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maths ia trouble?

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Ive been researching cancer cell growth modeling... I researched it and thought it would be interesting and easy as it deals with calculus, differentiation and more specifically differential equations. i can't find anything specific enough to be useful. i found some papers with vague descriptions, but nothing with data or method. I thought I would be able to find some kind of simulated or real data, take the information and data "collected" from that case, like the size of the cancer cells, the velocity at which they duplicate and spread, how many cells are created in a day, etc... into a differential equation after processing. I though that i could input it into a software that models the growth, i would get a graph like model that actually shows the growth rate and such. But i can't seem to find anything remotely like this. did i completely mess up? is there anything similar i could do or any way i could find the data i am looking for? or should i just scrap this idea and start over?


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I would suggest that you find a book on cancer cell growth (including biomolecular engineering textbooks). Certainly they have problems on cancer cell growth and you can just take the numbers in the question. I wouldn't focus on "modelling from data" as much as "modelling from assumptions". It's very easy to play around with assumptions to suit your needs but as a high school student it's difficult to find or make up good data. 


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