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  2. I have fixed the problem so anyone who is willing to answer is more then welcome to!
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  4. Do we put the predicted grades on our transcript for the US or does the school supposed to send it separately to the univerisities we want to apply
  5. Isn’t the predicted grades supposed to be in the transcript but are said that they are the predicted grades then later u have to submit the transcript again with ur final grades?
  6. I just had my first paper and got a 4 in it and our school considers this test for a 10% of our predicted grades (the ones that go to college). Is there still a great chance for me to get 7 in my final predicted grade overall??
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  8. Hi I am thinking about similar topics for EE and I found your question😂 so did you write your EE on special relativity at the end and how did it go?
  9. If possible, can you please send file for Additional test your self question and there answer for chapter 9 to 12....... I would be obliged for your help
  10. Do you have Additional test yourself question from chapter 9 to 12?
  11. Hi, thanks for the message, I am not sure as to why you can't fill out the form as there is no restriction on the survey. Is there any chance you could elaborate on what is that is stopping you from answering it so that I could try to fix this Thank you!
  12. As long as the topic falls under the realm of psychology and you know how to go about it, you shouldn't be worried.
  13. Which one are you more confident with? And is your secondary on "women equality and deaths caused by natural disasters", or "women equality" as a topic and "natural disasters" as a separate topic? If it is the former, do you have the required data to correlate women and deaths caused by natural disasters, if you have convincing data, I'd suggest you move forward with it. Sounds compelling.
  14. Hello guys, can someone share with me additional test your self questions?
  15. Hey there! I was wondering if there's a group chat of sorts for Lang and Lit HL students or if not, is anyone interested to form one? I believe it would be a great way to share resources, tips and maybe even crib about the IB oop I don't have a preference for the app/site to use but yes a suggestion where we don't divulge our personal details would be the best (M22 Student)
  16. Our comprehensive faculty of Online IB Physics tutors is highly experienced professionals who have excelled in offering the best online tuitions at an affordable fee. Physics as it seems to many students is a complex subject that is interesting but difficult if fundamentals are not clear. Therefore, it is very much necessary to clear the fundamental concept of physics for scoring the best grades at the IB Physics exam. As we do for other science subjects, we at Baccalaureate Academy offer the best online coaching classes for Physics to students finding additional guidance apart from the regula
  17. Our IB Physics tutors are highly accomplished and qualified who offer group as well as individual coaching sessions, scheduled according to the convenience of the students. Presenting the practical subjects of science like Physics, Chemistry & Biology into life for students is a type of challenge shared by the teachers all over the world. Turning a tedious repetitive teaching session into an amazing and insightful session is not every teacher can do. Thus, Baccalaureate academy after discussing such experiences with teachers, parents, and students, has taken the initiative to guide all asp
  18. I have selected 2 topics for my IA one is based on primary knowledge and one is based on secondary knowledge. Primary is based on plant growth from water and secondary is based on women equality and deaths caused by natural disasters. Which should I pick?
  19. I have chosen the Peterson and Peterson study for my HL Psychology IA. Please tell me if I made the right choice or not?
  20. Last week
  21. Hi guys! I am currently working on my Math IA and I am really struggle to find a good topic (I am in Math SL Y2) I think I will mainly focus on population curves in different countries (birth rate and death rate), whether it is more like of a quadratic, cubic or exponential curve, and I asked my teacher and he suggested to use integration and differentiation equations for this topic. However, I am not really sure in which direction can I go with this topic, like what I am proving or what conclusion I try to reach, and how do I apply the concepts or equations of integration and differentia
  22. If I were you, I would take HL Chemistry or Physics instead of Visual Arts (if your school allows it). I would also take HL Math AI instead of psychology since you need to show that you're into sciences if you want to convince universities that you are a good candidate for studying biotechnology. When you say English, I am assuming that you are talking about English A. If this is the case, then there should not be a problem with taking SL English A. SL English A is by no means and easy course. A great amount of proficiency in English is required even in SL English A. While HL Biology is tough,
  23. I know I'm too late, but someone else may find this useful. While you sleep, you consolidate your learning into your long-term memory. The more sleep and better quality sleep you get, the more easily you'll be able to remember the things you learned the day before. Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep per night (when possible). Also, the hours of sleep you get before midnight count for twice as much rest and recovery as the hours you get after midnight, so if you need more time to get work done go to bed and get up early. Most people are more productive in the morning anyway.
  24. OH. That makes a lot of sense now. Thank you for that clear explanation @kw0573
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    IB guidelines for May 2021 candidates for IA writing in Coronavirus lockdowns
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    Economics - International Trade presentations: CH 21 Why do countries Trade.ppt CH 21 Why do countries Trade.ppt
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    These presentations cover the Section 3- International trade of IB Economics HL and SL.
  28. hey sarah, thank you for your reply! I agree it's very difficult. Thanks for your suggestion and i wish you luck! Good luck, Rahaf
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