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  2. I am doing English B EE and I am thinking about writing how the social media language effect on the society and culture. I need some idea for my research questions and feel free to suggest me. Thank you
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  4. For my IA I am conducting a lab experiment. I was wondering how many trials and conditions are required? I tried asking my teacher and she was unsure. She said just enough to get a sufficient amount of data. Would 4 conditions ( 1 control and 3 experimental conditions) and 5 trials of each be sufficient?
  5. Hi im willing to buy it, can we talk on instagram or discord, my instagram is neev03 and my discord is also neev03 #5891
  6. Hey, is anyone's interested in purchasing a revision village account for a good price? Physics, Chemistry and Biology expires on February 9, 2025 Math expires on December 18, 2023 if you're interested, let me know at: [email protected] Thanks!
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  8. I'm looking to sell my gold unlimited revision village account as I'm now done with my exams. It has IB Math until 2024 and Biology, Physics, and Chemistry until 2025 like all other unlimited accounts; this can be renewed/extended at no extra cost according to revision village. It has all ten courses (4 IB math courses, 2 biology, 2 physics, and 2 chemistry) and is priced at $1690 on the official website. I'm willing to sell it for way less and am happy to negotiate, contact me at luciano.tor[email protected] or lucianotorriani on discord if interested!
  9. hey so here's my research question for English B: cat 2B To what extent does “Mrs. Dalloway” set in 1923 effectively captures after effects of world war Ⅰ (1914-1918) on the british society and its impact on literature LET ME KNOW ANY SUGGESTIONS U HAVE
  10. Initially, I wanted to do a Bio EE, however the topics I had in mind (the affects of shoeing on the joints of horses & other biomechanical ideas) were not viable as they were too tricky or I could not get enough primary research for them. However I've shifted my views to History as it has quite a range of potential topics... I have many ideas however I am struggling to narrow them down, and or, choose a definite topic and thereafter question. - I'm interested in the psychology behind historical events... (the cause) - I am interested in dark cases - I'm interested in exp
  11. Hello! I am also considering writing my EE on Percy Jackson as well. Were you able to write it/was there enough literary merit?
  12. Hey everyone, So my teacher for anthropology is leaving soon and I was supposed to do EE in his subject, though I do have interest in Anthropology I am not really sure if it will be easy for me to work on it considering that there will a new teacher in replacement who might not be as efficient, SO i can't risk doing EE on a subject whose teacher is new to IB. I have another option of doing EE in english B but I heard that its very difficult, plus my english teacher is also comparatively newer as she joined IB in the same year I joined IB1. Please suggest if I should continue to
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  14. I have an account with every single subject. To buy the account on the website it will cost $1690- but I am willing to sell it at a much, much lower price. Please let me know if you are interested :)
  15. Your subject selection seems to be well thought out and aligns with your interests and the requirements of your desired university course, which is great! Deciding between Psychology HL and Chemistry HL can be tough, especially when you have specific interests and considerations. Here are some aspects to consider that may help you decide: Chemistry HL Chemistry HL is indeed known to be challenging, as it delves into concepts in much greater depth than SL. If you found SL manageable and even excelled in it, you might be well-prepared to handle the HL material. But, it would requi
  16. Your topic sounds interesting, and it's important to note that scientific research often deals with substances like alcohol from an analytical and objective standpoint. However, your teacher's advice may stem from school policies, which you should definitely take into consideration. School rules and regulations differ widely, and it's important to respect them. If your school does not allow any projects related to alcohol, you may have to reconsider your topic. You should consult with your EE supervisor or coordinator to understand the school's stance more clearly. They can also guid
  17. Hey there. It seems you have chosen an interesting subject for your Extended Essay in English B. Just to clarify, the three categories in English B are: Category 1: Language Category 2: Culture and Society Category 3: Literature Based on your research question (RQ) "To what extent does Bill, Charlie’s English teacher, contribute to his character development in The Perks of Being a Wallflower?", it seems you're on the right track for a Category 3 literature-focused essay. Category 3 essays should be focused on a literary topic related to a work, or works, of
  18. Hey there. That's a great topic for your IA! The relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis is an important aspect of geological research. The Moment Magnitude Scale (M_w), is a scale that provides a more accurate measure of an earthquake's size, particularly for very large earthquakes, than the more commonly known Richter scale. M_w is based on the seismic moment of the earthquake, which is a measure of the total energy released by the earthquake. The seismic moment (M0) is calculated as: M0 = μAD Where: μ is the rigidity of the rocks involved in the earthquake (also
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  20. I'm looking to sell my revision village account for a discounted price of 90$! All of the subjects are included. There is no expiry date since it is a gold account (it does state one on the website, however, I emailed them and they said you can extend it for no fee!).
  21. Hey so im doing my IA on how the height of a tsunami can be predicted based on an earthquakes magnitude. I was thinking of using the moment magnitude equation and doing something with it but im confused about the rigidity part. Could someone explain the formula, or provide me with a simpler idea for my IA?
  22. HELP! I am doing my EE in english B, and my RQ is “to what extent does Bill, Charlie’s English teacher, contribute to his character development in The perks of being a Wallflower?” and my supervisor accepted this. However, I am not sure whether this topic/question fits any of the 3 english B categories. I wanted to make it a category 3 essay, a literary analysis, but i’m not sure if it focuses on literature enough. To answer my RQ I wanted to mention factors such as books as a symbol, and the intertextuality connected to those books, and how his character develops in general. Pls HELP! is thi
  23. My chem ee is researching a substance contained in red wine. One of my teachers told me is inappropriate because the school does not allow any alcohol. But I still want to keep this topic concerning whether research on red wine will affect my grades.
  24. Hi, I wouldn't be worried about not being a native English speaker, especially if you're confident or at least moderately confident in your English. I was not a native speaker going into the IB. I was confident in my English though, meaning I knew my level of English wouldn't be an issue, which was why I went to the IB in the first place. Furthermore, English A SL is not very hard. You don't have to do the HL Essay and in your Paper 1 you only have to analyze one text in one hour and 15 minutes. Very doable. I am currently doing English A HL and my overall grades fluctuate from sixes to s
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