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Switching Lenguages

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Hello, I am taking Chinese AB initio right now, and I’ve realized that the amount of work needed for Chinese is way too much for me, I want to switch to Spanish A or B since I am fluent in Spanish, is it possible to switch at the end of DP1 since I already failed my end of year exams for Chinese, even my teacher has suggested that I switch classes so it seems like it’s necessary 

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it is very possible tho it'll require quite the amount of effort to catch up on what you've missed the first year, regardless it won't be that hard since its a language idk much abt Spanish A but i'm assuming it'll be a little harder maybe consider taking spanish B? unless u really can't in general language as B levels are extremely easy and u have an advantage of already being fluent, ask ur coordinator for more advice maybe also ur school's spanish teachers but i would suggest switching since ur struggling with Chinese ab

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