013 language B guide carefully, I haven't found the conversion scale between words and characters which used to be 1:1.2, this confused me. Do we still do word count conversions if it is not stated in the guide? This seems quite important as marks will be deducted if the word count is not met/exceeded. Also the rationale is 150 words for HL, do we have a 5% above and below range for the
  18. Hello everyone, I am planning to sit for retakes this November (2013) but I don't really know how it works; does the retake mean I have to do ALL the marked work in a subject (i.e. including IAs, internal assessment, coursework, etc.) or does the retake only include the timed written exams taken in the school hall? It'd be great if you all could help me clear this up, as my coursework is fine, but my written exam scores need improving. Thanks!
  19. Hello! I need to study to for a business test and I would like to practice with the May 2013 Paper 2! Does someone have a link for that document? Thank you very much!
  20. Hey I only have a quick question, but I've been trying to google this for hours and it seems like I'm never going to find an answer there, soo I came to you guys for help. I read on one of the threads that all of the syllabi changed in 2013..? I got a bit panicky because I realised that I only have the 2009 ones at hand and I can't seem to find the new ones anywhere. I was just wondering if someone could confirm which syllabuses are being used for the May 2014 examinations (does it change from subject to subject or are all of the syllabuses from the same year?), and if the 2013 ones are bein
  21. Hi everyone. I have a question concerning the mark boundaries for language B. I saw that getting a 7 in most of the B languages (bar english) in TZ2 (europe) was over 85. Is it the general trend that TZ2 have higher grade boundaries since most of the B languages are native to TZ2 or is it beacause of the new course that we need to achieve way higher grades for the 7? Cheers.
  22. Hi. I have reached the 2nd year of IB and during my summer holidays (which I am currently having) I am supposed to start my extended essay. The topic that I have chosen is "Perfect Competition" in Economics (HL), and my research question is "What would be the impact of perfect competition among the multi-retail businesses in India due to the arrival of foreign giants like Walmart?". My doubts are:- 1. Is this even a valid RQ? 2. Are retail businesses a perfectly competitive market? Thanks.
  23. Hey guys, im revising for my philosophy mock exam and I was wondering if any of you took the actual exam in May 2013 and could tell me the questions for the core theme, ethics and political philosophy so I can write some practice essays to prepare for my mock. Thankss!
  24. Hey guys. Discussion about Paper 1! I think all the questions were pretty straightforward. I found it weird, though, that it was all theory, and no Java whatsoever! I'm guessing they kind of fused this exam with the new syllabus. I only found the boolean expression quite ridiculous. I don't know why they felt compelled to write it in such a way. I could figure out which symbols were AND, OR and NOT, but that way of expressing it definitely wasn't in the syllabus. My teacher told me that they shouldn't have written it like that, as well. I was also wondering what you guys responded with to the
  25. So what did you think? I found it hard :/
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