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I just found an amazing graphing program that takes a bit to get used to, but is really handy.

The program itself is called Advanced Grapher or Agrapher for short.

It can be found at http://www.alentum.com/agrapher/.

It comes with a 30day free trial, but costs money after that.

I know some people who utilized their computer knowledge to ascertain a full version of this program by questionable means, but I do not personally endorse hacking.

So what useful graphing programs have you found?

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I just use excel for graphing usually if the equation is simple enough by setting up a function and generating a few points for it, but only because I've been using excel since I was a kid and I'm comfortable with it.

If the graph is complex or I'm graphing it without knowing what it should look like I use Mathematica, but it's overkill for what I'm doing usually.

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if you have a mac..use "grapher" (search it with spotlight) it's pre-installed and really good!

Is Spotlight a search engine?.... *searches* Ah, I see. On the Mac itself. Great, I found Grapher!! Thank you very much!

I'm having trouble finding a good and not-too-advanced graphing program that'll work on a Mac. Anyone used any others?

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yea , there're lot of good graphing programs .

perhaps , some of u wanna use autograph .

since we need to pay for using it , this is the link to download the crack version of autograph 3.2 :



enjoy , :P

heyee, thanx!!! i really enjoy usin autograph, its simple and really useful. i think esp. for chemistry IA and Maths IA

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