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  2. Hi all , are there any good topics that I can take for the EE English B?
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  4. So, I wanted to do my IA on optimization, and so I immediately thought of a soda can, but that is too simple. How can I make this more complex? By maybe optimizing a coke bottle so it's not just optimizing a cylinder? Please help me, and if I were to do this, I'm not sure how... like somehow graphing that and then finding the area under the curve using integration? I'm really not sure and this is due next week and i'm kinda freaking out so pls help me
  5. omg i just realized this is under HL maths and further... nvm but like i will gladly take any advice
  6. So, I wanted to do my IA on optimization, and so I immediately thought of a soda can, but that is too simple. How can I make this more complex? By maybe optimizing a coke bottle so it's not just optimizing a cylinder? Please help me, and if I were to do this, I'm not sure how... like somehow graphing that and then finding the area under the curve using integration? I'm really not sure
  7. Hi...im interested to have the account. Do u mind to share me?
  8. I recently started on my Biology IA and yesterday finished my experiment. The topic for my IA is what is Best Way to Retain Protein within Vegetables in relation to the Amount Needed for Human. I was going to measure protein by looking for the pH (which I did tons of research on). I used pH strips and sadly I don't think they worked. My question is what should I do? I have numbers I can put into a data chart but they well DEFINITELY be off and not accurate. I know that we have too talk about human error and things that affected our experiment so should I just put that information in that secti
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  10. well, depends how long into the porgramme you are and if you could still catch up, I suppose. I'd say you should talk to your IB coordinator and ask
  11. hey, i am at the same roadbump as you guys. What did you end up doing?
  12. Hey I am currently in ibdp 1 and I am asking this with some hope that someone would reply. Did you find out that can you change your subjects or not. I have taken English HL and I don't really need it. Instead I want to take economic HL. Hope someone is reading this and would reply to this.
  13. Hey! I'm taking pretty much the same courses! I'm taking MAI HL, ESS SL, Business HL and Economics HL. I just got my report card back and adding it all up for how it is I would get a 36, so I can try and give you some tips. Don't be nervous! It will all turn out however it is supposed to turn out. 1. Make sure you take notes in subjects like business and economics and maybe file them and organise them so you have everything in one place. 2. Use your weekends for reading ahead! It is really helpful to know what your teacher is talking about. I try to read and take notes ahead of
  14. Hey, Dropping out is dropping out. I don't think you need to wait for finishing pre IB. However I really value the IB, I am in my first year and although it is difficult and stressful, it is the best thing I have ever experienced. I love it so much. Even if you took IB courses and not the full IB diploma, or just got your high school diploma, it could change your life. It depends what you want to do in the future. I wish you the best of luck in any decision you make!
  15. Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're stressed at the moment. IB DP is difficult 😬 You have very hard courses and if it is only the first semester, you are totally fine! The IB doesn't want perfection all the time, they want to see improvement. Your drive and desire to improve will get you there, don't worry! You mentioned that you find it difficult to write long essay questions. This part is just a matter of practice. Some school programs give you experience with them before the IB and some don't. You will get used to them super fast don't worry about that. Maybe just ask your teache
  16. I am currently writing my physics IA and I do not know what to do. My teacher is new so she doesn't understand the IB system and I don't know if I can even use my current experiment. From what I have now, I can make graphs and compare results - but I can't do any calculations whatsoever. How badly will this affect my grade, are calculations a requirement or is it just a formality? I would get the same result, but calculating would just be another approach. Please help me if anyone can!
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  18. How closely does an EE examiner check a student's work? Do they re-do every single calculation that the student has shown and verify if that's correct? For example, if you say "When these values are substituted to this formula, the below values are obtained." will they actually substitute the values into the formula and see if the values match what's written on your work?
  19. Hi! im sorry to hear you're failing, the same thing is happening to me too. In regards to Kognity, it is difficult to use when you use it the first couple of times, but once you play around a little bit with it and get the hang of how it works it can really safe your life!! I usually use the checklists at the end of every chapter to revise before an exam, since it tells you exactly what you need to know for the tests. If you really don't like kognity, I also advice you to always take notes of the important concepts you need to know for the test and try and come up with questions for
  20. Hey everyone, I am in my first year of diploma and semester one is almost over. I had all my tests last week and my results are out. Looking at all my grades, it is way below average. I have studied in IB all my life. I feel like MYP has not even helped me at all in DP. In MYP i got honour awards, but now in DP I am literally failing. I choose HL: Math AA (4), Physics HL(1 - I did a retest and am still waiting for the results), Biology (5) and SL English Language and literature (6), History (3) and French (4). I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, so I just choose all the subjec
  21. Hi i'm in IB and i have to write my EE this year. I want to do mine in psychology but I have no clue what topic I should do. I chose psychology for multiple reasons: 1. I want to be a doctor when I'm older 2. I'm always watching crime shows 3. Today I was watching an episode were a suspect was high and couldn't stop fidgeting and was all over the place and it was fascinating because the day before I had explored how different drugs affected one's brain and the neurotransmitters involved through (a rat party simulator which took a biological approach) so in the end the show was connected to wha
  22. For a practice IO, my teacher has instructed us to use a clip of the Adjustment bureau movie and King Oedipus. I'm unsure of a global issue with which I could connect these two or one that is common between them. I would appreciate any sort of guidance or ideas for this. Thanks.
  23. Hey, I completely forgot abt this! What was ur Alexander Mackenzie test like?? I’ve decided to take AP classes, but I’m still interested to know how it went :))
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    Math IA Topic?

    So I have my math IA topic due date coming up, and I've been looking at representing frequencies of pitch as a sinusoidal function in order to demonstrate that piano's are impossible to perfectly tune. I'm kind of iffy whether or not this topic is doable and will be able to fill up enough content. Does anyone have any advice on this topic or any alternate topics I could do?
  26. Who already tested this mathematical approach to win some money? Please tell me if you have strictly followed it and what amount of money you managed to grab? It looks very suspicious to me that the winning can be so easily achieved. I am playing on RichPrize now. The investment is not that big and I think I will give it a try, even if I lose my money in the end. It is interesting.
  27. hey, so I have to find the topic, main RLS and KQ for my TOK presentation, but I never had any idea what was going on in TOK classes 🙃 so I really need some help!! I thought I could do something connecetd with medical ethics, but since I don't want it to be too common and generic, preferably something else than designer babies/stem cell research, euthanasia and abortion. do you have any ideas what this could be? my other idea would be something connected with maths, like I thought of, very vaguely, maths in nature - so about Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, Sequences and Series for
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