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Found 16 results

  1. Hi so I am looking at doing a bio IA on stomatal openings and different wave lengths of light on broad beans Research Question: The effect of different wavelengths of light on the opening of stomata please let me know ASAP if this is a decent topic and a method I could possibly look at, I'm stressing!!
  2. I was investigating the effect of varying carbohidrate concentrations on the Co2 production during yeast fermentation. Each flour represented a carbohydrate concentration, but each flour also has a number of other variables I can control (like pH, damaged starch content, etc) which is why my data does not fit my hypothesis. Can I still perform any sort of correlation (or any other) test for the analysis? Can I sitll get a good mark If my results are terrible?
  3. Hello! So I was thinking about doing my IA on microorganism/bacteria growth, but my teacher told me that per IB policy we can't use any bacteria that incubate at body temperature. Thus, E. coli is unusable. Do you know any other bacteria I can use that incubates at room temperature and not body temperature? (Ideally something ranging from 20 C to 26 C)
  4. My biology IA proposal is due soon and I don´t really have a concrete idea. Since I´m lactose intolerant I want to do something related to lactose and lactase but I can´t think of what I should do with it. Changing the temperature and the concentration seems a bit too straight forward so I was thinking I´d change the pH but I´m not too sure... Does anyone have any ideas???
  5. Hello Can I put Bibliography after Appendices? Or Appendices should be in the end? I have some references in Appendix, so..
  6. Hey! My biology IA is predicted at a high 4 low 5, I am trying to get a 6. However, If I keep a 5, will I still be able to get a 6 overall if I do well in my exams? And how much is the IA weighted in contrast to the exams?
  7. So this is my first time to do this, like conducting my own research and I am still not sure of this critical thinking side of the IB program because previously I did the IGCSE which based more on like writing and following instruction. Right now my first drafts are almost due and I desperately need an IA topic. If this helps, I am interested in taking veterinary science in University so! PLEASE HELP! Any help is really helpful right now!!
  8. I want to use poisonous venom with blood for my IA but don't know what I want to do with it. Any ideas?
  9. Can someone explain to me the statistical analysis option for the Bio IA (I'm in HL if that helps)... Our teacher gave us a really bad explanation and I don't understand. We talked about IA's in class like once and never again so our teacher didn't really give us any time or help at all with this so I figure this is the easier route -- how do you do this type of IA and what's the best way to go about it??? Plz help. Thank u fams.
  10. Hello I am having a really big problem with actually having a purpose and real life situation of my Biology Internal Assessment due to miscommunications with my teacher. My internal assessment question is How does temperature affect the rate of enzyme bromelain? Enzyme bromelain is found in Pineapple juice and can be used as a meat tenderizer in powder form. I am having trouble with writing the purpose and making sense of it. Please help!
  11. To keep it short and simple, I never really had the first meeting with my Biology teacher where we would have discussed my IA topic. But I went with one I had anyways and made a very nice lab report on it; great statistics and great general analysis. However, I spoke with my teacher yesterday and he said that my topic was more of an "ESS" topic rather than a Biology one. He actually suggested I do everything again, which would be 5K words out the window, as well as a lot of time spent. My IA research question is "What is the germination and vigour of lentils"; Where I then have 3 different
  12. Hi fellow IB students, I reaallyyy need you help!! I was told today that my BIO IA is too easy to be an IB IA. My project is on weather different concentration of soap better eliminate or kill bacteria found on our hands. Since it was too easy we started talking about changing my project to finding out how long does it take for bacteria to be eliminate on a wet rag put in a microwave (it is known that that method eliminates bacteria). However since that study has been done before I would have to add another factor... We thought about putting it in a microwave where we can adjust the
  13. I should find topic by the end of this month. I want to do something with people like measuring something or somethings (:p) effects on plants but I can't decide to a clear topic in my mind. Any ideas?
  14. i need to do something like a draft of my biology IA... my teacher wants me to find a topic, hypothesis and do a procedure which im going to follow. I do not have to do the lab where you get your results and do your conclusion. Like I said its just a draft so she can guide me better in what I have to do next year
  15. Hi guys ! So I have this crazy idea of doing my Biology IA (Full Investigation) about the effect of pH level on lactose intolerance. Or as an alternative, I would like to pick the effect of temperature on cell division. Which one should I do ? Can the answer be "none" ? Would the lab design be too hard or time staking ? What do you advise ? Thank you for showing the kindness of trying to answer my questions. Have a nice survival, brothers and sisters
  16. How does the species of the plant affect the Stomata distribution on the upper and lower surface of the leaf? What could be a possible hypothesis for this?? :s i am blank pleasee help!
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