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  1. The level of Math required isn't high at all. It's more of testing the concepts behind the calculations rather than the Math itself. I know a couple of people that struggle in Math but excel in Econ. It's essentially basic addition, subtraction, and some algebra (Max 7th grade level Math). Hope this helps! Good luck for IB!
  2. Area under the curve? Im talking abt the magnitude question the very last one
  3. Did anyone get 2 sets of coordinates for the last vector question? I got quadratic equations for the values of x y z and so got 2 values for each. For the gradient question did anyone get -1.06?
  4. I couldn't do that either I got a really long expression with x and y, how were we supposed to do that? I put it into the equation y-y1=m(x-x1)
  5. I found questions 8 and 9 to be pretty easy for Section B tbh, but I messed up the vector question and the Q10. How were we supposed to find k? I got k in terms of a and b because the area of the triangle was 0.5ab right? And for the vector question, what did you guys get? Completely forgot what a unit vector was, ended up getting root11 and -root11 which I'm sure are wrong
  6. Hi guys! I take Indonesian B HL, and I'm really unsure if my writing is up to the standard of HL. I previously took SL, and my work used to get pretty much straight 7s, however, my teacher said that those 7s were more likely to be 4s in HL. I know there aren't many people here who take Indonesian B HL, but if there's anyone here that does take it, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a sample essay you've done (from a past paper or something). I'd really appreciate if someone who takes/took English B HL would send me their sample essays (from past papers or whatever) they've don
  7. Absolutely! Universities most likely won't even know what subject you do your EE on. Do it on whatever subject you think you'll score well in!
  8. Hey Jim, I'd recommend using Microsoft Word Equation Editor, I used it for my IA and didn't have any problem with it. If you don't have access to that, you can use MathType, a couple of my friends used it and had no problems with it either.
  9. Hello vishalvibz, please check your PM
  10. I don't think there's a rule (sometimes both parts AND substitution work!) but it's useful to know some "tricks". Really, the only way is to practice so much that you start knowing which to use just by experience. I below I write a list I've compiled: integration by substitution techniques: if function contains sqare root of f(x), try substituting u=f(x) if function contains ln x, try substituting u=ln x if function contains square root(a2 - x2), try substituting u=a*sin x if function contains square root( x2 - a2 ), try substituting u=a*sec x if function contains square root(x2 + a2) or j
  11. I'm so glad you like the idea - the first session was so much fun - we had some students from the US and from Australia and Germany this time around. No, the times won't always be the same. I'm trying to gauge what works best for me and for other students. For example, the next one (Trigonometry) is on Feb 9th, at a different time. Hopefully that works a bit better for you? -Mitch Its at 12am in my country Any chance the next one will be on a weekend or at an earlier time? Would love to join your sessions!
  12. Hey vishalvibz, I actually have a friend that did his EE on something similar last year and he'd gladly share it with you for reference. PM me if you want it
  13. I don't think you should be posting your email publicly here...anyway feel free to DM me anytime for help in Economics
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here knows whether Asia comes under TZ1 or TZ2? How exactly is the division done? Eg: Europe TZ2 America TZ1 Asia TZ2 Etc Thanks!
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