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  2. How do you plan to turn the plastic into oil? I assume you meant crude oil...
  3. Hi, I'm in Myp5 and soon I have to choose subjects, but I don't know if they are good enough to get into a good university. My school does not offer many courses but I would do this: IT LIT HL (Mother language), BM HL, MATH aa SL, DESIGN SL (not offered high), ENG LIT AND LANG SL. And I don't know what to put as third high, between HISTORY, PSYCHOLOGY or put English high and history or psychology SL
  4. After reflecting on the very helpful advice I received, I thought maybe I should focus on how the survival show (I-LAND) impacted the reach and sales of ENHYPEN's debut. Maybe I could show that by measuring the number of people who actively participated in the voting process of the show; the number of views for the show etc., and compare that to the immediate sale values of the debut album compared to an artist or group w/o a survival show? I'm not sure if the comparison between a group with a survival show and without one will be appropriate though. What do you guys think???
  5. Hi I need to calculate how long it would take to reestablish the world from its 2020 polluted atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to its state 100 years back. I used a simple formula (CO2 removal rate (bmt/year) = (initial CO2 emissions - final CO2 emissions) / time period (in years) however, my teacher says it is too little math, the IA needs more. I don't know what formula or calculation I can use. Can someone help me please.
  6. What is your mechanism for turning polyethylene into crude oil? Or are you working with a different type of plastic.
  7. Hey! Thank you so much!!! That is very useful advice and I will definitely look into everything you have mentioned Really appreciate the help!!
  8. Does anyone have the Hodder education maths AA hl pdf?
  9. hi I'm doing my math ia now for math ia sl and I want to do Finding the correlation between the US dollar and Gold prices however all my data is secondary data with no primary data is it ok for my math ia to not have primary data or will it affect my grade.
  10. I have changed my ideas around a lot and have decided that I could do an EE on the objectification of women in modern love songs. My question so far is "How has language connecting to love evolved from old songs to more modern songs?" I am going to be comparing 'The smiths' and 'Jason Derulo' (if they can be compared) I don't know if its bad that ones a band as ones just a single artist but I cant think of a modern band that objectifies women so if anyone can think of one it would be appreciated! Anyway, can I just add the musicians or do I have to quote one of their songs?
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  12. This was so helpful!!! The pop culture and media route seem like they will suit me more and I never knew you could do it that way. I will think over what specific form of media I can do but any help is appreciated although you have helped more than enough at this point! I’m writing up my research proposal so this will help fuel all my ideas thank you!!
  13. Hey there! That sounds like a great research question for a Business Management Extended Essay. Focusing on the impact of marketing strategies implemented by a specific company (HYBE) on the sales and reach of a product (ENHYPEN) aligns well with the business management subject and can provide you the opportunity to delve into the topic and apply your knowledge. Additionally, the topic being of personal interest to you, you are likely to put in more effort and stay motivated throughout the process. Here are a few additional suggestions to make sure your Extended Essay in
  14. Yo! Congrats on getting into Herbert Carnegie and Alexander Mackenzie! You're in for a great experience. To prepare for the pre-IB exam, here's what you can do: Math: Brush up on your basic math skills like algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Get yourself some practice worksheets or use online resources like Khan Academy or IXL. You can also try solving past papers or sample questions to get an idea of the types of questions that might come up. English: Read, read, read! Try to read as much as you can, and make a note of new words you come across. Try to use them in your writing and
  15. You're on the right track with your Chemistry IA! The key to impressing your teacher and making your research stand out is to present it in an informative and engaging way. Here are a few tips to bring some creative flair to your IA: Define key terms: Be a vocabulary wizard and make sure your reader knows exactly what you mean by "halogenation", "alkanes", "boiling point", "carbon chain length", "surface area", "molar mass", and "polarizability". Explain your methodology: Take your reader through your experiment and describe how you conducted your MANOVA analysis. Then, showcase
  16. thanks for getting back; let me know if you need any assistance with your History IA. U can DM me if you do not want to share any specific ideas with a broader audience
  17. U are mostly welcome, in case you need amy sort of assistance with your ee, feel free to ask, or DM me
  18. thanks for the follow up, it is helpful!
  19. Hey there! Sorry I was out for a while, hope you are still interested in my feedback So you're curious about writing an extended essay in English Language and Lit on the intersection of feminism and other social justice movements, as well as the representation of women and femininity in media and pop culture? If so, here's a quick rundown on how you can approach this topic while keeping in mind the criteria for a good IB EE: Research question: Ask yourself, "What is the representation of the intersection of feminism and other social justice movements in contemporary literature
  20. Hello, I was having a few questions about my chemistry database IA. I am investigating the effect of halogenation on boiling point in alkanes. My research questions are as follows: As the carbon chain length increases the boiling point increases. How does halogenation affect the boiling point and the factors that contribute to boiling point. Which of the factors mentioned above are most affected by changing the halogen attached to the alkane I drew up graphs of surface area vs boiling point, molar mass vs boiling point and polarizability vs boili
  21. Hi! From personal experience, www.smashingscience.org works really well. It has got tons of questions with markscheme for both HL and SL Chemistry. You can find both Unit by Unit and General revision documents. Most questions are past IB examination questions, so they help a lot... Greetings!
  22. Does anyone know how much do I need to score to get a 7 with the latest history IB boundaries?
  23. thanks, im applying to merivale. i think that khan academy and the canadian curriculum book grade 8 from costco would be the best to study. my math exam is on saturday and one of my friends took it yesterday (wednesday) so ill ask him how it was
  24. Hi!! I am currently on my first year of IB and have just started working on my extended essay. I was wondering if the following research question : 'To what extent does the marketing strategies implemented by HYBE impact the sales and reach of ENHYPEN?' be a good topic to work on under Business Management?? As someone who has been into K-pop for years and wants to pursue marketing in the long run; I thought it would fit both my personal interests and prospects for the future. I would love to know your thoughts on this! Thank you!
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