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Found 20 results

  1. Basically the title. I'm going to present my research question proposal soon and wondered if looking at the character development of Jaime Lannister across the ASOIAF books is an appropriate EE topic. Are we allowed to look at a series of books, or should I narrow the topic down into something that I can explore in a single book?
  2. I'm really struggling to figure out an EE topic for this subject. I wanted to do my EE on greek mythology but all the topics I come up with are too broad and I can't seem to narrow it down. Plus, I'm still a bit confused about the requirements for the EE in this subject because it's not offered at my school, I have a mentor who has taught some Greek but they aren't really around much. I'm worried that I might do the EE entirely wrong and I'm still not entirely sure if i needed to know greek or latin in order to actually do this subject. I just really need some help in narrowing it down and if
  3. Hello everyone! In the next month or so I have to have my EE topic chosen. Yikes! I'm leaning toward an English literature EE. Unfortunately, I cannot think of a book to write about - most books I've read at school have been analyzed to death and would be scored harshly by people who knew every line (i.e. Hamlet) and most books I've read personally may or may not count as having literary merit. Anyway, I need some help with book choices. I don't care if I do an analysis on one book or a comparison of two. Here are some ideas I have: +Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut - I like the idea of this
  4. Hi everyone! Ok so, my original Extended Essay research question was "How are the common themes of betrayal and love portrayed differently in the Shakespearean comedy “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” when compared to the tragedy “King Lear.” However, my adviser said that it was too narrow for an EE and I should compare two different playwrights instead. I'm not really interested in going outside of Shakespeare, so I have decided to completely change my topic. I'm still sticking to English Literature, but I think I'm leaning towards novels instead. This is where I need help. I really want
  5. Hello, For my school, it is required to put in two EE proposals as they need to sort out the teachers to the students. I currently have come up with an RQ for my first choice which is visual arts but haven't managed to get it approved as I need to draw a conclusion but I have no clue what to write my EE about, I have yet to consult my business teacher but I think I'm leaning towards looking at e-commerce. Does anyone have any recommended RQ? Should I look at the company my dad works for, its a company that deals with taxes and financial stuff. If anyone has anything that could help,
  6. What cultural influences did Korean pop music have on Korea and its neighboring countries? How do I change this to make it better???? Is it wise to even do this as an EE?! PLEASE HELPPPPP
  7. Hey guys, I was just wondering about my music EE topic. My advisor seemed okay with it but he's not the traditional IB teacher since he's super laid back and he teaches mainly band (super nice guy though, no problem with him). My topic is the effect of music therapy on children with autism spectrum disorder. It really sounds like a psychology topic but we're getting a new psych teacher so I don't trust whatever advisor that might be, and I like the IB music teacher at my school. Would IB take note of how I'm not exactly "musically analyzing" anything rather than connecting music to another
  8. I'll get down to the issue. The problem that strikes me personally with my EE, is that I simply do not and cannot find a topic that I am deeply interested in enough to write about. Every recommendation I receive from peers or the internet is out of my reach (i.e. dance, Rubik's cube, robotics). Basically, my only skills are browsing Netflix at 1:00 in the morning (I still get fairly good grades for anyone judging), and being weeaboo trash. That said, my options have been narrowed down to an analysis of whether the Khmer Rouge rose due to the U.S. exclusively or weaknesses in the Cambodian gove
  9. I have to come up with a biology EE, but I am stuck with what topic research questions to choose from. I was going to do my topic on the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive skills and reaction time on humans over the interval of a day, but there are so many things to take into consideration including the activities that they have done or their diet. So if anyone has any ideas for a topic regarding plants, or even something about humans(it must be easy to control the variables), then it would be much appreciated.
  10. I'm having trouble pinning down a topic for my Extended Essay. Initially, I wanted to write my extended essay on the wave-particle duality with a question along the lines of "Why do single particle wave packets appear localized when detected, and yet still yield a interference pattern?" I'd have to talk about the double slit experiment, diffraction, and the concept of complementarity. However, from what I understand, an EE in physics should be more experimental and this topic is too theoretical for EE purposes... So now I'm thinking about changing my topic to 'what is the relationship between
  11. I am going to write my EE topic on Film Studies. I am interested on social impacts of censorship (but i believe this might be boring)I am interested on Japanese and Korean movies, maybe i can compare two directors or two eras.I am interested on psychology too so i can find a director that has a mental illness and his/hers illness reflection on his/her art. ora mental illness portrayed in movies. Which one do you think i should choose and how can i make these specific. Do you have any recommendation ?
  12. So I'm trying to figure out what topic I want to do for my EE and I'm really interested in Psychology, BUT it is not offered as an IB class at my school, only as a semester class. I can take it first semester my senior year, but I think it might be too late for it to help me. I want to study psychology in college, and I don't know if doing my EE on it will help me to learn more and love it, or absolutely hate it. PLEASE HELP
  13. Hello survivors! I'm a little bit freaked out because all of the people in my class already have EE topics and have begun to write them and I do not. It is not that I haven't tried, I really have, but I've had such difficulties with finding a suitable physics topic to do an EE in. I'm even considering switching to an English EE now because I have no leads. In yall's opinion (or even your school's) when should I really really have a suitable topic?
  14. I was wondering if IB suggests us to not make an EE in the topic that's not related to the major we will take in university, because my school suggests us to not. For example, I'm taking dentistry in university, but my EE is Language A (has no connection, and my school suggests us not to?) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought EE is based on what interests us.. Thank you!
  15. Hey everyone, I'm very interested in doing my EE in Psychology, and I would like to chose a topic related to eating disorders. However, I'm having a hard time coming up with a topic that's not too broad. I'd like to focus on one eating disorder, probably anorexia nervosa as quite a few people are affected by this. So far topics i've considered are: To what extend are the media responsible for anorexia nervosa? How effective are different types of therapy in the treatment of anorexia? Is it genetically/ are there certain personality traits making someone more likely to develop anorexia? Why doe
  16. Hey everyone, I just want the opinion of some people on these forums. I have my topic down, I'm gonna do it on the Japanese medical experiments during world war 2, but I'm not sure which question I should go with: 1) Why were the Japanese human experimenters not properly prosecuted by the American government? or 2) Was the granting of immunity by the United States government to the Japanese Medical Experimenters justified? The first question I was going to do at first, but looking into it the answer it really obvious and is well known. The second question I like more, but I'm not sure if q
  17. hey, now i came up with an idea that has interested me considerably which involves sociology. This isn't a specific topic, so then psychology branches are what my teachers recommended me to. My problem is that i want to focus on how one's physical background influences the development of one's religion, but that's too basic. So i tried to narrow it down to a religion that's from the root of all civilization (Judaism, Hinduism, etc), yet can also be related more to their environment so i can relate how closely our environment affects the development of human behavior up until today. I think thi
  18. Guys I really don't know what to do! People have already gotten through a lot in their essay, and I still don't have my topic! My school has very limited equipment for me to use, and all the samples include cultured cells, such as E. coli. I could do something with plants, but what?! I really need help ASAP!
  19. Someone has any idea of which was Kim Jong Un's (Kim Jong Il's son) Extended Essay topic? I have been searching it on the Internet, but I only found a guy who said: "How to con the USA into giving North Korea food aid so that he could keep building the country's military and nuclear capabilities. ^^ just joking; but it sure seems like it." I agree with him, seems possible! haha any other idea?
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