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  1. I guess you're probably fluent in English nevertheless (although French might be your 'better' language, right?), well, in my class, literally all people are Polish and none of us is an English native speaker and we're coping with the IB in English, so it should be fine for you too
  2. I'm pretty sure AI syllabus doesn't contain any calculus or pre-calculus, they do very basic functions only, so I wouldn't say it'll be sufficient. if there is such a chance (and IB scores don't matter to you that much), it makes sense for you to ask to be moved to AA SL.
  3. it might sound stupid, but do you have any other school which you could consider? (in my city for example there are 2) if not, there are some unis in the UK for instance which don't require chemistry, but it's definitely a minority, so not taking chemistry definitely limits your choices (if that's the country you have in mind, I'm not sure about the others). have you spoken to your IB coordinator at school about it? is it possible that they might find the teacher? (that was the case in my school also, we usually had Business Management SL, but not for our year because the teacher sto
  4. I'm not sure how the school system in the USA works, is the 10th grade already the IBY1 or is 11th the IBY1 (and so in 10th he won't have IB classes yet)? I think your son shouldn't base the choice on the classes he takes, e.g. AP Statistics being a recommendation for AA or AI. He should, first of all, think of what will be more useful for university/career or what he is interested in more. I don't know about the level of AP classes, but HL AA has a rather low focus on statistics, so if he decides to choose this, AP Statistics won't be very useful for the course itself probably.
  5. I'll definitely have a look at those! me too, unfortunately, but we still have quite some time to study for the final exams!
  6. that is not a bad score at all! I think with some more practice which you have until October, you can get even better. oh I see, I always wanted to study in the UK, but recently I started to think of other countries which is why I haven't taken SAT. but I've started thinking of Canada since, I think, they don't require anything more, but I don't know the specific unis or the course. I want to study medicine, but, as far as I'm concerned, you can't study medicine at an undergraduate level there, so I have to find another course. what course would you like to study? I don't have my pre
  7. no problem, I'm glad I could help! yes, it should be fine in the US! but they will probably look at predictions as they look at every little qualification they get from you, but it's more like an advantage than a disadvantage, especially that your predictions look quite high I've recently got the idea to apply to the US and I've been told by some people in my country that it's unlikely to get into top unis, like ivy league and other best ones, without SATs even if they are test-optional (unless you have a citizenship/residency and are treated as US student, then it should be fine).
  8. hi! it depends on unis, maybe more on the country as they might have different systems. for the UK, you have to send your predicted grades because you apply before you take the final exams (if you don't want to take a gap year) and you get a conditional offer for e.g. 38 points and 766 in HL subjects, that means that in order to go to this uni, you need to have at least 38 points with 766 (final grades). I think it works in a similar way in Canada. for the USA, however, you also send the predictions (but then SAT/ACT scores are more important) and once you get an offer, it's mostly uncond
  9. there are some database topics on this 'ibpublishing' website, here: https://ibpublishing.ibo.org/server2/rest/app/tsm.xql?doc=d_4_chemi_tsm_1408_1_e&part=8&chapter=1 if you haven't seen them yet, you can have a look!
  10. yeah, probably you're right that online classes are less effective than traditional classes, I also don't like them personally. I'm just saying that, looking at M20 experience, they may just not care at all, because otherwise if they did, they might have found a better way to assess M20. then your understanding is wrong probably because why would they get 6s or 7s for their IAs and be given a 3 or 4 in the end? and why would so many students do badly on their IAs compared to years before? (which you could see e.g. by looking at the number of people who got 40+, way lower this year) b
  11. look at what happened to M20 grades, many students got way lower score than their predicted grades and thus many didn't get into their top choice unis. and if they asked for remarks, usually it didn't work with assumptions that IB sometimes didn't even read their IAs because they sent it back after a few hours. to me it makes me think that they won't do anything, so I would advise just to go and study, you've got nothing to lose
  12. well, I don't agree with you. don't say that teachers always start, because you probably don't know all teachers in all IB schools and some of them have different methods of teaching and may do the topic in a different order, your assumption is way too generalised. for example, we did 9 and 19 topics for chemistry, but haven't done topic 4 and 14 for instance, because this is how our teacher said would be the best way. same goes for biology, we did e.g. topic 9 and 10, but haven't done topic 6 (which I believe is actually more difficult) so this petition would work probably only
  13. just out of curiosity, how do you imagine this could work? I mean some schools have done already some content that others didn't probably, so some would be negatively affected, e.g. when for chemistry topics 18, 19, 20 are cancelled for HL and a shool has done this but hasn't done the topics 14, 15, 16 (for some reason) then students from that school would be disadvantaged (as the topics they have done wouldn't be useful and still have to do topics)
  14. I don't think any university requires 777, surely not for Law, even unis such as LSE or Oxford require 766 and 666 respectively, Cambridge requires 776 and 42, though. It's extremely hard to get a 7 at HL Lit and unis don't care at all, I know people who got into Oxford for Law with English B at HL (they're not native speakers, though), so if you want to have the highest possible grade, I'd go for English Lang&Lit.
  15. it probably depends where you want to study, but chemistry is often (not always tho) required to study medicine, I don't know about many other countries, but if you're thinking of the UK, in general, it's best to have it, but if you don't, there are still about 10 med schools you can apply to without chem HL. I'm taking both biology and chemistry at HL since I also want to study medicine and I don't personally think chemistry is very hard, some of the topics are quite difficult (especially the HL extensions), but it's not undoable, I personally don't really enjoy the subject and the conte
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