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  1. it's not hard its just like any other entrance test you don't have to worry about it much but if you check the samples online that would help
  2. their excuse literally makes no sense lol anyways i'm sure you'll be fine with that predicted grade
  3. hey! I've created this folder on drive and attached IB resources for anyone who needs them, i will be adding more stuff + I'd be very happy if they helped anyone out :)) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qPguSccebtOLuFFudVNo7Xd4WrmLH-0g?usp=sharing p.s: most of the docs on there are owned by others
  4. i don't think they would care much about the 5 tbh because they do look at your total score first which is clearly great and would get you accepted almost anywhere u want + if u know u can do better in your finals then perhaps u should ask your school to raise your grade from a 5 to a 6 since it's just a predicted one, just so u can grantee getting accepted. good luck!
  5. i'm not sure what u specifically have to write for the essay but maybe do something like recording timing of you running 100m, perhaps have something like 40 samples (u could just make them up if u want) and then using the data produce mean data models and a scatter graph to check for linear regressions then explain the results and maybe compare them to something else idk. so something like an ib math ia (exploration) but maybe the essay is just supposed to be research on the topic. please check with your teacher and classmates what i gave is just a suggestion. good luck!!
  6. i would say maybe ask them to lower it just a little, perhaps make it 43 points? but don't worry about not being able to achieve those you know what you're capable of and you've done great in your mocks so keeping your points high will be the best option + usually when people don't do well in their finals - which i am sure will not be the case for u - they could ask for a remarking since their predicted is high and it would make no sense for their grades to drop suddenly so basically what im trying to say is keep your predicted high , good luck with your exams!
  7. in general No cuz you'll always need english in your studies even if you're planning to go to a Japanese university. i'd say take english lang&lit SL that could get you anywhere you want
  8. my school doesn't offer psychology either which is such a shame cuz so many opportunities are lost, but I am glad you're sticking with bio good luck with your exams!
  9. i think maybe you should consider taking psychology instead of bio, the rest seems to be a great combination for law and international relations, this is just a suggestion tho, so you should ask the school's uni consultant if u have one
  10. oh I see, you're probably good at maths anyways so I don't think will struggle with it as an ee subject. good luck!
  11. i think it's great that you've involved this type of mathematical techniques in it and you'll definitely get the personal engagement points but i'm not sure if the topic is good for an ia since the maths you're going to have to use for this one is too simple and basic so maybe you'll lose marks there
  12. it's been a month since you posted this so idk what you've decided but i think this question would be really good for an IA not for an EE cuz writing 4000 words on this topic would be hard but maybe ask your teacher
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