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Math AI HL internal assessment help

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I'm having a hard time deciding on a topic for my math IA which I'm supposed to start working on next month. I thought of the golden ratio but I feel like that is a very common topic and would not make my IA stand out. Ive been in the state board upto my sophomore year and this transitioning has been hard as I haven't ever explored practical topics in mathematics. Any ideas for broad topics that I could research on? 

P.S - I'm interested in subjects like media studies, fashion design, advertising and psychology. 

Thank you!!

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Hi there 

I have chosen to compare the amount of CO2 released from a glass Coca Cola bottle and a Plastic Coca Cola bottle I have gotten my data my teachers are saying it is similar to the shape of newtons cooling curve and i should model it but i dont know how to model my graph to another. Could you help?

SL Maths Analysis 

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