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hey. im planning on making study groups for IB students so that we could help each other because im currently struggling and have a feeling that many other people also need help. 


Im currently in IB1 and take these subjects:

HLs: Physics, Design tech, Arabic B. 

SLs: English Lang + Lit, Math AI, Economics. 


I think insta would be a good platform for making a gc !!?? ill make separate gcs for different subjects so that we can share resources, explanations and ideas.


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23 hours ago, BLUSIB said:

Hello I will consider if many people are joining. 

My HL subjects are Physics Chemistry and Economics

SL Math AA and languages

hey. I dont think many people want to join tbh. I only know one other person that considered joining too. sorry :(



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On 11/17/2022 at 11:35 PM, h_mack said:

i would join too just saying 

i'm in IB year 1


HL: English A, Biology, Math A&A, HOA

SL: Economics

weird question but did you do your IA on microeconomics 😭😭. im currently struggling and need a ****ton of help if u dont mind.


pls dm me on @ iwant.moneypowerglory on insta if u can help!!

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