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Need help with research question for my history EE!

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Hi there! I chose my EE topic to be economic reforms in China under Deng Xiaoping's rule. But I have a slight problem with making a research question for it. What I had in mind was something like "How successful was Chinese economic transformation in 1980s" but it seems a bit too broad. I also came up with "How far were American Chinese relations beneficial for China during its economic transformation? but then will I have enough things to write about? I need your help guys, preferably as soon as possible. If you have any ideas about similar topics, please let me know as well :)

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Hi. This is a decent topic and don't worry, there're plenty of resources available in Google. All you have to do is search for it. Some other suggestions would be: 1)Analyzing the structural economic reform as a departure from Mao's model of economics. 

2)How Deng's economic reforms has made China an efficient manufacturing and labor hub that has helped China in challenging the status quo of world power (this is intriguing, if you can find some relevant material in an hour and dig deep, else avoid it)

3) Has Deng's economic model led to China's technological boom wrt mobile and fiber technologies. (this too is intriguing, but again if you can find some relevant material in an hour and dig deep, else avoid it)

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