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  1. Honestly, the results are not as important as the analysis of the results. If you can point out ALL weaknesses in your procedure/methodology and can rationalize your results, provide suggestions for improvement and extension (how to take the experiment further), then you will be okay. Hope this helps! Good luck.
  2. Well, have you looked at any research papers on this topic? How reputable and deep is the research? Are you comfortable in analyzing someone else's work? Can you add something to the topic? I bet you don't have the stuff needed to conduct this experiment. Usually it's preferred that you take a topic that you actually can conduct in the lab... like an actual lab report/experiment. This way, you're adding something to the topic and not just rephrasing someone else's work -- an easy mistake many make on your current route. I wrote mine on how the increasing % concentration of lemon j
  3. I am not familiar with the specifics of the topic. However, I think that your question is decent. It's simple and open-ended. However, it may be confusing. Are you arguing that the Spanish-American war prompted - to any level of extent - the United States' colonization of the Philippines? Your question makes it seem like you are trying to connect the topics, but the language is unclear. I would say: To what extent was the American colonization of the Philippines justified by the Spanish-American war? Make sure you are looking at the guidance for EE topics. Is it global politics or
  4. Your supervisor knows best. Maybe delve into synthetic biology usage for detecting bacteria? Look up iGEM - international genetically engineered machine. It's a collegiate competition that employs students to come up with ingenious ways to tackle humanity's biggest problems. A lot of the projects end up using synthetic biology and electronics to detect certain diseases. Recently, I helped develop a machine that worked with salmonella. It used restrictive digest to cut out a gene in the salmonella so it would uptake a gene that we wanted it to - a gene that would make it produce a red fluoresce
  5. I think it is important to look at the historical driving force for the space race. As such, it would be important to include an in-depth analysis about the anti-communist sentiment in the U.S. during the time, which you can tie in with the historical background of the cold war. Research how this anti-communist sentiment found itself in the educational programs in the U.S., and analyze how that began to shape American education, nationalism, and relationship with the USSR. You could discuss rising American nationalism and militarism with an emphasis for STEM-based research/education and advanc
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