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  1. my school doesn't offer psychology either which is such a shame cuz so many opportunities are lost, but I am glad you're sticking with bio good luck with your exams!
  2. i think maybe you should consider taking psychology instead of bio, the rest seems to be a great combination for law and international relations, this is just a suggestion tho, so you should ask the school's uni consultant if u have one
  3. oh I see, you're probably good at maths anyways so I don't think will struggle with it as an ee subject. good luck!
  4. i think it's great that you've involved this type of mathematical techniques in it and you'll definitely get the personal engagement points but i'm not sure if the topic is good for an ia since the maths you're going to have to use for this one is too simple and basic so maybe you'll lose marks there
  5. it's been a month since you posted this so idk what you've decided but i think this question would be really good for an IA not for an EE cuz writing 4000 words on this topic would be hard but maybe ask your teacher
  6. i don't mean to be rude but why did you choose maths? its hard to write an EE on one i think english or a humanity would be easier to finish and collect data for at least that was the case for everybody i know but obviously it's up to you. if you really want to stick with maths as the ee subject then you'd maybe have to change the topic perhaps you should look at past samples and decide like that since they would be great as examples or ask your supervisor about how you can involve maths in something related to statistics.
  7. your subjects are actually perfect if you want to major in business so yes AI sl maths would be accepted for sure but check the requirements for the universities you have in mind if there are any just to make sure, again ai sl maths is really good for business major cuz it all about statistics etc and since u said that u don't think ur going to do well with hl ai then i say switch to sl
  8. idk know if u still need it but done! good luck!
  9. you can switch to physics, the school should allow you to do that but i really wouldn't recommend doing so because sciences are hard enough and especially is you missed a whole year - which isn't your fault ik - so I'd say don't unless u need physics for whatever you're wiling to study in uni or maybe if you really want to take physics then get a really good tutor and you'll have to work very hard too, wish the best luck
  10. yes ofc it does just make sure u provide evidence
  11. I hate it when teachers act so irresponsible cuz its their job to tell this kind of stuff + below are attachments that would hopefully help you? idkMath-IA.pdf check out past IA samples to see the structure of the exploration
  12. for med school: chemistry HL + biology HL + Math AA (AI works very well too ofc but someone universities prefer AA so check the requirements depending on where you're planning to go) if you know you're not good at maths then do AI. also if you think what you want to major in requires psychology then take it instead of chem but I wouldn't really recommend that.
  13. its a nice question but I would suggest you choose something you can research on more, maybe including graphs and that type of stuff cuz with this question you will not be able to personally engage with but again ma a3raf what your teacher told you check with them since they know what scores high sorry if i confused you
  14. I doubt they'd be cancelled since things are getting better and so many people are getting vaccinated as they should, unlike the past two years which were a mess, unless a 4th wave comes then maybe?
  15. honeymoon? if you're actually a minor that's very concerning if you're not why r u on an IB related site discussing where to buy lingerie from with a bunch of teenagers?
  16. tbh I wouldn't recommend that cuz most of these sites use past samples and you'll get accused of plagiarism but ofc it's up to you, there's this site i someone linked on reddit https://writersperhour.com/ not sure about the prices or services but you should try it maybe ?
  17. always go for a caricature, poster or collage when it comes to non literary texts they are easier to analyse and make sure the artist is sort of known
  18. most people on dating apps and sites are just playing around and they aren't safe anyways also not to be all up in your business but you're still so young to be worrying about stuff like that not saying that older women have to care about dating either its just that you still have so much time ahead of you and I'm sure you'll find someone who genuinely loves and cares about you, though I understand that the feeling of loneliness is exhausting + I don't at all think that you'll never find someone to love you btw please don't think that way. most of the time people find relationships at uni or w
  19. I would suggest that you don't switch unless you want to do something related to history in uni because business is a very easy subject especially if you have done it before IB so scoring a 6 or 7 is very much likely and business exams are one of the easiest the grade boundaries are kind of low too, when history I assume is more complicated and you have so much to memorize, I've done geography in igsce before and even though I enjoyed it and got an A in it, I remember crying a lot the night before my exam cuz of how much I had to memorize specifically case studies, which is very similar to his
  20. faten

    Please help me

    i think it's great that you're multilingual also English is a very easy language that could be learnt in no time so don't worry about that + i don't see any issues with your english btw and i'm pretty sure kids in class will not make fun of you
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