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  1. SO tomorrow is My Bio IA first draft submission, which i have to present to my Biology teacher, Principal, Group 4 Faculty and DP coordinator. My topic is the effect of different auditory stimulus (in my case music) on the focus and concentration of a person (students). I came up with this idea 2 days ago and my teacher just approved it and asked me to prepare the required document. But I have no idea what I have to write in the first draft since I havent done my experiment yet so no result or anything. Kindly help me and lemme know what exactly a Biology IA first draft should contain.
  2. Wow, I haven't been on this site since I started MYP. It's great to be back here, this time as an IB student!! So we were recently introduced to our Global Politics IA (Personal Engagement Activity), and I'm semi-lost as this is a newly offered course at my school and no one's ever taught it before. My teacher isn't being that helpful in terms of the expectations and all, but I have a broad idea of what I need to do. We're expected to have proposals ready in the next couple of week and present them to our teacher for approval. As this is a relatively new course offered by the IB itself, t
  3. Hey guys, So I have a doubt about the tools I can use. So far it is, Ansoff Matrix, Force Field Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Decision tree. My questions is, can I make a proposed marketing mix for the business and use that as a tool? I was suggested it by someone but I would like your opinion on it, just to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I'm about to submit my IA idea for math and I just want a few pieces of advice choosing one. Currently, I'm very much interested in cryptography and machine learning which are the topics that I want to do my Math IA on, are these viable ideas? Earlier when I talked to my teacher, he said that writing about the Global Positioning System (GPS) would be a great idea, but I'd much prefer the other two topics. What should I do to ensure that I get a high grade while doing something that I actually enjoy?
  5. I am trying to figure out how much I need to expand some of the sections, and i was wondering if the works cited and title page count.
  6. Hi everyone, For my IA I am looking at the philosophy of the tragedy of the commons and studying it through statistics. That sounds a little complicated, but the survey is very easy to answer & only 4 problems. I would really appreciate if you took it! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WX3FTCZ
  7. I am currently in IBSL computer science and I am doing my ia. I need to make a family tree, but I need help in how to make the code so that it can have more than 2 children. If I just use a binary tree, it won't accept anyone with more than two kids. If anyone can help, thx.
  8. I am a current IB Computer Science SL student, but my class has a long-term substitute who has no clue what he's doing. Can someone please explain how the IA works and what the requirements are? I'm thinking to make a book logger so people can make lists of books they've read and books they want to read. I would probably only use Java (so no databases). Is this a good idea for the IA? Please give feedback and guidance.
  9. Hey guys, I was recently brainstorming ideas for a history IA quetion/topic and came up with this: "To what extent was the German Campaign of 1813 a catalyst for German unification?" I was wondering if this is a good topic, if it is too vague or broad, etc. Or if you guys think it might be hard to write about or approach. I Have only done a broad collection of sources so far so it would be quite helpful to have your opinions before I start most of the actual work on my IA. If you guys have any sources about this topic or anything else that is useful that would obviously also be greatly ap
  10. I am a IB yr1 student, and I am confused with the topic of ESS IA since I need to find a topic that one independent variable influences the other dependent variable. for example, I want to research the air pollution in Beijing, China, there are many factors that intervene it, such as combustion of agricultural residue, private transportation and industrial pollution emission, etc. they all plays a great role on polluting the air. so a suitable topic is difficult to determine... I want to use some data and do data analysis and get the conclusion... is it possible idk... thanks for your advise!!
  11. I am writing an IA on the math behind RSA encryption, but I am struggling to find topics in the SL curriculum that I can apply to RSA encryption. I was considering using perms and combs/stats and prob but I can't find that much info on either. Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, We were asked to think of an IA topic in Computer Science, so I came up with an idea but I'm not sure whether it is acceptable. I thought I could make an application that helps IB students manage their CAS portfolio. So basically, there will be a database storing proposal and reflection forms, and students can fill it up and all this data will be stored in a database. Is this topic acceptable? Thank You.
  13. Hey guys, I have a Math IA due on Sunday December 15, which is about 9 days from now. I want to do my topic on the golden ratio because firstly, I'm genuinely interested in it, and secondly, it's extremely risky to change topics at such a late stage. I know some of you will scold me for procrastinating on it but believe me I've legitimately been working on it. However, I'm having trouble finding an original idea based on the golden ratio. I did an introduction where I introduced it and such but I'm having trouble with how to proceed. I know it's supposed to be an exploration on a real-life th
  14. would it be possible to do my maths ia for sl on Carmichael numbers and fermats little theorem and simplify it down because i really dont know what other topic to go for i wanted to do on golden ratio of beauty but i heard its overdone so
  15. So for the past weeks I have been thinking about my maths IA but I am just really unsure about my topic. I was thinking about a research question like this : How long would it have taken for every human to get covid 19 if there weren't any restrictions. I am doing maths AI in HL and I would just like to know your opinions or suggestions about my idea.
  16. Hey guys, I was woking on my maths internal assesment when I decided to look up soome examples online about my topic (golden ratio on my local city) and I found out that the topis is "overused" and that I could get a bad grade because the topic lacks from creativity. This golden ratio in architecture topic really interested me and even more considering that theres no information about it being used on my city online (Im from Montevideo, Uruguay) so I would be the one that makes the whole progress and maybe, that could compensate tge creativity issue. What do you guys think? Is it really lik
  17. So I thought I was all set up and ready, and did my IA recently. Let's just say it didn't go as well as it could. Several things went wrong. So I'm going to post them here so anyone else doing the IA can learn from my mistakes. 1. When you are recruiting people to be a part of your study, make sure you give them something physical with your information and officially take down their names and contact numbers. Make sure it seems like something that can't just be skipped if they feel like it, because apparently going to a Psychology study doesn't automatically rank as something important in peop
  18. Hi, For my math IA, I chose to do traffic flow. So far, I narrowed down my potential questions to: a) How do trucks contribute to traffic jams and b) What causes traffic jams. Do you guys think that one of these is a do-able topic question, or should i change it? How can i structure my IA to get a good mark? Thanks :))
  19. Hi, I am in despirate need of help. My maths teacher has said that she set the maths IA draft deadline for the end of the school term nd has said that of we do not meet this deadline anything we hand in later is considered a final draft and she will give no feedback on what we submit. Is this allowed? I wasn't aware of the deadline and have also had Philospohy, Biology and ESS IA's at the same time as well as the EE draft to be handed in and the TOK exhibition AND mocks the second week back of september. Any feedback would mean the world to me!!!!!
  20. I have to do a IA on the germination of seeds. I have my independent variable which is salinity. I am looking at it effect on the time it takes for a seed to germinate. I have a few questions, What is a good range of concentrations? How much of the concentration should I add? What is the best way to get my concentration? Should I add the concentration to the soil and add the salinity of the soil on top, or change the salinity of the soil to a fixed point? E.g. add 1% to soil or make the soil have 1% salinity. All help would be great! Thanks!
  21. (Sorry this is so long but really need urgent help! Draft due next week!) Hi everyone, So I've been stuck on my Maths IA for a while after having to change topics because my old one was too fiddly. I've discussed doing the Birthday Paradox with my teacher, and she said it was a good topic. However, I'm on holidays now and have sent her an email asking about a problem I was having and possible solutions. In her reply she said she was worried I wasn't doing enough maths. What I was previously planning on doing in the IA was: - Discussing the Birthday Paradox itself and the maths behind i
  22. Can I choose a movie (instead of a literary text) and analyze it for my higher level essay? Would it make any difference with regards to grading and requirements?
  23. I am doing an interview with one client next week, but I couldn't decide the questions to bring out the client requirements or specifications, and problem statement. What could be some general questions to bring out the specifications like 'What is the most important thing to consider with designing this product'?
  24. Are there any articles that are easy to work on the Econ IA in the Microeconomics section?
  25. Hi guys I have a math Ia due by the end of this week, and I basically am not close to finishing. Im using probability and statistics to find the outcome of a football (Soccer) tournament. I need to find ways on how to do this. So far I used the poisson distribution to predict outcome of matches, but does anyone know how I can use the graphs in my IA (like how should I analyse it). And im also looking for other methods of calculating a match outcome, one where there is only loss or win for the knockout stages. The tournament I am predicting is the Euros 2020. Yes I know it has passed, but I'm t
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