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  1. So I chose Catcher in the Rye for my extended essay because like a lot of high schoolers, it's my favourite book. I heard that it's really bad to choose an overdone topic and there's also someone in my school that's doing their EE on the same book. I'm focusing on the role of women in the novel so maybe that'll make it more unique. I really don't want to delve into something if it's not worth it. I've already submitted my topic to my supervisor and I don't think I can really change it at this point. I'm just wondering, how important is it that my topic is super original? Like if I write a qua
  2. Hello everyone. I’m currently working on my Extended Essay on Computer Science and I was wondering if you guys could review my research question, as I’m not sure whether it is good or not. My topic is image compression algorithms and I’m basically trying to find out whether one algorithm will replace the other in the near future, as they are similar in certain ways, however, one of them is drastically better than the other in a couple of features. The question is: In terms of lossless raster image compression algorithms, to what extent is it likely for QOI to replace PNG in the next 3 ye
  3. Hey guys, I wanted to write my EE on the applicability of economics on the real world, however, I don't know how to limit my idea, since there is no way I can talk about or examine the entirety of economic theory within an Extended Essay. Any topic areas that you guys believe would be easiest to examine or limit my EE to? Is something as broad as macro or microeconomics reasonable or should I take it any narrower? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. I was just wondering if anyone has had a good experience writing a non-experimental (research-based) Biology EE or has any advice on that kind of topic. I want to do mine on stem cell research and obviously I can't do those experiments myself. Is it really such a bad idea to do a research-based bio EE? Will I fail?...
  5. Hello, I am currently struggling as our E.E. first draft is due in very soon and I still do not have a topic. My supervisor is a geography teacher and he wants me to do it on geography (shocking I know) but nothing really interested me when I went through examples. Therefore, I am thinking on doing World Studies and came up with a few ideas. My main idea has to do with discrimination against women and I thought Malala would be a good example to use so maybe something to do with the situation regarding women and education in Pakistan focusing on Malala? But I don't know what subject I woul
  6. My EE is in Swedish B and my RQ is as following: 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s use the (Swedish urban vernacular) respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s to clarify/convey messages?'. Is this question appropriate for category 2b or 2a? Is it enough with "...convey messages" or do I have to be specific about that? I'd appreciate any help.
  7. Hi, My EE is in Swedish B and my RQ is as following: 'How does X Hip hop rapper from 1990s use the Swedish urban sociolect respective to X Hip hop rapper from 2010s to clarify/convey messages?'. Is this question appropriate for category 2b or 2a? Is the RQ considered a sociolinguistic or sociological approach? I'd appreciate any help.
  8. Hello! I've decided to write an extended essay on "A Game of Thrones," the first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. "To what extent is A Game of Thrones a feminist book?" is my research question. I looked for sources but couldn't locate anything that focused solely on the first book in the series. Please help me if anyone has written their EE on this topic.
  9. So I'm doing an extended essay on physics on the relationship between tension and frequency on a violin string. This is my second topic (as first one was too hard to analyze data) and I'm worried that the topic is too generic. Can extended essays with a generic topic score well or do they have to be quite original?
  10. I'm doing my Extended Essay in Geography, possibly on medical tourism in Bangkok. With a focus on Bumrungrad Hospital (major one for this topic) My question is possibly: "What changes has Bangkok's Bumrungrad hospital made since its establishment to accommodate (medical tourists/ foreign patients) ?" Firstly, is it fit for geography or would it end up being a Business Management EE as it is about developments and changes? Do you think the question shouldn't be a 'what' question? Is a hypothesis required for a geography EE? Is my question too focused - as I have
  11. The idea I pitched to my teacher was something along the lines of "To what extent will GPU and CPU processing speeds have to be in order to create a gaming experience indistinguishable from reality?" I thought of researching VR, GPU and CPU power, clock speeds, etc. But I was told that doing this exploration would have no use. What does anyone else think? I am thinking of doing something about cryptocurrency. "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash/credit?" I haven't asked my teacher yet, but I think it would lean more towards ITGS (since i'll be talking abo
  12. Hey, I am planning on doing my Extended Essay in Math. After doing some revision on my previous choice of topic I came up with a new topic: The geometry of GPS navigation My research question would be: What is the role of mathematics and geometry in particular in GPS navigation? Would that research question be specific enough? Or do you have any ideas for improvement or refining it? My approach would roughly be looking at triangulation, explaining with diagrams how it works and what role it play in GPS navigation. Then I would look at trilateration and how this helps Would including how speed
  13. My EE research question is "How does varying concentrations of CaCO3 affect the catechin levels of green tea", but I'm running into problems into how exactly to measure it. The basis for my question is to test how does varying mineral content of water affect the taste of tea, and in my research I found that CaCO3 was one of the minerals in water, and catechin is the main component of green tea which affects the bitterness and astringency (effectively taste). I wanted to use spectroscopy but the maximum absorbance for catechin is around 270nm, which is far lower than the machine I have ava
  14. Hi! My research question is "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash? For anyone who can give tips, is there a better way to word this RQ? like adding an "in terms of" or using a different adjective other than "practical", etc? Also, for anyone who has done a similar EE or has firsthand knowledge and experience on cryptocurrency, please do leave a reply if you have any tips or recommended links, or if we could even have a quick chat as one of my primary resources (having a real hard time looking for any), any help would be greatly appreciated. Than
  15. Hi, I had several issues regarding my Extended Essay in Psychology. First: Which research question would be the most suitable? Option 1: To what extent is criminal behaviour based on biological factors? Option 2: To what extent can biological factors predict criminal behaviour? Option 3: Is criminal behaviour primarily based on biological factors? Second: While I have all my ideas and research with reference to the issue ready, I do not know how to put it down in a format suitable for an EE, for eg: the IA has a very specific format that is simply the marking criterion itself. How do
  16. Hey guys, I finished my Y1 with IB and this summer I've been trying hard to finalize my topic for the EE. I know it's a little late not to have a topic so I reeaaallllyyy need your help on this I'm thinking of writing one on bitcoin but I don't know which IB economics concepts would apply. I'm specifically interested in the risks of bitcoin and how it will impact the economy in the future. I could look at the determinants of demand in the case of bitcoin, or talk about price levels, but I'm not sure whether those would work. I guess bitcoin is related to money supply, but how would I g
  17. I have a topic idea, but am seeking advice as well as help forming a question. I plan on researching the effect bilingual education (second language acquisition?) has on childhood development within psychology. I plan to look specifically on education and brain development. First off, does that seem like a possible topic? I've never taken a psychology class, and my school does not offer DP psych. Any advice on how to approach it in a psychology standpoint would be very appreciated! Secondly, I need help refining a question. I think I will word it as: To what extent does second l
  18. Hi everyone. I just want to thank you in advance for reading my post. I really appreciate it! I'll be writing my EE on Computer Science. At first, I wanted to compare encryption methods, but I wasn't understanding everything. Then, I was going to compare WEP and WPA networks and their security. After consulting my supervisor, he told me that my focus should be on hacking. One of my sources in my annotated bibliography explained the pros and cons of hacking in regards to technology. He told me that I could implement my research on encryption and networks. For instance, here's the out
  19. So I would really like it if I finished my extended essay over the summer or at least finish a big chunk of it. I came to the conclusion that I want to write my extended essay about cyber security of something similar to that. I've done some research and I think I want my essay to be about how cyber attacks have affected millions of people and businesses and stuff such as the past cyber attacks on Google, VISA, Mastercard and so on. I'm not quite sure what my question should be though. The essay will probably be using the IB subjects CS/Business or CS alone. I would really appreciate you guys
  20. Hi everyone! I returned the final version of my English EE few days ago, and after rereading it, I noticed a few spelling and grammar (punctuation) mistakes. Although they do not make the understanding of my essay difficult and are rather unnoticeable if one reads quickly, I am still afraid that I will not be able to achieve a good grade because of some silly mistakes I was not able to notice. I know I should have left more time to proofread, but I am a horrible procrastinator😭 Do you think examiners will take away points even if my content is good?
  21. Hey guys! I've been doing my Extended Essay about the Traveling Salesman Problem, but now I realize I'm not sure about my Research Question, and by the way, not even the subject (Math or Computer Science). I wonder if you could give me some feedback on it. My actual research question is: Proving the Traveling Salesman Problem is an NP-Complete problem. I'm thinking about maybe changing it to see how a specific algorithm (the simplex one, by Dantzig) actually helped to solve large instances of the TSP. Help, please, I'm lost. Thank you in advance!
  22. I am am work on my mathematics extended essay, and I want to do it on: 1. Coming up with a general formula for the volume of the five Platonic Solids (I need to know from other mathematics higher level students if this is two simple). 2. The proof(s) for Euler's polyhedron formula. 3. The Travelling Salesman Problem (not sure how much math is involved as opposed to computer science). I am most interested in the first but willing to drop it if it is too simple. I am also open to suggestions of other interesting topics in geometry (the subject I have the most interest in).
  23. I'm struggling to understand the "categories" section of the extended essay guide. As far as I understand, if you're writing your essay in language A1 you have to study either ONLY works originally written in your own language OR compare at least one work written in your own language with another work translated from another language. Is this correct?? I'm worried for two reasons here. My topic is the significance of a particular trait in fairy tale characters, and I'm comparing a broad range of fairy tales from different countries, focusing only on their treatment of that particular trait. Bu
  24. The research question I have chosen for my Extended Essay is "Do common commercial pesticides stunt the germination and growth time of Phaseolus vulgaris (the common bean)?" I am planning on buying 5-10 bean seeds and testing different pesticides on each sample, and then measuring the rate of germination and the time it takes for the bean to grow stalks (having another sample with no pesticides as a control group, of course). Firstly, I want to know if this question is narrow enough. Secondly, is my experimental process too simple for an EE? I think if I talk about the importance of
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