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  1. Hey! I took my IB exams in May 2021 and I got a 7 in Maths AA SL. Next year, in May 2022 (or if it isn't possible, in 2023), I would like to take the exam in Maths HL. Is it possible to study the lacking content in less than a year now? And could I send the same IA? I know it would be marked worse, but probably only a few points for the 'Mathematics' criterium since it would not have HL content, right?
  2. imo psych is a lot of memorization and econ is less, I'd suggest econ I think as for English, since you're not going into anything humanities-related, you can take English B, but I'd say if you decide to do so, you should take it at HL, you could ofc get into uni with English B SL (sometimes you would probably have to pass an extra proficiency test though), but it's safer to take HL I think (or English A SL, but English A is really much more work than B)
  3. hey, could someone please tell me if it's true that you can put some infographics into your IA and put some of the words there in order to reduce your word count (and the words on the infographic won't be calculated)? thank you
  4. Wow, that's great then! I'm glad it worked well for you with TOK
  5. is it better to use parentheses or footnotes for the references (my EE is in Biology if that matters)? one person who reviewed my EE and is studying Bio at uni and did her EE in Bio ofc said it's better to use parentheses while my teacher says it's better to use footnotes and I don't know what to do, can someone help please?
  6. How would they know you send your emails? And anyway they could know about this, right? Cause you would still probably tell them that like 'I emailed my counsellor and they think I should stay' or something, right?
  7. I'd say go with geography if you're not passionate about history (since you said you "tolerate" it), geography is really easy and even if you find it boring, even without much studying, you can get like a 5/6, a lot of geography is just general knowledge and things you read in the news or something. Also, I don't know about Canadian curriculum, but IB Geography is very interesting imo, it's a bit of politics, learning about the society etc. And on top of that I know people who are really good at history and passionate about it and they complain about IB History that it's hard and there i
  8. Hey! Well, I think it depends to a great extent on the teachers, unfortunately. Many of our teachers aren't giving us a lot of information and tips/advice what we can improve (PM me if you wanna discuss that cause I'd rather not talk about it in public, even here, but we could perhaps compare what it's like becuase I'm also quite concerned about this). I think what you know about your IA/EE/TOK also depends on the teachers. Regarding EE and TOK essay I'd say you can know the mark your teacher gave you because it's essentially just prediction (as they are externally marked by the IBO,
  9. Hey! I really like this idea, sounds super interesting to me! Regarding your questions: 1. I think it could be something like To what extent are the economic benefits of nickel mining in Indonesia worth the env. costs? - it makes the question open-ended and keeps the same idea. 2. I'm pretty sure it does, but I didn't do World Studies EE so not 100% sure. I think the requirement is that it has to be like a global issue, important to many people and places, so I don't know how about this as this is an issue (probably) that affects mostly Indonesia and not the whole world, but che
  10. what is your 3rd HL subject? and what do you plan in the future? do you need any of those subjects? if not, psychology HL is probably easier than History
  11. well, I think the trend is that the more recent ones are harder so if I were you, I would do the most recent ones
  12. were are you planning to apply to university to study bioengineering? the requirements depend on the universities and even countries
  13. I would say it depends how much you want these grades to be changes - I mean ofc everyone wants to have higher grades, but are you satissfied with your overall result? do you need higher grades for university? if that's the case, then I would surely apply for remark, but if not, I'd think it through cause it does cost (quite a lot of) money. but if you decide to, I'd say being 1 mark or 2 marks away from the higher boundary gives you a decent chance of getting a higher grade
  14. Hey! I was wondering when did different changes to syllabus happen, does anyone know? Specifically for Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Language B, Language A and Geography I know when the last change was, respectively, in 2016 (Bio, Chem), 2021 (Maths, Lang A), 2020 (Lang B) and 2019 (Geography), but when were some changes before that? Where could I find this information?
  15. Hey! That's a better choice for your subjects, but, again (as I said in your other post), having 4 HLs will make it harder for you, maybe consider taking Maths AA SL (instead of AI HL)? Unless you're applying for med at Cambridge, just an idea, though. So I think the difficulty of the IB is often exaggerates - you do need good time management and organisation skills and study systmatically, however, you can succeed even without this and IB will surely teach you all those skills which will be useful for uni. My subjects are Bio, Chem and Eng B HL and Maths AA, Polish A and Geography S
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