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IB subjects choice for Physics degree?

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So I will be attending UWC next year and I want to do a physics major in university in the US or UK.

I have already completed 2 years out of 3 years of high school so I already have good kbowledge in math, physics, chemistry, biology, technology, history, geography, french, arabic, english. 

I am pretty good in scientific subjects so here is my list of potential ib subjects next year:

Math HL (further studies)

Physics HL

English A

Environmenal and Social Studies SL (as a social science)

French B

Computer Science SL

Does this list make me elligible for a physics major? And should I take chemistry SL instead of Computer Science SL?

Help would be appreciated :)

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It's a very good combination for Physics major as both Physics HL and Maths HL are usually necessary, but do you mean by "further studies" that it's the AI Maths course?

Also, generally it doesn't really matter if you take Chemistry or Computer Science SL. Although Chemistry might be a little bit more useful at the course itself as it is more connected with Physics than Computer Science, it's not necessary at all, so I would say if you enjoy Computer Science more/are better at Computer Science, go with it :)

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