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  1. Hello, I am taking Chinese AB initio right now, and I’ve realized that the amount of work needed for Chinese is way too much for me, I want to switch to Spanish A or B since I am fluent in Spanish, is it possible to switch at the end of DP1 since I already failed my end of year exams for Chinese, even my teacher has suggested that I switch classes so it seems like it’s necessary
  2. I have my first rough draft of my math IA due in one month, and I am having trouble understanding if my topic is too simple, difficult, or vague for a Math IA, I would appreciate some advice. NOTE; I DO NOT TAKE PHYSICS, NOR WILL I BE TAKING IT. I realise many people say I should take on a topic that involves physics if I don't take it or completely understand the concepts I am using from Physics, but I have no choice. My math teacher told me I can't change my topic, so I'm stuck with it! My idea was to maximize the success of a volleyball serve using the concepts of projectile motio
  3. To what extent can technological advancements be used to measure the difference between progress and change in natural sciences.
  4. Hi fellow survivors. I am starting the diploma program this year, and I am not sure how to get organized. During the pandemic I go to school every other day, so some content is provided online, but we still get a lot of handouts. I also prefer to take notes on paper, as I feel I retain information better that way. Any thoughts on how I can stay organized?
  5. Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own? e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out
  6. kii

    ib help

    hi, what are some good textbooks to use while studying biology hl in ib
  7. Hey all, I am an IB diploma student (grad 21) and I'm hoping I could get hear some opinions from some of you. I'm considering to apply for an engineering program in universities in either US or Canada. I am currently taking Chemistry HL , Physics HL, and Math SL, and I'm concerned if taking Math at standard level will affect my application. In some universities like University of Toronto for example, they "suggest Math HL" but it's not a MUST. Any tips or opinions are welcomed.
  8. I am moving next year to another country in which they do not have Arabic speakers, therefore not a lot of people would sign up for Arabic A. I want to take Arabic A, English B HL, Bio HL, Chem HL, Business, Math analysis SL. At the school I am going to, they offer SELF TAUGHT Arabic B and Arabic ab initio (SL). I could take Arabic B self taught, as I already had experience with Arabic A in MYP, and its my mother tongue, but taking Arabic A is easier to get a 7/7 than in English A. I need helppp from current IB Students or past IB studentssss. In addition, this school offers French A which is
  9. What are your thoughts on the new IB Mathematics subjects i.e. MAthematics Analysis and Approaches and MAthematics Applications and interpretations . Which textbook is your school using and which one do you think is the best ? Appreciate the replies !
  10. Hey guys! I just started IB1 and i’m having my mock exams soon. I’m finding IB hard (Because im not naturally intelligent) and I keep doubting myself. So many people in my school are redoing IB1 and I’m scared to see myself in that situation. The subjects i’m taking are quite difficult. HL Chem & SL maths AA especially my question is, suppose I dont get the requirements needed to be promoted to IB2, Will I be forced to redo IB1 or will i have the opportunity to resit some exams and do extra work during the summer?
  11. Hey guys, I’m in my first year of the IBDP (eight months in), and would like to know when you recommend I start my IAs. I’d really appreciate it if you explained why you chose the dates you chose for each subject (e.g. maths IA during November because the content is a lot...). I don’t know if that’s true it’s just an example. Please keep in mind that I take exams on Nov 2019 so I begin school on January. Also, my subjects are: Biology, Chemistry, English Lang and Lit. - HL Mathematics, French ab initio, History - SL THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  12. Hi guys! I'm currently an IB1 student in studying Finland but I'm going to move to Switzerland in a few months. I'm going to move in the middle of the school year so I can't really just hop on board to IB1 there and also they have different subjects there. I think I have to repeat IB1 in Switzerland. My question is, what happens to my CAS? I've already done quite a bit of volunteering and community service so I'm wondering if that was all for nothing and if I need to start over when I move.
  13. I was wondering if the deadlines set by the school are final? The ib coordinator at our school has set some deadlines but they are pretty tough to meet as we got a load of work right before our exams now. I was wondering if we are allowed to work on our IA's through the summer after IB1, because if I recall correctly all deadlines are due end of IB2 and the internal deadlines are not really "final". thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, So at our school we have a website where are schedules are posted months in advance. This Thursday and Friday we have holidays, and our schedule said that we did not have lessons on Monday and Tuesday either, so i rebooked my flight back home to Tuesday after having asked one of my teachers if I didnt have lessons that day, which he said I did not. 2 days ago i find out that our coordinator has added lessons on that day, and i message him and get this answer: "It is true that some of the lessons in week 22 have been shuffled around somewhat, but if you look in y
  15. I'm starting IB1 TOMORROW and I skipped the pre-IB year, does anyone have advice for beginning the IB? My subjects are: English HL, Biology HL, Physics HL Chemistry SL, Arabic SL and Mathematics SL Honestly this website is terrifying me as I think I'm starting to realize what I've gotten myself into.
  16. Hello all, first post so apologies if this is in the wrong section. I'm currently part of the IBCP (Career-program) in field of art, having just started IB2. However, I am currently thinking of switching to medical for various reasons, and would need to drop to DP and catch up on Chemistry, Bio (HL) and Math (SL), and probably switch from English L to L&L (as Lit is too confusing, even with a PG 6). So four subjects to learn. The remainder 2 subjects I'm quite confident in. I am not 100% strong in sciences/math (personally know I'll enjoy physiological and anatomical aspects mor
  17. Hello girls/guys: This is courses I chose now. English LL HL Chinese LL HL Mathematic HL Physics SL History SL ECON SL There is a question take me into a dilemma that whether I should change my HISTORY SL to CHEMISTRY SL? Because I would like to major Actuarial Science in the future, so I just realize I do not need to do so much research papers. Is that a better idea to change history to something more science? If I chose chemistry SL, how hard it is compared to History? AND basically how much did you get in a summative task? Loo
  18. Hi guys/girls, So I am writing because I chose: - Maths HL - Physics HL - Economics HL - Chemistry HL - Spanish B SL - English Lang. & Lit. SL Although I believe I could work through this as I have quite good grades (not trying to be cocky), I think this will be too tiring for me... I was thinking of changing Chemistry for something much easier. I would like your opinion as well as a short summary on the following courses please: Geography SL, Business SL (I don't want to take Econ and Business but it's still an option), Computer Science SL (I
  19. Hello fellow IB people! In a couple of weeks I will start IB1, and I feel like I should be preparing but I really don't know how and where to start. Are there any online study guides or materials that I should run through before I go to my first class? I forgot to mention that I'm taking A Language SL English B HL Economics HL B&M HL Environmental Studies SL Math Studies I want to be prepared for the first week, especially for Economics, so please, feel free to share tips, websites and experiences. Thank you in advance BTW, I'm thinking of
  20. My current subjects are Psychology HL Business Management HL English Lit HL Math SL Spanish ab initio and Biology SL I'm not completely sure about my major yet. Not sure whether I need history to apply for law too Help me out please!!
  21. Noufabh

    ESS IA

    Here's to the first of many forums I'll start on this website We have an ESS IA due in ten days and it has to be a report based on surveys we conducted on an environmental issue. I was thinking of surveying peoples opinion on petrol and the rise of the petrol price in the Middle East. I would compare the results based on race. I'm pretty sure Europeans/Westerners would show more awarness about the affect of petrol on the environment and would agree with the price increase and a potential tax imposed. Any thoughts on what I should do? What could I improve? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hey! I was considering taking philosophy HL. Does anyone know anything about this course? Any help would be appreciated!
  23. Hello, I am searching for someone who has finished the world literature essay in the past and has some time to potentially read over my essay. If it is permitted, I would really appreciate someone to peer edit it. It is on The Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Kafka. Thanks, - Merging
  24. Hey! I have received back my Paper 1 with mark and comments! As for my teacher not being able to explain my "grammar" mistakes due to lack of time, I want someone who is native in English, has English A HL (receiving good marks), to go through my Paper 1 and tell me what the grammar mistakes are. I can only understand couple of my mistakes, and I seek to improve my grammar for my next assignment in English. The attached Paper 1 will be sent over PM. Have a nice weekend, folks!
  25. Hello all , I am a student who is in IB2 and who has recently decided to take up HL Maths due to the fact that I believe I made a very wrong decision by taking SL Maths due to the fact that HL Maths is more or less required everywhere in the UK for engineering. The reason for this very bad decision was mainly due to the fact that I was encouraged to get as much points as possible not focus less on requirements for courses. I have now been told by the HL Mathematics teacher that I will have to sit a test on the 13th of October for Complex and Imaginary numbers and I will be able to join t
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