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  1. Paper 1 I scored a high 6. I'd say you must find a balance between structure and general knowledge. Basically, what you want is something that flows. Start by defining the key terms, even the most basic ones as these are easy marks and fit well into the introduction. Then proceed with the PEE structure i.e. Point, Explanation, Example. Real life examples for both Micro and Macro of current affairs will be the difference between that high 6 and that 7 so its worth having a few of them on hand.
  2. An important point to mention here is that you should not let stress of the IB exams have an impact on your performance. Fair enough, you need a specific set of grades to achieve your offers but once you finish the IB you'll realize how such stress hindered your performance. Go into each exam fresh and give it all you got. Then, regardless of the outcome you'll know you gave it all you had and left everything in that exam room. That's all one can ever ask from anyone. With that said, I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in your upcoming exams.
  3. Not only this as @VeronicaG stressed, but also the fact that you will most likely not be able to cope with an engineering degree with Math Studies knowledge. If I were you I'd take Math SL and self-study a bit of HL content i.e. HL Calculus during your school breaks to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to achieve a high mark in your Engineering Degree.
  4. As Mac117 said it depends on where you want to study. For the US, I believe you can take Math SL as long as you do SAT Math Level II. However, do not that the content in an Engineering course is heavily mathematical meaning that Maths SL will not give you the preparation necessary to succeed in an Engineering degree and you'll most probably have to learn additional material. Thus, to make your life easier in the long-term i'd take Math HL. If you cannot cope with it, then perhaps you'll suffer with an engineering degree. I do not say this to discourage you but solely to ensure that you know wh
  5. Sure, send me your email and i'll send it over
  6. Having taken Business this session (May 2016) I feel like I can give my two cents worth of advice here. First off, just like you I started off Business and Management with a horrendous teacher, which resulted in quite low scores. However, as soon as she left my scores rised immensely. I would like to give you some advice: Practice Past Papers and Use the Markschemes: Past papers and Markschemes are your best friends throughout this course. The Business and Management markschemes contain a lot of information and are presented just like the examiner wants the answer to be presente
  7. Here's a link that might help you out, it comes from a spanish website and has been translated into English. If this is for your Spanish WA then this might help you out. Good luck.
  8. Once your IB Exam is done teachers received a scanned copy of the Exam paper. Say if I am a Math HL teacher, 24 hours after my students finish the Math HL Paper 1 I will have a copy of the exam paper on my desk. This is how teachers often feedback to the IB regarding the difficulty of the paper, which then allows the IBO to adjust grade boundaries.
  9. The deadline was somewhere towards the end of July. Presuming your school is also in Portugal the deadline should be the same and therefore I would suggest you contact your IB Coordinator as soon as possible, he/she should be able to run you through whatever is necessary for registration. I think retakes are taken care by the school you attended and information is only given to coordinators. If you are unable to contact your coordinator I would go to school and talk to someone who can register you as soon as possible. Best Regards, and Best of luck.
  10. Sounds like the combination one must have for that type of course. Make sure you know what you're going into, and then work your hardest. Best of luck
  11. Both @Vioh and @kw0573 seem to have more experience when it comes to Physics than myself. Personally @Vloh helped immnesly during my IB days (which just finished two weeks ago). I used question banks to practice for Class tests. However, since you're from the new syllabus I would suggest purchasing the Tsokos book to prepare for the new content, it really helped me out especially with the new Nuclear Physics AHL content and Kerichoff Laws (Circuit problems). Best of Luck
  12. Personally, throughout the IB I took notes on my laptop and then printed it out and read from them. This worked for me, but what works for me may not work for you. I just feel like having everything on your laptop makes it much more organized. For example, for my Business notes I wrote them down according to the number on the syllabus and when it came to revising for the exams apart from past papers I just read the notes, it was crucial for achieving my 7. I would make them on your laptop and then read them over and over again. If you feel handwritten notes are better I'd get a notebook and w
  13. A Magazine article seems like a good idea, how about an opinion column? I did an Opinion Column (Although not in the topic of Gender and Sexuality) and got a 7. Opinion columns seem to be the easier way out, especially because you can use several stylistic devices that are typical of opinion columns. You could also refer to biases in the media as a result of Gender and Sexuality.
  14. I did the May 2016 Physics HL Exam, and like you during my preparation time I had some trouble grasping concepts too. I cannot stress enough the importance, which past papers have. If you do enough past papers (I did all from November 2015 until May 2001) you will succeed and you will see that as you go, you'll get better and better. Check the Markschemes, they exist for a reason. Also, when you are faced with a question you do not understand post a screenshot on this forum and someone will help you, or check the Markscheme. As you do past papers gaps in your knowledge will surface and as that
  15. Sure, PM me your email, i'll send them over.
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