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Found 17 results

  1. We are barely starting our Math IA SL and our teacher told us to come up with something personal. However, I was thinking about doing a probability method in the game go fish to be able to determine and choose the best chances of winning. I'm just kinda stuck how I could work with that since it is the only thing that comes to mind.
  2. Hey guys. I am taking Math AASL. I submitted my first draft and everything. My Math IA is based on finding a correlation (if any) between the average speed of 2 the 2 fastest NFL wide receivers per team, and these teams' win rates. I am evaluating only the 17 teams with the highest win rates. I have tried to find a linear regression, and a polynomial regression. However, the teacher said that its all good, she just hasn't marked me full marks in any of the criteria which is fine if they're all marked at least a 5. She also mentioned that maybe i can fit 1 or two more analysis tools.
  3. I've done research on some universities in the UK to study Veterinary Medicine but none of the ones that I've come across specify if I should take AI or AA, the only requirment being Maths SL and/or the grade (e.g 5 out of 7). Some don't focus on the overal points out of 45 but more on the individual grades of subjects. I've spoken to a few teachers, they said AA would be a better option as it'll give me more opportunities for universities but after receiving my prior knowledge test we did during induction for DP, I did not get a high enough mark and so my maths teacher doesnt recommend A
  4. This survey is for my math IA and is anonymous. I would really appreciate it if you could fill it out and answer honestly. Thank you in advance!♥ https://forms.gle/Bvd1dJiMi7pH3pbC6
  5. Hi guys I have a math Ia due by the end of this week, and I basically am not close to finishing. Im using probability and statistics to find the outcome of a football (Soccer) tournament. I need to find ways on how to do this. So far I used the poisson distribution to predict outcome of matches, but does anyone know how I can use the graphs in my IA (like how should I analyse it). And im also looking for other methods of calculating a match outcome, one where there is only loss or win for the knockout stages. The tournament I am predicting is the Euros 2020. Yes I know it has passed, but I'm t
  6. I’m a year ahead in math at my school and am taking SL A&A as a Junior. I am testing this year. My teacher told me that my next class would be HL A&A and I would take the class but not test. However, that class is notoriously difficult at my school and I’d rather not take it. I’d much rather take the easier non-IB statistics class. So, is 4 years of an IB math class required if I’ve already tested out? Or could I take a non-IB Stats class and still get the diploma?
  7. Hello! I was interested in doing an IA around zero waste fashion designing like Yuima Nakazato's work, and looked into non-euclidean geometry and developable surfaces but all of them seemed to be beyond my course. Is there any topics I can explore related to fashion design that encompasses perhaps tangent lines to curves or standard euclidean geometry? Also I was watching a lecture and it was talking about flexibility? Perhaps I could also use that but I wasn't very sure of the concept. I hope someone can help!
  8. I'm looking to write an IB Math HL AA IA (Exploration) related to Probabilistic Language Models (like predicting future words with n-grams) or anything related to linguistics. I'm having trouble picking a topic though that will have the correct mathematical rigor and sophistication and are able to be structured like an IA. Are there any topics within the field that could make a good IA question that I could research? Thank you so much!
  9. My teacher has this same question about the marking of Math paper 1 and 2 with correct significant figures. In the marking scheme, it saids "If the level of accuracy is specified in the question, a mark will be allocated for giving the final answer to the required accuracy. When this is not specified in the question, all numerical answers should be given exactly or correctly to three significant figures." Does this mean that I get full credit if I write 1.45378 while the answer key is 1.45(3 Sig), (1.4537893838...) ? Please help.
  10. Hey guys, since we are in quarantine and I have no clue what else apart from working out I can do for CAS (and also bc I like maths a lot) I started to make vids about hl math aa topics (in all my tests in math aa hl I got a perfect score or a nearly perfect one so I think I understand them well). I would like you to see the video and give me some suggestions if you have time please . Thanks! This is the link for my first video of some basic problems of complex numbers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7u_uk5Z5e8
  11. I am going to start the ib next month and I wanted to know what previous knowledge I need to have of math and chemistry so I can start preparing myself in these two subjects before the start of the year.
  12. Hi everyone, I need help!! So I have to submit my first draft for MathsAA IA soon and Ive been thinking about this. My idea is to model a queue behaviour at a service counter like at a government counter or banks. So basically how many counters should be opened to meet a certain maximum queuing time for each customer? Please give some advice and tell me what mathematical concepts you think is the best I'd appreciate it a whole lottt
  13. Hey there. I am currently in the process of choosing topics and writing a proposal for Math IA. I have chosen a topic on car parking. What I have in mind at the moment is how to park a car perfectly in the parking layout. Well, the use of math that I can see is angles, areas, probability. However, I am afraid that this would be simple as I am taking HL. So, I would really love to hear out your opinion on this topic and maybe some other math relation to this topic. Thank you.
  14. What are your thoughts on the new IB Mathematics subjects i.e. MAthematics Analysis and Approaches and MAthematics Applications and interpretations . Which textbook is your school using and which one do you think is the best ? Appreciate the replies !
  15. Hey guys! I just started IB1 and i’m having my mock exams soon. I’m finding IB hard (Because im not naturally intelligent) and I keep doubting myself. So many people in my school are redoing IB1 and I’m scared to see myself in that situation. The subjects i’m taking are quite difficult. HL Chem & SL maths AA especially my question is, suppose I dont get the requirements needed to be promoted to IB2, Will I be forced to redo IB1 or will i have the opportunity to resit some exams and do extra work during the summer?
  16. I am planing to study Psychology or chemistry related in uni. I am taking Math AA SL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL, Economics HL, English B HL and Chinese A SL for IB. Could you give me some advice in terms of the possible majors and jobs? Thank you.
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