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  2. Hi, I haven't heard of a whatsapp group for the class 22, so I decided to created one. It's will be nice to be able to connect with other students through the globe and help each other with CAS, EE, IA and other stuff. If you want to join, please let a common bellow
  3. Hi, just a quick addition to your information. You can also do postgraduate medicine as well by first doing a science degree. But if you are interested in doing undergrad medicine, then 45/45 is required by certain Universities which offer that course.
  4. I am absolutely tolerant, but some still think that such topics are relevant. I have a friend who likes guys and I communicate with him normally. Don't think that these guys are any different. They also want love and warmth, they just like guys. Take a look at the website cupid.com to learn a little more about the relationship between guys.
  5. It must have been a very interesting task.
  6. Oh, these are very good recommendations.
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  8. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help regarding my Physics EE? I am examining how changing the mass of a copper plate at the end of a pendulum effects the stopping distance of that plate when passing through a horseshoe magnet directly beneath it. Due to the changing magnetic field the copper plate is temporarily magnetized which generates a secondary magnetic field. This secondary field resists the one that induced it and slows down the copper plate. I am having trouble with my hypothesis and determining what will happen. I was wondering if increasing the mass of the copp
  9. Hey guys, I'm struggling to collect more responses on my EE on social media and body image during covid-19 and would really appreciate it if you guys could kindly take some time to fill out the survey attached below on "The impact of Covid-19 on social media usage, body image, eating, and exercise behaviors among high school students”. Your help would be greatly appreciated and the responses would be completely anonymous https://forms.gle/u1UtFeo8a15HwQpC9
  10. Hey guys, hope everyone reading this is well. I need some help deciding on my official research question for the EE. I am quite behind on the EE because we have some deadlines coming soon and I have yet to research my topic and question because I cannot formulate a strong research question. My EE topic is on the Hippie movement (history) and my initial research question was "To what extent was the Hippie Movement successful in advocating against violence and war during the 1960s and 1970s?" but relooking at it and after doing some more research I am concerned it is a weak research question. My
  11. Hey, the gambling industry, today, is reaching the peak of its popularity. For my mind I choose do betting on https://1xbet.com.gh/ Thousands of sites around the world offer gamblers to try their luck by placing bets on sports or spinning the reel on various slot machines. Cheers and good luck.
  12. I'll give you some advices. Studying at university (anywhere) is a dynamic process, you're always absorbing new knowledge. But sometimes the time is coming, when you understand that you're late and ahead you will take exams, write essays. All hours fly by like a kip, and you've not got any times for work. If you often have a similar situation, you can use scribbr service, like me. I'm glad, because they write good, then check their work. My essays were always alright. Writing essays is like process creating stairs. One by one. For long time you should to take notes, and finally it will help yo
  13. Oh that must be annoying. Try the high schools in denmark then, i heard there was a high failing rate this year so they probably opened up the November exams for outsiders. best of luck!
  14. I called them and unfortunately they aren't doing re-takes this year :(( Thank you for your response though, I really appreciate it!!
  15. I'm considering taking the Ib next year, and I have a question : I'd want to take the music subject, but I've only been learning the violin for 1 year and half (I don't play really well). Is it still possible for me to take this class? Will my assignments and what I learn be in relation with my level, or how does it works? Or must I be really good at my instrument to take the music subject? Thank you a lot for your time, if my question is not clear let me know!
  16. My maths teacher told me statistics is the easiest topic in ib maths, at least in maths AI. So, I chose statistics. Then I thought the economic growth rate can be measured by maths. However, I also realised that it doesn't actually apply any mathematical concepts, so there is just calculation stuff. Do you think this idea still works in IA? My plan is to compare some combinations of both developing and developed countries. (i.e. the counties that have an opposite change in the economy then see how the population changes over time in both of countries.) My simple predicti
  17. My old school average at Cs in IGCSE. However, some of us managed to graduate with A+ averages. And when the average isn't that huge of a difference (less than 5 points), your grade will depend less on which school and more on how efficiently you work and how much time you're willing to put into school. One-on-one support is a huge boon, trust me. Especially in some IB subjects. Also, I think your school is fine for you because your English is pretty good considering it's your first year! However, there could be other factors you haven't mentioned here such as tuition and the gener
  18. I'm in the first year of IB diploma, D1. (I will be D2 from the next September) I study Business SL in Pamoja, however, I don't know what to study for business this summer. (I got a 6 from the final report card in D1 though.) Then I'm wondering how also the IAs work on Pamoja especially for business. Because since I've done the mock exam 2 months and half ago, there are no updating so far. (I mean, I don't literary study business almost 3 months and nothing happens.) Then I personally plan to research about the YouTube market as there is an interesting business model. (the viewe
  19. Hey guys, i'm wrting a comparasive extended Essay about the Influence that the Red Terror in Ethiopia and in Russia had on the Education System in the respective countries. I am having Issues with the structure though. My plan was to first talk about the effects in Russia and in Ethiopia in different chapters and then compare them on the last chapter of my essay. Do you guys think that, that would be okay?
  20. It depends on what your target is. The size of the class will be one criteria for the ib students. (the small size is obviously beneficial for the students cuz the teachers are more close to them compared to the large class.) of course, the average point is important to get a higher grade in the future but ib is more like a personal engagement so basically it's up to you! (my school average point this year was like 38. some got 45 or over 40 and some got lower than 35.) Also, a high average point doesn't necessary mean the quality of the school is good. So, make sure that you w
  21. Hi, I have a doubt with respect to the selection of the article done by the HL students. Are they allowed to search the micro IA based only on the HL topic ? Or they can choose the article based on the SL topic? Can you please clarify this doubt. Thank you in advance
  22. Hello, I am a 19 year old South Korean who graduated this year from an international IB school in Brandenburg, Germany. I want to study medicine in Germany and plan to apply next cycle after pulling my German up to a C1+. I graduated with 43 IB points which are converted to a 1.0 in the Abitur system and was told by some friends I may be able to apply for the Abibesten quota (30%) through hochschulestart. However, that is for German citizens. If I am a non EU citizen who lived and graduated from an IB school in Germany with Abitur convertible grades(IB scores), am I considered as a German appl
  23. Send emails to the UNI's!
  24. Look, you need to do the UCAT and the IBDP, in your situation. If i was you, i would really consider what i would do. Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. You need a 45/45 for med, and a 5% highest in UCAT out of all participants, so it is really hard. However, i would do it!
  25. No, not necessarily, but it would be wise. However, as you are doing HL econ, it would be very good, so i think you should be OK. Evenly, econ in UNI isn't like physics, so you should be ok.
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