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Found 19 results

  1. is the first year my school offers ESS as a science and I chosed this subject for my EE (a bit crazy I may acept). So like is the first year there is no examples for an EE in ESS. I would love to know if any of you know where I can find any example for it. Or anything that can help with my essay, because my teacher is so lost with this I feel like I am doing everything by myself. Any help is well recieved. Thank you.
  2. Hello! Right now I am working on my TOK Essay. One of my WOKs is sense perception and as a supporting example for my claim, I gave a quote by Helen Keller. Though my counter-claim is also supported by the example of Helen Keller using her touching sense to perceive the reality. My question is: Is it okay to use an example regarding the same person both for claim and counter-claim? My teacher thinks it is kind of not right and conflictual, but I do like the examples. I look forward to hearing from you soon^^
  3. Hi everyone! I would highly appreciate it if anyone would like to share their previously done TOK presentations from last year or later. This is the first year that my teacher is teaching TOK and our class kind of needs some presentation videos to see the proper way to present. We've currently seen around 4 videos and none of the presentations were from last year so they're all using the old format. Any recordings of any TOK presentations would really be helpful for our class to learn about making an A grade TOK presentation. I do hope to receive some good presentation videos that m
  4. Heyy I'm a BM HL student and currently got assigned to do a concept essay on Amazon's culture. However, my teacher would not give us good exemplars to know how the essay is supposed to be written out... So is it possible if any of you are willing to show or found an example that can benefit future BM essay? Thanks a lot!
  5. HI! do anybody have examples of the Biology IA please?????? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone! My Eco HL exam is coming up in the week and a bit eeppp! I'm trying to find real life examples for Micro and Macro and was wondering if anyone could share some of the ones they have and are planning to use? I'm really desperate for examples concerning market failure, monetary policy and supply-side policy :/// Please help!!
  7. Hey all, I'm looking for IA examples that use data found from another sources, NOT from a survey the student has set up themselves.
  8. Hi everyone, I cannot find examples of EEs in Arabic whatsoever!! I need to see/read one to see format/layout and check everything, it is quite different from English. Please post a link or PM me or even share it here if you have information, Arabic is so underrated it is both sad and stressful.
  9. Hello I'm just now starting my TOK essay and I had a look at the essay grading criteria. Here is the assessment criteria so that you don't have to google it: I noticed that the IB has made a clear difference between a level 5/4 essay and a level 3 essay in respect to the examples that are used in the analysis of knowledge questions. A good essay uses "real life examples" whereas a poor one uses "examples". I'm very confused about what the IB is trying to get at here. Does it just mean that I should not make up my own theoretical examples like "imagine that you were a member of Pluto's c
  10. 32 downloads

    Examples of an EE in human rights. There are not many examples of this type of EE, so here are two with some notations.
  11. Can anyone lead me to where I can find examples of a good world literature paper? My teacher just threw this at us last week and I am still at lost to how this should be. Have any of you guys gotte a seven? My topic has to be about the book "The Stranger" by Albert Camus.
  12. I'm struggling a bit with my literature classes at the moment and feel a bit lost in the world of literary analysis. What I'm looking for is essays, preferably graded 7 or at level 7. I think I'm definitely a person who learns by imitating others and I feel like I need something to go back and refer to as my teacher hasn't really been that clear about what a level 7 essay looks like. I've found the Nardvark blog which had some good texts on the different criterias and what to think about. I've also seen the thread here on IBS on the essays in the files ().%C2'> anyone know of other websi
  13. So I'm stuck on my Maths IA. I have written quite a bit but I'm lacking the "Personal Engagement" part. I'm really stumped on how to apply it myself apart from the general examples. Prisoner's Dilemma: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner%27s_dilemma Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. My teacher has my Group 4 due next week and I'm at a loss. I work very well when I have examples in front of me to copy format, but I haven't anything. We haven't received examples or an explanation of what is wanted from us. We are supposed to study explosives (C4 for me) so it's more of a study than an experiment. And I'm not sure how to work with bio or chem with this. I just need an example of formatting and a grading rubric so I can get my feet off the ground.
  15. So I've chosen title 2 -“There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.†To what extent do you agree with this statement? I'm having trouble finding examples. I know this focusses mostly on the natural and human sciences, but can someone help me with examples of these in the Arts - especially Literature? The examples from the Natural Sciences are going over my head. I'm thinking of Economics and Psychology for the Human sciences. Would really appreciate the help.
  16. Version .ppt


    This breaks down what each type of texto escrito requires you to do. This was created by my teacher, an IB grader with a Masters in Spanish.
  17. Hey everyone, I have heard on many places that the key to achieving a better grade in Economics is to use real life examples because examiners like seeing students use examples. Is there a way to review for this? how true is this and how important is this? Thanks!
  18. My teacher gave me several examples of written essays and the questions that go with them, but I don't know what the unidentified scores are. It's from the May 2008 exam year. I can't find the audio file on the IB website anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find them? My teacher also gave me the CD and the questions from May 2009, but I have no sample essays from that year. Where can I find those? The IB website only went back to 2011. Thanks.
  19. so my TOK teacher wants us to look over a few examples of extended essays that have already been graded. especially an essay that pertains to our specific subject of choice. mine is psychology. so if anyone has a website where i can look at examples that have already been graded? please and thanks
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