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  2. I know the place where they shared great options for Math IA topics: https://writingmetier.com/article/ib-math-sl-ia-topic-ideas/ You can look through their website, I believe I have found some samples of IAs, but am not sure if tehre was any Math samples. Make sure to look yourself, maybe you will find some. I hope it helps
  3. Hi there! I completely understand what you´re going through as a Ib junior myself. Honestly, that´s the same exact thing I was thinking at this point of my life. I´m not completely failing IB but I´m not getting the grades I want. And I also think if I try harder, I can definitely do well! Honestly, I don´t have physics as one of my Ib subjects but I do have chem sl. I was just looking through posts related to chem and I found your post. My best suggestion would be dropping from Ib physics and taking a regular or honors physics? I´m suggesting this because recently I dropped to Algebra 2
  4. Hello to whoever is reading this, In the past week I have submitted two pretty awful and unfinished IA drafts. I fully acknowledge that this is my own fault due to my poor time management, but I was wondering if anyone had advice on what I should do now? One of the teacher's at my school told my classmates and I that; Poor draft = Poor feedback = !!BAD IA!! Needless to say this statement has been stressing me out a bit. If any IBDP 1 students happen to be reading this then DON'T BE LIKE ME. Manage your time well and hand in the best possible draft you can.
  5. Hi! Did you calculate the angle between the horizon and the stars or were you able to avoid that? If you calculated, what was your procedure?
  6. I have huge struggle of creating my reaserch proposal for my Bussines Managment investigation! Can anyone give me some suggestio?
  7. Hi, Yes, English B is more general more basic than A. English A is more focusing to literature and a lot of reading sections. IF you are interested at readying then A of course. If you want to study in universities that are abroad, especially United States or Britain then English A helps a lot.
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. This helps a lot. I have glanced the website, looks good. Thank you!
  9. Guys, can someone share a resource that has math ia samples
  10. I had a writing test today in spanish and i am a high level student. The word count was 450-600 words, and I wrote 320 words. I could not think of anything else to write about. The topic was identity and I wrote about values, religion, respect, how your natal birthplace changes your identity. I AM A fluent SPANISH SPEAKER at home and I was not able to reach the minimum word count for HL spanish B simply because there was nothing more to add. I did write 2 pages and according to google "2 pages has 900 words approx" but this seems odd because I counted word by word and got 320. DO I
  11. I want to do my IA seeing that enguage bocal helps fight bacteria in the mouth better, but my teacher is worried that the IB won't let me use saliva. Does anyone know if there is anything that says I can't use it?
  12. hey. I think I can answer the first question. so in my school we have English lang/lit as language A and Arabic B or French AB as language B. although most of us are fluent Arab speakers, my school decided to give Arabic B sl/hl instead of Arabic A because we take English as a first language. as for French, our teachers specify in French AB so they give that course. so it really depends on what your school has picked as courses to what level you can do. to further answer the question. 'A' of any subject just means its a little advanced and 'B' is a standard kinda thing thats for people w
  13. hello. im doing DT in higher level and I really need an idea for a product I could make. my teacher is very annoying and he wont really help us. he wants us to make the product IRL to test it out and it needs to be made outta wood or foa. please help!!!
  14. Hi guys. I am studying currently in Finnish DP. I just had a Finnish exam and i found out that i have a big big problem with the Finnish grammar. I need a Plan B for next year when we need to choose the subjects.(They have 3 ib year in Finland. First year is Pre-year) Since I am a Chinese so my Plan B is Self-taught Chinese. 1. Is there kind of different level for Self-Taught Chinese, like Chinese A HL, A SL, B HL, B SL? is it mandatory to choose Chinese A since it from the Group 1. 2. Will they give me some kind of materials for my study for my final exam? I can't just attend the F
  15. Hey did you end up writing your IA on this topic? If so could you share your IA with me, i am writing mine on a very similar topic and a having a hard time. Thanks!
  16. I searched it up and it says 12-20 pages long but does that include the bibliography, table of contents, and title page or is it 12-20 pages of pure investigation?
  17. hey, everyone! my name is mina, and i made a discord server for study session purposes. i wanted to gather other ib students or folks who wanted to study together and make friends! also to share resources, materials, papers, advices, etc. of course, study session aren't the only thing that can be done. there are also animangas and gaming channels for those who want to destress and have off-topic (non acad related) conversations. so yeah. i hope to see u guys there! here's the server link: https://discord.gg/eaCgNvEa
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  19. Hi! I am doing my math IA on logarithms and earthquakes, however, I have no idea what to write on this topic as all of the research and formulas have been investigated and found. It is too late to change my topic and so I really need some ideas. How should I structure my IA? Please help!!!!! Thank you!
  20. Thank uuu! But I'm thinking on changin the topic, becuase there's lack of sources for what I wanna do
  21. hi! wow that sounds great :00 is it possible for me to see your ia as an examplar? thank you!!
  22. hi! did you end up doing any of these ias? i thought all of these ideas sounds so cool and would love to know more about how you conduct an experiment on them in specifics. thank you!
  23. Hello, I'm currently in G10 but I just want to ask and prepare for the IB in advance. I haven't studied in overseas for a long period so my english ability is worse than others. (I'm an EAL student.) Though I got high score in the english proficiency test, I'm not sure if it is okay to take the English A SL instead of choosing English B HL. I heard that English B has more disadvantages compare to English A SL... what should I do?
  24. If you want to develop software and applications quickly, but at the same time with high quality, then you should think about tools with which you can work faster, as well as quickly implement the application deployment process. I recommend learning more about kubernetes service vs deployment to see if it's a development solution for you or not.
  25. I am doing my physics extended essay on how the change in wavelength of incident light on a solar cell affects its efficiency. However, after collecting data and drawing a graph, I figured that there is no correlation. Does this mean scoring high on the EE is not possible now?
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