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Hi guys i have recently joined this group so i would like to say hi at first then ask you for some help in choosing my ia math sl topic as i am honestly struggling although i am really good at math , also i love the calculus and prefer it as the main topic for my ia . I would really appreciate your help even if it was a random suggestion it will definitely help me out brainstorming oh an i am a musician so do you think there is a topic relating to music? 

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Yes there are definitely topics related to music such as harmonics but be sure to choose a topic that is interesting and not too complicated. Although people say to choose something beyond your level, if you don't understand the topic, it will be difficult to write a good essay (and the person marking your IA will definitely know that you don't understand). As long as your IA covers more than one topic in math, ideally three or more (ex. trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc.), you show your work and calculations, and follow a rubric, then you should be fine. Start early and you won't regret it later. It may be helpful to look at some good examples and structure yours similarly but don't copy them. Good luck you can do it!!

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