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  1. stargirl01


    hey. im planning on making study groups for IB students so that we could help each other because im currently struggling and have a feeling that many other people also need help. Im currently in IB1 and take these subjects: HLs: Physics, Design tech, Arabic B. SLs: English Lang + Lit, Math AI, Economics. I think insta would be a good platform for making a gc !!?? ill make separate gcs for different subjects so that we can share resources, explanations and ideas. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently carrying out my research for my EE, and I was wondering what the minimum and/or recommended amount of sources demanded for Physics?
  3. Hey guys, I'm new here. Could you help me out with the solutions to "Test yourself" in the Tsokos book(physics). I know there are answers in the back but i seek detailed answers. Thanks! Shrish.V IB DP Class of 2018
  4. hey. im currently in my IB1 year and take physics as an HL. my only problem is that MY TEACHER DOESNT TEACH???!???!?! he just asks us to read whats on the powerpoint slide that he took from a website, then he takes a look at an example and briefly explain how and why they got that answer. he just doesn't make sense and I really dont want his teaching to affect how well I do. Im currently struggling a lot and I need help before its too late. does anyone know any good websites/ tutoring videos that can help me ?? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!
  5. Hello everyone, I am in my second year of IB. i was planning to do mechanical engineering till now but now i have dropped the idea. i want to join the field of software development but i find physics HL very tough. i was wondering "is physics HL necessary for any course in software development either in the US/UK or would SL be enough?" Thank You.
  6. So I need help because I originally had a EE topic that I recently discovered wouldn't work out so I have now been scrambling to come up with a new one. My new basic topic is: The effect of temperature on sound waves. But I need help refining this because I'm not sure where to go from here. Any help would be really appreciated, particularly if: - You have finished a physics EE and have advice - You have knowledge on sound waves and their variables - You have any other ideas for a new direction for this topic - Any related research you know of - etc. Thank you!
  7. Hi fellow IB students! I just wanted to let you know that there is a really useful and cool tool for IB Physics. Me and my classmate (i.e. also an IB student) have developed a twitter and an instagram for IB Physics related things and we would really appreciate if you followed us! It is basically something you can access from your mobile device at any time (since most of us have twitter and/or instagram accounts) and is therefore very available and handy. We post summaries on IB Physics topics as pictures on instagram (both SL and HL topics) and useful tips/stuff that relate to IB Physics
  8. I have my first rough draft of my math IA due in one month, and I am having trouble understanding if my topic is too simple, difficult, or vague for a Math IA, I would appreciate some advice. NOTE; I DO NOT TAKE PHYSICS, NOR WILL I BE TAKING IT. I realise many people say I should take on a topic that involves physics if I don't take it or completely understand the concepts I am using from Physics, but I have no choice. My math teacher told me I can't change my topic, so I'm stuck with it! My idea was to maximize the success of a volleyball serve using the concepts of projectile motio
  9. Hello, I am IB HL Year 1 Student. Today my teacher gave us design lab (one week before exams... ) she said we have to explore our camera, so I'm using my phone camera. It needs to have dependent and independent as well as controlled variables.... However, I don't know what to do, could you please help me? Your help will help me.
  10. 0 downloads

    for physics (heat)
  11. So I'm in DP1 and M23 and I'm having trouble choosing between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I'm about 1 1/2 months into IB at this stage and I'm just so confused. I'm currently taking HL Chemistry, Maths AA and Economics with Global Politics, Spanish ab initio and English LangLit at SL. I'm looking to study economics at uni but I also have a small interest in Computer Science which I want to explore to see if it's for me. This would be my only science but it would be at HL. I've heard that Physics is better for what I want to do but I'm much better at Chemistry in general. I got a 9 for iGCSE C
  12. I had a physics EE topic in mind of the effect of heat on buoyancy of various liquids. Is this a topic worthy of an extended essay? I also had another topic in mind but my teacher said it was more appropriate for the Physics IA, which was, comparing the value of g obtained using a bifilar pendulum with the value of g obtained using a simple pendulum.
  13. I'm in IBDP year 2 and we're in the process of finalizing our IAs. We got our feedback for our first drafts and my teacher told me my IA can't get above a 5. I don't know why my teacher approved my topic in the first place knowing I couldn't score well, but alas, here we are. The problem is that my topic is super simple. I was investigating the acceleration of a falling mass on a ramp, which is really basic for a HL IA. Regardless, I'm not opposed to just restarting with a new reasearch question, but I have no idea what else I can do with the data I have. My investigation was changing the
  14. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help regarding my Physics EE? I am examining how changing the mass of a copper plate at the end of a pendulum effects the stopping distance of that plate when passing through a horseshoe magnet directly beneath it. Due to the changing magnetic field the copper plate is temporarily magnetized which generates a secondary magnetic field. This secondary field resists the one that induced it and slows down the copper plate. I am having trouble with my hypothesis and determining what will happen. I was wondering if increasing the mass of the copp
  15. Hello, forums. I've just joined here hoping for assistance in picking a more refined EE question. I am in year II of the diploma programme, and am pressed for time regarding my EE. My original Extended Essay was on aerodynamics, but due to several problems it didn't work out. As a result, I've had to make a decision to change my EE topic, and physics is what I'm sticking with. Currently, my chosen topic is optics - lenses, and while I'd prefer to do it on aperture, diffraction, or distortion, I'm open to doing other things in optics as well. By this point things have gotten to a head and I hav
  16. Do you think I can write my EE in physics about the comparison of exoplanets based on their habitability (which also based on many different factors)?
  17. Hi! It's about time for me where I have to choose my courses for next year, I'm currently a sophomore doing pre-ib. But I'm not sure if I should continue doing chem/bio/physicis at the ib level. This year's science honors was already something that had me hanging my a thread. My grades were barely ever higher than 70% especially on tests. Now I'm stuck in the middle wondering if I should just do the sciences at normal level so there can be a higher change of me raising my grades or should I attempt and take the risk of taking the sciences at ib level? I'm just wanting to hope that I can g
  18. My last topic was too complex for me so I decided to change it to something simpler but I'm having hard time developing my ideas. I'm planning to do my math IA on something about projectile motion and baseball using calculus. My current idea is "what is the most ideal angle for a batter to hit a home run with the least force possible?". I know that I will take air resistance into account, but I may neglect drag force caused by wind as the calculations may be too complex. Also, I'm not sure if I should include the calculation for momentum of ball-bat collision or not as it may be too physics-li
  19. I have been researching topics for a while now and have come up with an idea that I like. My idea is to investigate the effect of the angle of attack of a frisbee on its trajectory/displacement. The topic would include investigating how lift is generated, how torque comes into play, the temperature and pressure of that air. I have seen a few extended essay exemplars and their topics seem much more complicated and advanced. Do you think my idea is suitable for an EE?
  20. Hello, I teach IB Physics and just wanted to let you know about the latest videos I uploaded on Youtube in addition to over 100 other videos: Sub-topic 4.1 - Simple Harmonic Oscillations I hope that it is useful for you
  21. Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own? e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out
  22. Hi, I am doing my physics ia project about lift force. I have done a lot of research on how to measure the lift force with Bernoulli principle, and after I done the experiment. I found that it may not followed that principle As a result, I searched the other ways to explain the lift force, and realized probably Bernoulli principle was not the best explanation. However, I did found some trend and relationship between variablesin my data, which obeys the Bernoulli principle but not correct according to the real life. That's why I come here and ask for help. THANKS!
  23. Hey guys can y'all please tell me which textbooks are great for the following IB subjects: HL-Phy,Chem,Math SL-Eng A, French B, Business management Thank you
  24. Guest


    I have currently chosen to investigate tidal waves for my maths IA. However, I am unsure as to what other explorations I can do under this. (And whether or not this is too simple...) Is modelling and predicting future tidal waves appropriate? I have secondary sources that'll give me data of tides at different points in times at a beach, so I will be able to graph them. I will also use trig and algebra to find the ideal time to visit the beach with my "ideal" tidal height of 1.5 metres I am uncertain as to what other maths/exploration I can apply to this Any suggestion
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