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  1. My computer topic is the performance evaluation of RSA and DES. I have done watched YouTube video to aid in understanding both encryption methods. I have found a problem finding research papers to help in my research work and have a problem with essay outline development. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, I'm a student in DP1, studying IB in Germany. I have been using school computers but have decided to buy a personal one for school stuff. Which type of computer would you guys recommend to use for IB?
  3. I'm currently choosing courses for my grade 9 year, and I have to choose between grade 10 intro to computer studied and grade 11 comp sci (both require no pre-requisites, and both are available for ninth graders). The grade 10 course is like an introduction to fields in technology and an introduction to Python, while the grade 11 course is programming in Java and an intro to graphical UIs. I’m also taking Python classes right now. I’m really stuck and would really appreciate it if someone could help me decide which course is the best one for a grade 9 student. Thank you
  4. Hello, I have decided that its time to drop HL math. I've figured that if struggle the entire year to get a 3-4 in math HL, its not worth it. I rather get a 7 in SL math. My other HL subjects are physics (going good), ITGS (going good). Both subjects 6 or 7 (mostly 7). Question 1) If I drop HL math I can choose from 3 other HL subjects (i'll be taking math SL): Business management, Chemistry or English. I'm good at English, okay at chemistry and have a small understanding in BM. Question 2) I want to be a software engineer. I know both python and Java and have multiple extra cur
  5. I'm studying in an International School in SE Asia and I'm doing the IB diploma. I did the SAT with a score of 1280/1600 although I'm doing it again soon so it might increase. I am predicted to likely get the following IB grades: HL Math - 5 HL Physics - high 6 HL Computer Science - high 6 (possible chance to get a 7) In total, about 36-38 IB points. My CGPA is around 3.87 on 4.33 scale. With these grades, is it possible to get into the University of Waterloo's David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science as an International student? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys! I need help for my Computer Science Internal Assessment (dossier). I am planning to make an educational game for the primary school students. My end-user will be 3rd grade English teacher. I wanna make it in the Scratch (not sure, could be in Java as well). So I am not sure about the type of the game so that I can get a good mark. What criterions should I follow? Also my friend wants to create an educational website, like Myimath and what do you think about that? And what about the difficulty level of the game? May you please clarify those issues?
  7. Hey. I want to study Computer Science in university, as a result, I chose Computer Science and Maths HL (also Physics HL as my third HL). Many people say that CS HL has some very tough concepts and is harder than Maths HL? Is this true, in your opinion? Also, is does taking Maths HL really make your university application more competitive if you apply for CS courses? Thanks! I would really like some comments from people who are currently taking or took IB CS HL.
  8. Hello everyone! Does anyone have any information or notes on the computer science 2016 case study? I need information especially on demands made by the various processes and algorithms available. I chose the following to write about matte, mo-cap, diamond square algorithm, anthropomorphism. Thank you, Caroline Adams
  9. Hello people! The other day I went to see my teacher and ask her about my Chemistry IA. I wanted to do something like an experiment to determine the rate of reaction of something. However, she told me to try find something that is computer-based like a stimulation. That got me thinking quite a bit. The question is: Has anyone got good grades for computer-based experiments? If so what did you do about? Which is better (computer-based or experiment-based)? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi guys, I'm starting my first year on IB and I've decide to study Computer Science SL in spite of not having a teacher who is IB prepared so I'm going to be on my own :'(. Here is the only place where I can ask my doubts: 1. Where can I find the updated syllabus/guide for the upcoming 2 years? 2. I've been reading forums and older guides and I don't know whether or not the case study is only for HL, if it isn't, is it the same for both? 3. Which are the recommended books (from IB or personnal experience) for SL 2015,2016. Thanks in advance for your support and collaboration. PS: Sry if
  11. Hey Guys ! can you please give me few steps to choose topic . so that i can select my topic soon. Help me guys ! Thanks xx
  12. Does anyone have the computer science syllabus for 2016? Thanks
  13. Hey, guys! I just wanted to know whether for our computer IA, since I'll be developing a website, is it allowed for me to make the design in wordpress, or at least use some of wordpress's plugins such as an image slider? Do's and don'ts for making a website? I'm pretty nice to the javascript and database part of the developement - Help?
  14. I got 35 points in total in the IB program. Here are the classes I took and my grade in it: Math HL - 5 Physics HL - 5 Computer Science HL - 7 English Lang and Lit SL - 5 Language AB Initio - 7 Economics SL - 6 I'm set on studying Computer Science at a fairly good university in the US. My cumulative high school GPA is around 3.7 Given my GPA and IB scores, what would be a fairly reputable university to study Computer Science (United States only please) Thanks!
  15. Hey ! Does anyone have the Computer Science syllabus for 2016? Thank You
  16. I am a junior, currently taking - HL: Math, Econ, Lang&Lit SL: Physics, Chem, Spanish Ab initio I've never taken an AP course before, but my school offers them. Although I do not plan on majoring in Engineering in college, I kinda want to take "AP Computer Science A" next year (grade 12). I haven't taken Computer Science before but it seems like such a vital subject to learn to keep with the times. I am interested but don't know if I can keep up with it; considering college applications, EE, IAs and exams, is it a viable option? Also, do you know if AP Computer Science
  17. Hey, I realised that the thread "Other subjects" isn't quite organised.. Especially for Computer subjects (ITGS, Computer sciences, programming etc..) Wouldn't it be better for people who take those subjects to have their own section just like Math, the sciences and humanities? I think it would help navigate through the forum way more easily
  18. Hi! Since my school started the ib program this year, no one really knows anything, and I'm therefore really unsecure about many things concerning my ee. I started with a really bad title choice, so my new title now would be "How could quantum computing change electronic security?" What do you think about it, is it narrowed down enough? Is it doable? I thought first i would introduce quantum computers a little bit, just to prove that it has great computational powers, than talk about how these computers could break the rsa encryption method and also introduce other methods cryptographers are
  19. Hi, these days I've been getting ready to write my EE on computer science. I was thinking of doing something related to the Kinect for Xbox 360 and how it could be used for a security system. However, since my supervisor is not good enough (He never got a student with an A EE) and he's the only one available, he accepted the topic I suggested, which I thought was kinda wrong. My topic is: "Using the Kinect for Windows SDK for the development of a security system that works in any luminic condition using the Kinect for Xbox 360" I was thinking of changing the topic so I could explain better wha
  20. Dax


    Hi there, I was looking for some Uni's that could suit me and till now, I've hit a dead end! Could you suggest Uni's that you think are really good at Undergraduate in Computer Science and why? The only thing is the language of choice be English! And if you could tell if they offer international student scholarships then that would be great as well. Just describe why you feel that Uni is something to look forward to. Thanks
  21. Is ITGS really such an easy subject? I really want to take it because encryption and all sounds so interesting but everyone term it as an "easy subject". I'd be removing Economics if I take up IGTS....but I suck at economics..im getting 3 out of 7 in my internals and exams in Eco.....(Grade 11 ib). Should I take ITGS...and is it actually THAT easy?
  22. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT HL ITGS HL ENGLISH HL MATHS SL French AB SL ESAS SL Possibly one the easiest combination?
  23. I want to pursue computer science after attaining my Diploma. Is my subject combination strong enough? Computer HL ITGS HL Business Management HL English SL Math SL French Ab SL INSTEAD OF... Economics HL Business Management HL English HL Maths SL ESAS SL French Ab SL Also...is just ITGS at HL good enough...with English also at HL? (Instead of computer science hl) ITGS= Information Technology In A Global Society Thanks for all answers!
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