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  1. Can't you just do 1/2 (3.96) (8)² for the pacman area? Why do you have to have to find theta? Which page is this question on in the Haese book?
  2. Here is what you need to secure a 6 in AA HL or AI HL 1) Access to 10+ years of Math HL past papers and their solution manual. For AI HL you need 6+ years of Further HL and 6+ years of Studies or HL past papers. (in high school teacher gave us access to nearly 20 years). QuestionBanks highly reccommended as you can sort questions by category. 2) A minimum of 1.5 hour a day of homework time without distractions dedicated to math, for at least 6 days a week. (i spent on average 1.5-2 hours a night for a 7 in Math HL over 2 years) You should first identify your weaknesses and strength
  3. NIST chemistry webbook is also very useful. Remember to account for states when you perform enthalpy calculations!
  4. In general relativity, gravity is not a force. Instead freefall is travelling at constant velocity from the falling objects perspective. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbolic_motion_(relativity), the first equation describes motion relative to freefall. The second equation usually deals with horizontal motion, ie perpendicular to gravity, or low gravity.
  5. It's fine. Improving upon someone else's experiment is a good approach to science IAs.
  6. You should do research into how well your school performed historically. If everyone averages a 6, then you can just do what everyone does and should be fine. If everyone averages a 3 or 4, then perhaps course companions are the minimum investments. You should read the official syllabi, most of which are available for free here: https://ibsurvival.com/files/category/14-ib-syllabus-data-booklets/ These are MUST-READS if you want a 6 or higher.
  7. You definitely are allowed to. But it's somewhat difficult to add any personal input for proofs. To meet the minimum page limit, you should explore one or several problems using the Stokes Theorem, or whatever you want to prove. To demonstrate understanding, you should use as much AA HL content as possible. Remember that the more advanced your IA topic is, the more likely that you will say something erroneous which means marks taken off.
  8. You can calculate the volume and area using revolution, possibly the washer/disk method. To show that you have the minimum, you can plot surface area on the y-axis vs something you are keeping constant, say volume, or mass, on the x-axis.
  9. I've seen the specimen papers and AI HL is all about speed. Therefore getting correct answers fast should be the central focus. You don't need to do challenging problems, just A LOT of questions of easy to medium difficulties. Definitely practice math every day. Target several skills each week and time yourself doing them. A good resource is the student plan at Wolfram Alpha $5-6/month I believe, and you can generate unlimited 20-question multiply choice worksheets. Those are especially nice because you will identify shortcuts that you can use to check your work.
  10. Hi I'm currently in China and has 6 years of tutoring experience. Despite getting a 7 in Math HL in 2015, and getting A in my university Calculus courses, I still don't know about 25% of the AI HL syllabus. If you think I may be a good enough tutor, feel free to reach out to me. I am very familiar with AI HL Year 1 content but here is the disclaimer that I know next to nothing about the graph theory and the AI HL Stats.
  11. It's not about majors it's about the schools. Some schools or departments of engineering will require Chemistry HL or Chemistry in general as part of minimum admission requirements.
  12. @DiegoADADAD hi welcome! thanks for your question The reactions are 1) 2Ag+(aq) + CaCl2(aq) --> Ca2+(aq) + 2AgCl(s) 2) Ag+(aq) + NaCl(aq) --> Na+(aq) + AgCl(s) So that means the reaction with CaCl2(aq) produces twice as much AgCl. Hope that clarifies :D
  13. If you are unsure/uncomfortable with SIR Model you should look for a different topic. You should play to your strengths in the IA.
  14. You should check what the past results in the three 3HLs are at you school. If people are only getting 4s/5s then maybe consider switching schools or switch to AP/A-Levels. In general, Canada has more stringent requriements because Australia has gateway programs and is more flexible with missing one or two classes. If you can get 38-39+ then you should be considered a strong International applicant. In general be willing to learn stuff on your own and be willing to spend hours a day on the subjects. @ChocolateAndVanilla Bahasa is a school-requested course, and is likely Group 1 only
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