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Should I do the IB program

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The IB is a very demanding program and thus you should really take your time when it comes to deciding whether it's the right fit for you. I will be getting my IB Diploma to study CS, hopefully in the US (or in the UK which is my backup plan). About helping you get into medical school, I think it will if you are an academically strong student in the Natural Sciences (Chem, Bio, Phys etc.) because you will find it manageable and, having taken college-level classes, you will be more prepared.  But if you're not a very strong student  (even if you work really hard) then I think you need to opt for other ways to get into medical school. I don't know what exams you have in Australia but if you could choose to do A-Levels if you're interested in the UK and so forth and so on with the US. Of course there are other countries you may be interested in studying  and so that's the good thing with the IB DP: It's flexible & international.

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On 3/12/2019 at 8:28 PM, piperstock said:

Hi, I am an Australian student and I was wondering if the IB program will help me get into medical school. And is it worth it?

Look, you need to do the UCAT and the IBDP, in your situation.

If i was you, i would really consider what i would do. Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. You need a 45/45 for med, and a 5% highest in UCAT out of all participants, so it is really hard.


However, i would do it!

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