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  1. Hey everyone! It would be great if you could take 2 minutes to fill out my survey. All contributions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! https://forms.gle/ozv1r1qCn1HjJoECA
  2. After the Vacation its time to submit IA which is very important for subject overall marks. How are you doing all
  3. Hiiiii! I hope everyone is alright I'm starting DP this month (on the 15th) and I haven't been able to choose my topic/subject yet, I was hoping you could help me out a bit? I previously did myp and choosing my personal project topic was hell so I really don't want to have the same experience with EE I love science, and I'll be taking bio and chem SL (my school doesn't offer any science at HL) but I have heard it's quite hard and I'm really hoping for a high score (hopefully above 40) at the end of the program, so I'm kinda worried that I'll need HL knowledge I'm great at math
  4. I come from the German system, which is quite demanding. Last September I decided to do my A Levels instead and have been extremely bored by the little amount of work I have to do. I'm getting As in both mocks and official examinations and need a new challenge in life. Would it be possible to complete the IB Diploma Programme in one year, considering that I wouldn't have to study for my HL subjects if I am already taking them as my A Levels? I would only have to focus on my SL subjects and TOK/EE/CAS. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, I am student in IB1 who has to sumbit my choice of EE subject and RQ. I was really intrested in the Romanov family relations with the britsh but i dont have much knowledge on the part of history. I was thinking of doing the RQ on the impact the ignorance of the Romanov cry for help had on the image of the British but my teachers are saying its to broad and I am not sure on what basis i can narrow it down. Im also having trouble finding sources, can anyone reccomed any sites i can find the resources or anything? Thank you
  6. Hello, I am in grade 9 and am taking the ib entrance exam to go to IB in grade 10 i’m kind of stressing right now if anyone is able to send me previous math entrance exam tests or anything like what I need to do to successfully get into IB. If anyone can send me practice questions or advice to help me study please let me know my email is [email protected]. Thanks
  7. Hey mates, I'm going to the M23 exams and I ask for anyone for advice on the exams, what are things to do before, and after the exams?
  8. Hey everybody. More questions for subject selections for IB next year, like a lot of other people who are going through this process as well. I'm kind of interested in pursuing law in the future, but I'm not entirely sure as to what subjects I should take in order to make me a good applicant for law as well as give me a high, solid IB score. Law is also kind of vague, which to be honest, it makes it so much harder for me to pick out what I should do. The subjects I've picked out so far are: English Language and Literature HL French AB Initio Chemistry (Unsure if I should go with HL or SL,
  9. I've never had a job before and I'm really nervous because I have no idea how to start! I never know which stores are hiring. My dream part-time job for high-school would be at Chapters because it's the type of environment that I would like to work in (I'm sure a lot of IB students are familiar with the smell of coffee ). How do I approach a store like Chapters and ask if they have job openings? Also, does anyone have any tips on how to write a resumé and how to balance work on top of First Year IB?
  10. Several sources have told me that I should include the opinions of historians in my essay. However, I am not quite sure how to do that. How should I include it? It would be helpful if you could also give me some examples. Also, I am not sure do I have to include opinions of historians for both Paper2 and Paper3? (I understand that paper 1 is just from sorce book is OK so I do not have to include my original opinions of historian) Thanks for reading and answer this. And if
  11. hi, if you live in the USA can you please fill out a survey for my Math AI (SL) IA! it will only take less than a minute, thank you sm Favorite Holiday Cookie
  12. i wanted to ask if these subjects are okay? 1. Art HL 2. English LangLit HL 3. Business and Management HL 4. Math Applications and Interpretations SL 5. Chinese B SL one year 6. DT SL
  13. Hi everyone, I'm currently in 8th grade and I am planning on taking both the St. Robs and Bayview entrance exam into their ib programs. Can someone please explain to me how the exam is broken down, what can I expect, and what are my chances for getting in? (roughly 700 students apply to each school every year, only around 250 get accepted). For Bayview, I have an average of around 88% from my grade 7 final term, and a solid teacher recommendation. How well do I have to perform on the test in order for me to get into the program?? St.Roberts only relies on the test scores, im pretty s
  14. So, talking about the Arab Spring 2010-2011 maybe a lil of 2012 should be okay right?
  15. HmP

    IB Art

    Hi! I'm thinking of doing Visual Arts SL next year and I'm not sure what to expect... Will the teacher set assignments or is it more independent work? Thanks in advance.
  16. Can I choose a movie (instead of a literary text) and analyze it for my higher level essay? Would it make any difference with regards to grading and requirements?
  17. 8Ss


    I am applying to St. Robert’s high school which is an IB school in Toronto in November and I have a few different answers about what is on it after asking around. Is it just Math and English or is French included? And how hard is it? If anyone goes there or has even gone to an IB school in Canada and has a sense of what it is on could help me out that would be great 👍🏼
  18. Hi, I was wondering what grade and points I need for my Tok essay to pass TOK overall because my teacher gave me an E on the Tok exhibition which I couldn’t understand why. I already submitted my tok essay but I’m not confident at all about the essay.
  19. Hi, I had several issues regarding my Extended Essay in Psychology. First: Which research question would be the most suitable? Option 1: To what extent is criminal behaviour based on biological factors? Option 2: To what extent can biological factors predict criminal behaviour? Option 3: Is criminal behaviour primarily based on biological factors? Second: While I have all my ideas and research with reference to the issue ready, I do not know how to put it down in a format suitable for an EE, for eg: the IA has a very specific format that is simply the marking criterion itself. How do
  20. Hi! from the beginning of the year I've been taking Ib visual arts. Its the most interesting class and I really like it. However, its really time consuming and I found myself in situations that I dont have time to take care of myself and have time for other activities. The workload is so much. I really like doing it and the outcome is really good however I am not sure if the cost of taking this class is worth it. After these couple of months i understood that even though i love art and creating art myself, i dont like doing it under so much stress and deadlines, so now im not quite sure i
  21. So I'm currently working on my IA project and I'm debating between using statistics and probability (AI and AA), calculus (AA), or a mix of both. If you're wondering, last year I had AI math and this year the class did a majority vote for AA (yes I know it's super weird but with covid, AI and AA classes were mixed together and they're pretty similar according to my teacher so). Anyway, my topic is how a cure for Alzheimer's disease would affect mortality rates in the U.S. and what that would that look like on a graph (or whatever math visual). I'm using HIV/AIDs as a reference since dementia c
  22. URGENT, Guys, can anyone tell me the word count for ESS IA, or how much can be the appropriate word count for it??
  23. I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to do with my TOK Essay and searched up some sites that could help me with it. I came across this site called IB Mastery, a Tim Woods blog or something and it offers a TOK Essay Mastery Program. It only costs 14.99USD per month but I want to know if this is a sham or not. URL is attached below. https://checkout.newkajabi.com/offers/zR9YEFEU/checkout?checkout_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJvZmZlcl90b2tlbiI6InpSOVlFRkVVIiwic2l0ZV9wcm90b2NvbCI6Imh0dHBzOi8vIiwicGVyZm9ybV9sb2dvdXQiOnRydWUsImV4cCI6MTQ3NjYxOTkwNn0.VOtCRLnjEiNgGrHikX5LsGK
  24. Well I'm new here and i was wondering if anyone could help me out. I am having my IB entrance exam on Monday and i was told that it would be on math and english; which would both be one hour. However i have a MEGA problem: I HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT TO STUDY ! If any of you have done IB entrance exams before, your experienced help would be really useful! All i want to know is: What sort of thing should i study for english and math?
  25. Hi, I am doing my math IA with the probability of a food commercial occurring during network television and I don't really know what type of probability I should use for the main math portion. I have already gathered my data so some ideas would be appreciated!
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