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Best software for typing math equations?

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Hey Guys!


I was wondering what's the best software for mac that I could use to type Math Equations with. I'm currently using google docs equation editor but it isn't very complete.


Hey Jim, 


I'd recommend using Microsoft Word Equation Editor, I used it for my IA and didn't have any problem with it. If you don't have access to that, you can use MathType, a couple of my friends used it and had no problems with it either. :)

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The tex (see online for tutorial) code on IBS and other forums is a variant of LaTex. LaTex is like html for documents but you can just use the math commands, save as pictures, and add to your word/document processor. I used full LaTex for my EE but it was really overkill, I needed the reduced row echelon form and some other alignment thing. Never used it for anything else the time spent into making the document is just not worth all the syntax errors.

EDIT: LibreOffice has a good math input function. The only thing about MS Word is the font is not elegant and the sizing of fractions and brackets are quite tedious

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