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Will I actually be FORCED to redo IB1????

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Hey guys! I just started IB1 and i’m having my mock exams soon. I’m finding IB hard (Because im not naturally intelligent) and I keep doubting myself. So many people in my school are redoing IB1 and I’m scared to see myself in that situation. The subjects i’m taking are quite difficult.

HL Chem & SL maths AA especially

my question is, suppose I dont get the requirements needed to be promoted to IB2, Will I be forced to redo IB1 or will i have the opportunity to resit some exams and do extra work during the summer?

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I undertsand what you are going through as Im taking Chem HL and Math AA HL . PRETTY HARD! 

Im new to the IB so i really do not know about that . But my advice is do not be negative about it yet , there is still alot of time left . I know it seems scary but just try to be positive and try to study harder than you normally do . Hope it helps !

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