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Biology & Environmental Systems

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  1. Soap

    The Effects of Seven Different Soaps on the Growth of Escherichia Coli
    This extended essay received 10/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria)


  2. Moisture

    Investigation into the effects of moisture and light on Pleurococcus growth
    This extended essay received 17/24 (excluding subject-specific criteria)


  3. Antioxidants

    The Value of Preventative Medicine: An Examination of How Antioxidants Work in Our Bodies
    Grade: A
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm


  4. Monarch Butterflies

    Subject: Environmental Systems
    Preserving the Winter Habitat of Migrating Monarch Butterflies in Mexico
    Found on http://www.huskieibpo.com/EssaySamples.htm


  5. The Stroop Effect

    How does reaction time in the Stroop Effect differ with two levels of linguistic knowledge?
    This Extended Essay got 24/36 (B) as marked by the IBO.


  6. Environmental Systems: How to write a report

    Here is a Guide to guide you through: how to write a lab report for your IA.


  7. Submitted

  8. IB Biology Extended Essay

    For this extended essay, I received grade B
    If I can change any part, I'd completely rewrite my discussion.


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