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  1. best thing you could do when studying for hl chem is studying each topic one by one in specific steps, starting from topic 1 ofc 1. watch yt explanation videos and take brief notes e.g Richard Thornley (he's the best - he's made playlists for each topic and they're really helpful and specific to ib) 2. after studying ur notes do question banks on that topic https://studynova.com/quiz/chemistry/ OR https://tibertutor.com/ib-chemistry/ - literally the most effective way to study for me was going through question banks for each and every topic, no matter how well you think you know the
  2. wdym by minimum grade? are u talking abt the entrance exam?? i heard there no specific grade boundaries so it is honestly unknown but you'll be fine nevertheless since many ppl are known to have passed the test even when not doing very well
  3. I took business at sl which was honestly a breath of fresh air compared to my other subjects, business is quite easy in general and if u have heavy subjects i would suggest taking it, tho I don't have much of an idea abt econ ik its harder than business and requires a little bit more effort. business is more logic based and its mostly just common sense there are a few detailed topics here and there but its not hard, econ is way more detailed and the tests seem to be structured differently. please keep in mind this is just based on my experience and u could find the subject completely different
  4. is it a must to stick to the timetable? i do hl bio but our class is just hl however my business class has both sl and hl and what my teacher does is that he makes sure we finish all the sl content for that topic so it could mean two weeks of full lessons for both then we could have 1 week when sl students don't have any lesson and its just hl content so basically be flexible with ur timetable if the school allows that i think that would be better for everyone as a student especially knowing that hl bio requires a lot of work. tho i'm not sure if this is what u mean, like r u a teacher? or r u
  5. always have the syllabus beside you and take it as a guide also many study guides specific to ib subjects are available online idk what subjects u take but if u want me to link some study guides that are most recommended i could do that, also go through each topic for every subject, watch yt explanations videos specific to the topic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEny7TIzdfs like Richard Thornley i'm sure u've heard of him) and do topic past papers thats a very important step (https://ibpastpapers.com/resources-999/ this is a great site) then finally do past papers + tho don't stress too muc
  6. it is very possible tho it'll require quite the amount of effort to catch up on what you've missed the first year, regardless it won't be that hard since its a language idk much abt Spanish A but i'm assuming it'll be a little harder maybe consider taking spanish B? unless u really can't in general language as B levels are extremely easy and u have an advantage of already being fluent, ask ur coordinator for more advice maybe also ur school's spanish teachers but i would suggest switching since ur struggling with Chinese ab
  7. i'm not sure if this is what ur asking abt but ib don't allow student to produce one IA abt and intersectional topic in two subjects u need an IA for each subject and they are quite serious abt this
  8. sounds like that person is just being petty to me, i mean they're the only one claiming that u have cheated and everyone else denied it so why would they believe him I don't know the situation exactly but if they don't have evidence (since u didn't cheat) then you'll be fine, tho ib take exam misconduct very very seriously they can't just take away ur diploma cuz of a false claim. what ik is that ib request ur past work (tests etc) don in school and compare it with ur externals which seems unfair to me since ppl could just put more effort for finals but i'm sure you'll be fine
  9. u don't have to worry about that if the mistakes aren't too obvious since they are only a few, check the language criterion in the marking rubric for EE and it says that if mistakes are little to non existent u will get a full score there
  10. hey, here's another link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qPguSccebtOLuFFudVNo7Xd4WrmLH-0g?usp=sharing you'll find resources in the 'english io' folder
  11. hey, usually schools provide pepsin for experiments, but if u have to buy it ur self capsules are available in most, if not all pharmacies, some require a prescription and some don't but i think asking ur school to provide pepsin capsules would be best + and for the experiment i'm not quite sure how it would go since i haven't done this one but i'm certain you'll find resources and similar experiments on the internet
  12. ik this shouldn't concern me but i would suggest u do an easier subject for ur EE something like english since its just and essay that u have to get a passing grade in and it wouldn't be required later on + its easier to find english ee samples and takes less time, everyone ik who did their ee on a humanity or science said they regret it. but ofc this is all ur decision i don't want to confuse u. i wish i could help with the question ur asking but ik nothing abt geography EEs and questions regarding them
  13. business in general is a very easy subject, probably the easiest IB course if u ask me, so unless u really need HL physics to major in computer science later, then switch to HL business, everyone scores high in it and it doesn't require much work - except for the HL IA that would be fine tho - but please keep in mind that this is just a suggestion
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