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  1. hey. I think I can answer the first question. so in my school we have English lang/lit as language A and Arabic B or French AB as language B. although most of us are fluent Arab speakers, my school decided to give Arabic B sl/hl instead of Arabic A because we take English as a first language. as for French, our teachers specify in French AB so they give that course. so it really depends on what your school has picked as courses to what level you can do. to further answer the question. 'A' of any subject just means its a little advanced and 'B' is a standard kinda thing thats for people w
  2. hello. im doing DT in higher level and I really need an idea for a product I could make. my teacher is very annoying and he wont really help us. he wants us to make the product IRL to test it out and it needs to be made outta wood or foa. please help!!!
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