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  1. Hmmm, I've heard the opposite. Can anybody who has taken the maths test let us know?
  2. Hey Guys! When using Binom and Normal functions, Im guessing we can't just write binomcdf and normalcdf right. Does anyone know how we are supposed to write this stuff?
  3. What if the data is continuous for binom?
  4. Hey Guys! So the Math SL exam is tomorrow, and I can't find the answer to my question. When we want to use normalcdf/ binomcdf, whats the difference if the question asks us to find the probability "less than" and "less than or equal to" In continuous data, whats the difference in the inputs?
  5. Yes, a lot of students are having problems with that question. For immediate help, please contact ANFA and Harvatska.They'll gladly respond quickly!
  6. That moment when this post basically came out for the exam!
  7. Yes! Text 1 had more analyse in my opinion. Bio students, catch Galens theory of vitalism in that text?
  8. Hey Guys! So HL Bio is tomorrow. I wanted to know does anybody have an idea of how much time we are supposed to spend one ach section. Like hoe much time are we supposed to spend on the database question, normal questions and Section B. It would greatly help!
  9. My teacher said game theory would be inappropriate, even the mark scheme had no game theory.
  10. So if a question asks why might firm want to collude, shouldn't I use game theory?
  11. Hey Guys! I wanted to asks about this question that came in a paper a few years ago. When I saw it, I instantly thought about writing about Game Theory. However, int he mark scheme, there was no mention and I predict I would have scored very badly. Can anybody explain to me when should I use the Kinked Demand model and when should I use game theory to explain oligopolies?
  12. Hey Guys! Does anybody have a list of all the drawings that we need to know for Biology HL? Also, a lot of the drawings in our textbook have a lot of extra details at a level we do not need to know. Does anybody have know how much in detail we need to know these drawings. P.S - The list of drawings is more important
  13. Hey! An EE in business requires secondary data over primary! Please ensure you're not talking about the IA. You can do it on any business provided you can collect ample secondary data
  14. You know you're in the IB when theres always that one syllabus statement that you haven't covered
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