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I'm currently choosing my topic fo my IA and I'm really struggling with it. I'm aiming at 7 as the total score for Bio, so I would love to get the highest grade possible for my IA (possibly a 7).

I want it to be simple and possible to do at home during lockdown. My first idea included the influence of pH on lactase, but it seems too simple to me, so I started to look for some other stuff. The topics that I was interested the most were enzymes (perhaps something more difficult and original than lactase) or something connected with yeast. My other idea was to do something connected with mitotic index, but I don't really know if that would score high and if I could do it at home. And I've recently started to think about doing something with a factor influencing seed germination.

But generally, I would be most happy to do something on enzymes as I find it quite easy and interesting. But would it give me good marks?

All pieces of advice are more than welcome. I don't want anyone to give me the research question and whole topic, more to suggest which topics would be worth considering and if those I mentioned would be good enough or not.

I'll be grateful for any advice. Thank you! :)

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13 hours ago, MountEETOKIA said:

Hi there!

I can't give you any specific ideas as I'm not sure if that is allowed here.

However, I happen to have quite a few high-scoring (Grade 7) student-written Biology IA samples. If you would like some reference/structure, you can check it out here.

Well, thanks. I saw it multiple times because you post it literally in every thread about an IA, EE or TOK.

I wasn't asking for ideas, because as you could see I do have mine. I just wanted someone to simply tell me if they're good or not.

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