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Geography EE, how to choose a concrete topic? !!URGENT!!


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I am currently doing a Geography EE and am a bit lost on how to come up with a concrete question to base my research off of. My question revolves around - 

- To what extent is the HDI of Kerala and British Columbia comparable in terms of poverty development? (Full changed question still in works)

- poverty in BC (what is the government doing)

- poverty in Kerala (what is the government doing)

- poverty headcount ratio

- How does gender play a role?

- Possibly some section due to COVID 19

I am a BC resident, so I am able to possibly collect first hand primary data for one of the places, but not the other. I need to make it more specific. The papers and research I have found on this topic, somewhat exists, but not to the point that it is saturated nor niche but I find it hard to connect the research to my question. I have gotten some feedback regarding my question, which has made change the question once, but was not from my actual Geography supervisor, sadly. I really want to do well on this, and comparing these 2 places would be the dream, but I understand that the risk of doing a paper that parallels 2 locations is very high in this case. I just want some help coming up with a strong question I can research well. 

Thank you so much. 

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