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  1. stargirl01


    hey. im planning on making study groups for IB students so that we could help each other because im currently struggling and have a feeling that many other people also need help. Im currently in IB1 and take these subjects: HLs: Physics, Design tech, Arabic B. SLs: English Lang + Lit, Math AI, Economics. I think insta would be a good platform for making a gc !!?? ill make separate gcs for different subjects so that we can share resources, explanations and ideas. Thanks!
  2. Hi, all ib survivers! I am working on my third commentary now! I found a preview of an article about the subsidy and I want to use it as chosen article Does anyone have an acount on Bloomberg? please gift me an article!! I will be really appreciate it! I really need it for my econ 3rd commentary! best!
  3. HELLO! im currently doing my micro IA on monopolies, but im really struggling as I dont know how to structure, analyze or even write up an IA. can anyone please help me PLEASEEEE as it is due on Wednesday and my teacher isn't helpful at all. pls dm me on @ iwant.moneypowerglory on insta if u can help!! thanks
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to write my EE on the applicability of economics on the real world, however, I don't know how to limit my idea, since there is no way I can talk about or examine the entirety of economic theory within an Extended Essay. Any topic areas that you guys believe would be easiest to examine or limit my EE to? Is something as broad as macro or microeconomics reasonable or should I take it any narrower? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. These are some notes I made reviewing for midterms, thought I'd post it here.. maybe some people might find it useful : ) Cheers~ Protectionism Positive: Domestic employment Sunrise or infant industries, give industries a chance to develop economies of scale, lower production prices and strengthen Counteract tax differences (Value-added tax Vs. built-in tax burden) Prevent dumping that could destroy domestic industries, making the country dependent on imports Diversify production base, produce against comparative advantage so that the economy would not be as vulnerable to the pri
  6. Hello all. I am a Junior in IB about to become a Senior, which means that the whole EE thing is being shoved down our throats. I chose Economics for my area of study due to a combination of interest and ease (for myself). However, I am having trouble finding a topic. My teacher wants us to do a microeconomic study because in his words "IB grades those higher". I live in Daytona, which has the famous Daytona International Speedway, so I was initially thinking to maybe analyze it's yearly economic impact on Volusia County (the county in which it's located). However, I'm having second thoughts. W
  7. Hey, I really need help structuring my EE I've been writing my EE for some time now and I think I've hit a slump on 2k words. I'm not sure what to add or not add and I feel like I'm going on a tangent. Could anyone give me advice on what to do My topic is how the video streaming service will be characterized as an Oligopolistic competitive market. Thank you!
  8. I have a test in a couple of days in economics and the teacher already told us what the question will most likely be however I am not that good at economics so I need a bit of help. The question is 'Discuss the effectiveness of government intervention as a response to abuse of market power in oligopolies?' How should I answer this question using graphs etc. Thanks
  9. So I am starting my first year of the IB diploma program this September and I am stuck on course selection. Like the title says, I want to get into finance/business in university and I want to enroll into the best courses while not having an excruciating combination. My current selection: Business and Management HL ITGS HL English A Lit HL Math SL Chem SL French B SL The problem with the school that I will be attending next year is that they do not have the complete selection of courses that other schools have so I can't take courses like economics or environmental sciences which is a bummer.
  10. 8 downloads

    PDF of handwritten notes
  11. 6 downloads

    Summary of some elements of Unemployment and how it is measured.
  12. 19 downloads

    I've put together advice for how to SPECIFICALLY write an IB Econ essay for Papers One, two and three. Theres also a list of equations you'll need in Paper Three IB ECON 2022 Syllabus.
  13. Hey guys, I've decided to get started on my EE draft and I chose a new topic because I felt that the previous topic was a bit too narrow. My previous topic was, "What are the effects of immigration on the price of houses in the Scarborough region?" and I had started on that draft but soon I felt that I was going nowhere with that topic. I decided to refine my topic and I was wondering if you guys could give input on whether or not I should narrow it down a bit more. My new topic is, "How has changes in Toronto's housing market affected the price of houses in the Scarborough-Guildwood (m
  14. 4,599 downloads

    Economics guide 2022 (1).pdf
  15. 2 downloads

    ECON- Types of Unemployment Activity.pdf
  16. Hello, I'm starting the IB in September. I want to major in Psychology and my subject choices so far are Bio HL, Eng Lang and Lit HL, History HL, French B SL, Math I&A SL, which leaves me with one more opening to complete the requirements. My school doesn't offer IB psychology anymore, and I suck at Chem so so I have to choose between Business Management and Economics. Which one should I choose? After reading the syllabus, textbooks etc, I was thinking of doing Econ because it looks more interesting, but I'm still unsure. Thank you in advance.
  17. Heyy!! I really need help finding an Econ IA article for Macroeconomics on unemployment or interest rates!! Please help. Thanks
  18. Hello All, My Economics supervisor has assigned this Extended Essay topic to me - 'To what extent do exchange rate fluctuations affect Company X, an export-import firm in India? I am not sure which Economic Theory to apply to this topic. Can anyone of you guys please help? I am sure the theory would come from International Economics but would there be any specific theory/ies from this section applied to this topic? Thanks in advance. Nattu
  19. I am writing my EE on the negative effect of the US-China trade war on Apple, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar topics and I'd love to know how your EEs are going and help out with issues!
  20. Even though there are several guides here on IBS on how to write the Evaluation in Economics Internal Assessment I thought I could add this to it! There is a very useful acronym that can be used for evaluating in Economics IAs called CLASPP. Under is the explanation of the different letters and what you should aim at doing in the evaluation and the individual points/letters. (d.) — A clasp is some­thing that holds things together. But (spelled with 2 P’s) it’s also an acronym for the 6 types of eval­u­a­tion in IB Economics. Try to do all 6 parts. Con­clu­sions What can we con­clude from the t
  21. Hey everyone! I've created this topic to discuss about tutoring in IB. I am currently nearing the end of the IB programme (year 12). Through the course, I have come to realise that three of my best subject areas (ranked from most) include: 1. Economics HL 2. Math Analysis and Approaches HL (Since the M21 batch will be the first trying out this new change to syllabus, I might cater to your needs the best if you're a M22 or later candidate. I could also let you know how the final exams would be like once I take it next year if you'd like ) 3. Chemistry SL
  22. Hello, everyone! I think that when a producer expects that price will fall, he would supply more now for higher profit relatively. However, my teacher said that a producer begins to supply less because producers have to plan ahead, if he produces more now, he is likely to end up with a surplus in the future. I'm sooo confused...please explain this Thank you😊
  23. Hello IB economists! I just made an app that includes comprehensive notes for the post-2013 examinations IB Economics syllabus (currently only supporting all SL topics). The app has detailed notes with corresponding diagrams for all topics (micro, macro, international, and development) and are made perfectly according to subtopics of the syllabus! I will soon upload some example responses marked by my Oxford teacher along with three of my internal assessments that were marked 44/45 overall. The link to the app is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=economics.ib&hl
  24. Hello, everyone! I think that when a producer expects that price will fall, he would supply more now for higher profit relatively. However, my teacher said that a producer begins to supply less because producers have to plan ahead, if he produces more now, he is likely to end up with a surplus in the future. I'm sooo confused...please explain this Thank you😊
  25. Hey everyone! It's great to be part of a community with fellow IB experts! I'm relatively new to this platform so feel free to suggest any feedback or any tips to consider while contributing. I'm currently in year 12 (second year of IB). One of the subjects I have taken is Economics HL. The one thing I've noticed was how time consuming I along with a few friends of mine who took the same subject found in writing down definitions for every key term while answering paper 1 questions and considering the current situation of coronavirus, the importance of this in IAs. So, I've created a
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