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  1. I am planning to do my math IA on modelling constellation patterns and finding their area using polar functions and calculus. Would this topic be strong enough for a HL IA.
  2. Thanks a bunch!!! I definitely think this is gonna help me!!!
  3. I am finding it difficult to brainstorm ideas for my Math and Chem IA. It's pretty frustrating. Any tips??
  4. Guys, I'm looking for a company or firm I can analyse for my Business Management SL IA. Is it better to look for firms that face a certain issue and then analyse it or should I look for a firm based on a certain method of analysis. To me, writing a research question looks like a never ending process. It would be great if you share scored exemplars and resources for the same. Thank you
  5. Wow that's an amazing score!!! Congrats... What did write your EE on? And could you please share your IA experiences. It would be very useful. 🙂
  6. can i join!! there is also a whatsapp group for class of 2021 but i havent recieved the link yet.
  7. Teaching yourself is a really good thing!!...Check out MSJChem - Chemistry and Revision Village - Math. I have found them very useful.
  8. For Spanish I love using the Luna Prof website (https://www.antonioluna.org/p/blog-page_28.html). It has amazing Presentations topic wise and chapter wise explanations, which you can also translate in English. My Chemistry teacher suggested using MSJChem for Chemistry Revision. You can try Revision Village for Math. I found it very useful. Hope that helps:) P.S. Help me find good Business Management Resources.
  9. I did the survey too...But I felt it was pretty long:)
  10. Just curious...but wouldn't that involve considering bio-chemical processes. Our teachers strictly advise us not to connect EE with two subjects.
  11. It is true @ybna that there is not much difference between Eng (HL) and (SL), So concentrate on subjects that you are good at like to study and pursue in the future. Try checking out the syllabus for each subject before you dive deep. Your choice of subject solely depends on what you want to pursue in the future. Check your pre-requisite options for a few undergrad schools if you are not sure about the subject you should study. I have taken Che HL too. It's a subject to be studied in great depth but it depends on how much basics you know and of course your teacher. I have a wonderful teacher f
  12. I took BM, without any previous IB experience. It's not very difficult. I think it's definitely better than Econ (there are just too many terms to memorize), but I'm not sure about CS.
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