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  1. Definetely AI SL/HL or AA HL (but this particular course may depend on the uni) Don't take AA SL for sure. Unis don't accept AA SL for a a business degree. But better check the uni requirements. AA SL is definitely the easiest, but AI SL is also doable and definitely worth more.
  2. Hi there! I chose my EE topic to be economic reforms in China under Deng Xiaoping's rule. But I have a slight problem with making a research question for it. What I had in mind was something like "How successful was Chinese economic transformation in 1980s" but it seems a bit too broad. I also came up with "How far were American Chinese relations beneficial for China during its economic transformation? but then will I have enough things to write about? I need your help guys, preferably as soon as possible. If you have any ideas about similar topics, please let me know as well
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