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  2. To be frank, I doubt you'd get approval to do an irregular diploma. Irregular diplomas are usually for people who need HL Bio, Physics and Chem for medicine in certain countries. The US will not require this. You can do the current combination, but you won't get the full IBDP.
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  5. So I have my LNAT exam pretty soon and I am unable to figure out a way to study for it. I have solved the mock tests on the site but are there any other sources through which I can study? Also it would be great if anyone who has given the exam recently can give some tips on it.
  6. my school doesn't offer psychology either which is such a shame cuz so many opportunities are lost, but I am glad you're sticking with bio good luck with your exams!
  7. Hi Thanks for the response. Sadly, my school doesn't offer psychology and I'm not great at Chemistry so Biology is probably my best bet. I would absolutely take psychology if it was offered though.
  8. i think maybe you should consider taking psychology instead of bio, the rest seems to be a great combination for law and international relations, this is just a suggestion tho, so you should ask the school's uni consultant if u have one
  9. oh I see, you're probably good at maths anyways so I don't think will struggle with it as an ee subject. good luck!
  10. HL Film (I know that this isn't ideal, but taking an art form at a higher level is compulsory in my school) HL History HL Literature SL Biology SL Malay SL Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations I'm not great at maths or the sciences, so keeping those at an SL level would be preferable. I haven't made my decision yet and am open to changing my current intended combination. Any thoughts on whether or not this is a viable combination for international relations or perhaps law? Cheers
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  12. I also think am pro-life because I live to have a pro-choice in the future. Since we are living in a futuristic world dependently on the choices and decisions we make, I find it better to be myself and choices depend on my personality and the way I perceive the world in general.
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    A textbook by ib academy that summarizes the content of MAA Hl very well.
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    A good text book summarizes the maa sl content.
  15. So I'm in DP1 and M23 and I'm having trouble choosing between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I'm about 1 1/2 months into IB at this stage and I'm just so confused. I'm currently taking HL Chemistry, Maths AA and Economics with Global Politics, Spanish ab initio and English LangLit at SL. I'm looking to study economics at uni but I also have a small interest in Computer Science which I want to explore to see if it's for me. This would be my only science but it would be at HL. I've heard that Physics is better for what I want to do but I'm much better at Chemistry in general. I got a 9 for iGCSE C
  16. So umm if I want to write Camus' Le pest what category does that belongs to??
  17. No, it’s like we have a grade, 11th grade, and that grade has 100 kids, those kids are divided in 4 sections, each one has 25
  18. Do you mean you have either 3 sections for an SL course, or 5 sections for an HL course? If so, you must stay in the same sections, otherwise you won't recieve full IB credits. (at least from everything I know?)
  19. Hey everyone, so as per the usual I'm so behind on my work.🤪 But spoiler, this time it's actually essential to be done on time though. Yeah, my college essay is due by Nov 1 and I haven't the slightest idea on what I want to write. So, since I do IB (unfortunately) and out of the 170 kids in my grade I'm the only one, I was thinking of mentioning this is my essay. But.... it seems like it would be just a catch grab since it's quite a boring topic to talk about. So did anyone talk about IB in their essays or no or literally anything else??? 😂😭
  20. I also like smoking hookah. It became popular not so long time ago, but nowadays there are a lot of special bars and hookah shops like for example Icon Hookah where you can choose good hookah, all necessary accessories, shisha tobacco and so on. By the way what is your favorite tobacco mix? Let's share!
  21. hii, im in my 2nd year of IB and my bio topic is very similar to yours, testing the rate of capillary action in white roses, i will do this by putting them into dyed water with different salt concentrations and measuring the time it takes for each plant to absorb the water. If you have any tips please let me know, and if you could tell me how much your IA scored, it would be very helpful for me. Thank youu!
  22. Alright thanks for the feedback ! I'll make sure to talk with my Math teacher about this
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