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  1. Hi, this is my first time doing an IA of any sort because I just moved from Texas to Florida for my senior year and I’m at an IB school. Apparently they have been working on the Math HL IA for a year already and I just started. It’s due in 3 days and I just need help trying to get a topic so I can do this. I was thinking about something to do with the probabilities in poker/gambling but idk if that will have enough content. Please help kinda screwed here.
  2. hello guys! I started IB this year and i am thinking about doing my EE about latin america, but i have no ideas about what topic should i write about...
  3. Hi! I’m looking to find the probability of Lewis Hamilton becoming an 8 time world champion this year. However, I am unsure of how to do this, apart from using chi squared, Pearson coefficient and a best fit line and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some pointers on how to go about calculating this probability.
  4. Hello, I'm starting the IB in September. I want to major in Psychology and my subject choices so far are Bio HL, Eng Lang and Lit HL, History HL, French B SL, Math I&A SL, which leaves me with one more opening to complete the requirements. My school doesn't offer IB psychology anymore, and I suck at Chem so so I have to choose between Business Management and Economics. Which one should I choose? After reading the syllabus, textbooks etc, I was thinking of doing Econ because it looks more interesting, but I'm still unsure. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi so I'm starting my EE soon, and I'm thinking about comparing duplicity in The Sympathizer and Harry Potter (focusing on the main character of The Sympathizer and Snape from Harry Potter). Has anyone read The Sympathizer? If so, would this comparison be a doable one for my extended essay? Any suggestions for me? Anything to help would be great. I know Harry Potter is overdone, so that's why I was thinking of using a more literary book and comparing the two.
  6. Hello there, I am currently struggling a bit. In only a few weeks time I will have to hand in the formula, with my chosen subjects for the IB. But the thing is, that I am really indecisive. The subjects don’t really interest me as much, and I am fairly neutral. And I don’t have the slightest idea on what I would study in university or if I would even want to study abroad. But what I do know is, that I couldn’t see myself going for a scientific of medical profession ever in this life. I was thinking about choosing these following subjects: HL: German, English,Geography SL: Mathe
  7. I need to come up with a question for my business IA but just can't think of anything the business I am focusing on is a business called A-MAP helppp:( https://a-map.net
  8. Hi everyone, I need help from all of you. I am in year 2 right now, I changed my school, I moved to a new school last year and started the IB in July. I haven't done my best in the units and all, and our end of year exams were cancelled due to COIVID-19. My anticipated grade is a 31/42 I understand that my teachers barely know me and can't predict too high anyway. These are my grades MAA SL: 5 Physics HL: 5 Chem HL: 5 Economics HL: 5 English A Lit SL : 6 French B SL: 5 My grades are extremely underwhelming, and I know I can do better,
  9. Hey, The rq for my math ia is finding the ideal volume and surface area of lifebuoy ring. By ideal, i meant where a person won't be slipping through it and he/she is able to fit though it. I know that oi need to find the formulas for surface are and volume of a torus. for personal engagement or doing something new, i thought why not find this ideal surface area and volume of lifebuoy ring. Could anyone suggest me how to proceed from here and is this rq enough unique enough for ib not to cut down the marks?
  10. Hello. I was wondering wether I should take AI SL or AA SL. I enjoy calculus and algebra more than statistics but I am not that comfortable with non calc. However I am worried that medical unis might not prefer AI SL? Would it be better to take AI SL and get a 7 or AA sl and get a 5/6? Thanks in advance
  11. My chem IA is due soon and I have missed all my lab experiment days. I need help designing a lab that I can preform and gather data at home on my own. My teacher said my last topic was too complicated and I needed a new one. Please help me.
  12. Writing my math IA and I want to do something with earthquakes, but I have no idea where to start. I’ve been thinking about maybe doing epicenters or the Richter scale but I can’t find a solid way to incorporate them. If anyone has any ideas please reply!
  13. I AM PANICKINGGG!! I thought about doing my IA on modelling a rollercoaster but I am not sure on how to approach it and how to use good enough math on it. Maybe polynomial regression. Any other good ideas for a Maths SL IA???
  14. Hi there, I'm really struggling with topic 1 stoichiometry and I really need help! Will you please help me with the following 3 questions? 1. 5.0dm3 of 2.00mol dm-3 sodium carbonate solution, Na2CO3 (aq)was added to a volumetric flask and the volume was made up to 500 cm3 with water. What is the concentration in mol dm-3, of the solution? 2. How many grams of sodium azide, are needed to produce 68.1dm3 of N2 (g) at STP? Molar V at STP = 22.7 dm 3 mol-1 ; Mr(NaN3) = 65.0 2NaN3 (s) → 3N2 (g) + 2Na (s) 3. 2.478g
  15. So, I decided to do my EE on distillation, but I'm not able to come up with a good research question on simple distillation (fractional would also work). I would really appreciate certain examples for the research question on distillation. Thanks!!
  16. Hi, I need an urgent help for my math IA. I have the attached graph, for my set of data. I need to find a suitable function for it and I really cannot find correct one. I tried to split the graph to different parts but the teacher said it won't be good. Therefore, if someone knows how to find a function for this graph I would be very thankful. Thank you in advanced :)))
  17. Hey everyone, I hate to be that person but I think I may have completely screwed myself over with the "topic" I chose. I wanted to do something that involved magnetic braking, designed a lab, did all my data collection, and just now I'm realizing I may have gotten completely unworkable data. So my question is: Is there any hope of salvaging this? And quickly? (The IA was meant to be due today but I couldn't come up with anything even after a whole weekend of work,) I based my experiment around the idea that a conductive plane will oppose the motion of a magnetic field, generating dra
  18. Hi guys, I have a proposal for FOA: Part 1 Language in Cultural Context due on Monday, which is in like tomorrow, and I still have no ideas and I'm still so confused. The teacher has only 'taught' us about Martin Luther King Jr's speech analysis and that's it... Like I don't understand about how we are supposed to do this.. Like we have to have a role when we are delivering our FOA? We're not allowed to give like just simple presentations on the analysis of something? I don't understand... Also, how am I supposed to relate language in culture? Like for example, gender and sexism or
  19. This is a denise levertov poem. I have to analyze the poem and present it in couple of hours!!! In this silvery now of living alone, doesn’t it seem, I ponder, anything can happen? On the flat roof of a factory at eye level from my window, starling naiads dip in tremulous rainpools where the sky floats, and is no smaller than long ago. Any strange staircase, as if I were twenty-one– any hand drawing me up it, could lead me to my life. Some days. And if I coast, down toward home, spring evenings, silently, a ki
  20. Help! My chem ee topic is as follows: esterification of a ester? What all methods can i include....tips...samples......procedure........methodology...etc. TYSM
  21. I really want to do an EE on Light waves and how different colors have varying wavelengths. The experiment that i could do is use a laser pointer and point it through a lens that defracts (That's a word, right) the waves into different locations, and how far ways the locations are compared to the other colored lasers will show the different wavelengths, but I have no idea how to put it into a question for an EE. Please help me!
  22. Hello, I have recently received two unsuccesful Uni applications, In a chosen field of nursing. My top applications being rejected, hits hard especially knowing entry requirements were bare minimum (24 points) . ( I'm predicted 35 -36) I would really appreciate some advice; do I need to have work experience in a hospital?
  23. Hey Guys!!! I am new to this website, and this is my first post. I was wondering on people opinions on these EE Questions. Please be as brutal as posible!!! Thanks a lot EE Questions: Roman Empire To what extent was the loss of traditional values and the spread of christianity responsible for the fall of the Western Roman Empire. To what extent was the vast over expansion of the Western Roman Empire responsible for their own destruction. World War 2 To what extent was the failure of Operation Sealion responsible for Germany's failure in Russia. Ancient Greece To what extent was th
  24. Hi, I have been unsure about my research question for weeks, and I keep on rethinking everything. I have decided to write about Nazi Propaganda, and my research question as of now is "to what extent was nazi propaganda effective in maintaining the compliance of the German Citizens from 1939-1945." For my categories I was planning on writing about Anti-semistic propaganda, Nationalism propaganda, Purity of race propaganda, and "admiration" of Hitler propaganda. I mentioned this to my mentor and he said that I should refine it because it may be difficult to quantify (which I agree with). I'm ju
  25. So my main question is it possible for me to write an extended essay based on UFO's or aliens and do good on the essay?
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