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Biology IA- wavelength of light and stomatal opening


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Hi so I am looking at doing a bio IA on stomatal openings and different wave lengths of light on broad beans 


Research Question: The effect of different wavelengths of light on the opening of stomata 


please let me know ASAP if this is a decent topic and a method I could possibly look at, I'm stressing!!

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Well, have you looked at any research papers on this topic? How reputable and deep is the research? Are you comfortable in analyzing someone else's work? Can you add something to the topic? I bet you don't have the stuff needed to conduct this experiment. 


Usually it's preferred that you take a topic that you actually can conduct in the lab... like an actual lab report/experiment. This way, you're adding something to the topic and not just rephrasing someone else's work -- an easy mistake many make on your current route. I wrote mine on how the increasing % concentration of lemon juice affected the number of e. coli colonies. I actually did the experiment. I got a 6. 


Good luck! Hope this helps. 

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