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  1. I've been using this forum for a while now and have been trying to help out. A lot many questions are on whether the particular IA/IB topics are relevant. However, many seem to discount good English and effective communication out of the picture. Even if one chooses a not so good essay, how it can be crisply conveyed matters the most. Those having their exams in 2022 or later have enough time in their hands to work on their language. It is best to drill the basics and learn them hard. Work on them for 15-30 mins every day. Start writing short sentences in active voice and then full-fledged ess
  2. As long as the topic falls under the realm of psychology and you know how to go about it, you shouldn't be worried.
  3. Which one are you more confident with? And is your secondary on "women equality and deaths caused by natural disasters", or "women equality" as a topic and "natural disasters" as a separate topic? If it is the former, do you have the required data to correlate women and deaths caused by natural disasters, if you have convincing data, I'd suggest you move forward with it. Sounds compelling.
  4. I might be late in answering. But if this is the kind of dilemma you're facing then I could help with a sustainable solution. If you have some time in deciding your topic, the best you could do is, not think of the topic immediately. Instead you can spend some time on looking through interesting topics others have chosen and compare it to the generic ones. Meanwhile you have to do the important stuff. Study and practice the mathematical concepts well and think how they are applicable in the real world while simultaneously trying to use your leisure time to watch vlogs, movies, documentaries on
  5. The topic seems fine to me. BMI in itself is based on a mathematical calculation. It is easy to link to many preferred mathematical topics. However, the problem arises here, It is slightly easier to guide through the possible mathematical correlations, but if you're not very sure of the basics that you need to apply, then you'll get into rough waters in the middle. I suggest you think over it and choose a topic that is doable to you. All the best!
  6. Hi. This is a decent topic and don't worry, there're plenty of resources available in Google. All you have to do is search for it. Some other suggestions would be: 1)Analyzing the structural economic reform as a departure from Mao's model of economics. 2)How Deng's economic reforms has made China an efficient manufacturing and labor hub that has helped China in challenging the status quo of world power (this is intriguing, if you can find some relevant material in an hour and dig deep, else avoid it) 3) Has Deng's economic model led to China's technological boom wrt mobile and fiber
  7. It's too late to give you an answer, probably you have already cleared your exams. However, this could be useful for others. The issue you mentioned is a common one which most of us go through. So what one could do is, jot down the broad structure in a rough page or mentally. This would help you to stick to it and mentally assign the time for it. Suppose if there are 5 broad sections with equal weight, give them 9min each. Take each section at hand and write the best possible arguments and background than long narratives which end up nowhere. To be honest this depends a lot on preparatio
  8. It's left to the deciding person. Their choice. Although I wish the choice should be well thought and informed. The issue is too complex for having a societal-moral compass or a religious specific angle.
  9. When it comes to Social Sciences, which a political victory speech definitely is, there is no clear cut cause-effect result. Unlike the natural sciences which has verifiable and testable cause-effect relationship, the same is very subjective, case dependent and can't be be universalized in social sciences. So the extent to which X impacts Y must be dealt carefully such that you can convince in writing through historic-political contexts and nature of speech, the measure of impact on Y. Having understood that, I see no reason for your fears. Your topic looks very interesting although I wou
  10. True. Intelligence cannot be correlated with grades. Grades and scores are in no way a measure of one's intelligence. I've seen people score a perfect 10 but still do not possess any working knowledge of the world or application of any sort of skills whatsoever. Grades can be scored if you have good memory and writing skills. At higher levels of education, there might be some professors who test a student's all round knowledge by giving questions that require an application of multilevel reading, vast resources, inter and multidisciplinary approach. But in most levels, exams tend to follow a p
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