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  1. u don't have to worry about that if the mistakes aren't too obvious since they are only a few, check the language criterion in the marking rubric for EE and it says that if mistakes are little to non existent u will get a full score there
  2. hey, here's another link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qPguSccebtOLuFFudVNo7Xd4WrmLH-0g?usp=sharing you'll find resources in the 'english io' folder
  3. hey, usually schools provide pepsin for experiments, but if u have to buy it ur self capsules are available in most, if not all pharmacies, some require a prescription and some don't but i think asking ur school to provide pepsin capsules would be best + and for the experiment i'm not quite sure how it would go since i haven't done this one but i'm certain you'll find resources and similar experiments on the internet
  4. ik this shouldn't concern me but i would suggest u do an easier subject for ur EE something like english since its just and essay that u have to get a passing grade in and it wouldn't be required later on + its easier to find english ee samples and takes less time, everyone ik who did their ee on a humanity or science said they regret it. but ofc this is all ur decision i don't want to confuse u. i wish i could help with the question ur asking but ik nothing abt geography EEs and questions regarding them
  5. business in general is a very easy subject, probably the easiest IB course if u ask me, so unless u really need HL physics to major in computer science later, then switch to HL business, everyone scores high in it and it doesn't require much work - except for the HL IA that would be fine tho - but please keep in mind that this is just a suggestion
  6. having a good research question is important but the content of ur IA and how u structure it is what contributes most to ur grade along with personal engagement, so as long as ur topic is not toooo simples u'll be fine, i do HL chem too and i did a relatively repeated topic but i was fine + check the files attached in the chemistry IA folder in this link and check out the ideas of the samples attached there. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qPguSccebtOLuFFudVNo7Xd4WrmLH-0g?usp=sharing
  7. the 'oxford IB diploma programme chemistry course companion 2014 edition' is the best one although a 2014 edition, following the post 2016 syllabus its still relevant and the content is the exact same yall would just have to compare it to the 2016 syllabus and follow it + anyone who needs it can download it from here https://pdfroom.com/books/ib-chemistry-course-book-the-only-dp-resources-a-developed-with-the-ib/wW5mwolkgYo
  8. I don't want to sound rude but this seems like more of a biology IA topic rather than chemistry, it would be great as a bio one tho. maybe u should check the AHL topics and base your research question on one of the topics? or do something related to titration since its simple. i did mine on catalysts and different temperatures effect on the activation energy and plot an Arrhenius plot so obviously it was experiment based + there's a drive link below too i have resources in the "chemistry IA" folder that could perhaps help u choose ur question, u could maybe use questions similar to the ones in
  9. you'd never know with out experiencing it, everyone claims that their major is hard so its not just law + i think since you're interested in law school and it seems like you've based you subject options on that too i say go for it i'm pretty sure you'll be fine. one of our family friends went to law school and she says its not as hard as people make it seem like which probably means the work expected is a manageable amount + IB is literally created to suit university style work so its basically preparing us for it, everyone who did IB says its very similar to what they do in uni ik people who
  10. tbh idk much about requirements for studying business but usually 37 is great and 39 would definitely get you anywhere u want but maybe asking ur schools uni consultant if u have one would give u better guidance
  11. its totally considered an appropriate service idk why ur school said that but maybe don't mention to them that its ur friend? or just do like the previous comment suggested
  12. as someone else mentioned optimization is a great topic. i would also suggest normal distribution
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