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  1. Obviously. I just thought that they were probably not bothered to wait for like 4 years to do med.
  2. Send emails to the UNI's!
  3. Look, you need to do the UCAT and the IBDP, in your situation. If i was you, i would really consider what i would do. Make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. You need a 45/45 for med, and a 5% highest in UCAT out of all participants, so it is really hard. However, i would do it!
  4. No, not necessarily, but it would be wise. However, as you are doing HL econ, it would be very good, so i think you should be OK. Evenly, econ in UNI isn't like physics, so you should be ok.
  5. Hello, Well, to do medicine in Australia, there are a few things that you should know: You need a 45/45 to do med, or don't even think about getting into medicine You need to do an aptitude test called the UCAT, and you need to get over the 5% of all the people that do it. I'm expecting that you are not in AUS. If so, go to the UCAT website and see if there are any testing venues in your country. You don't need any prerequisite for medicine in AUS, BUT, it WOULD BE WISE to take English HL, Maths AA SL+, and BIO HL. You don't need chemistry. BIO HL already covers like t
  6. Look, i wouldn't say that you are dumb, but an A1 language is group 1, if i am right, meaning that you are doing very hard work. I don't think A1 means A1, A2, ... Probs change. Im doing FRENCH ABINTION SL self-taught, and it's a bit hard. Not that much, but still.
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