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  1. lol good luck with ur subjects. they're very hard
  2. don't. it's not worth it. do ur state certificate. way easier to get a super high atar.
  3. don't go into b&m thinking it's going to be easy. Theres so much work involved and i want to die
  4. you're right i had no idea. next poster has 2 identical twin brothers
  5. Hey everyone. I've justed started my first year in IB and I switched from chemistry to art sl. I only have a teacher for half of my lessons everyweek, and since i've just started I'm very confused. I have no idea where to start or what I should be doing. I'm also seriously confused about what I put in my process portfolio, like do I just explore random topics, or do i start a project and explore within that project. I'm already 5 weekds behind, so I need help pretty badly hahaha Thank youuu
  6. Do IA's get marked more harshly if the subject you're doing it for is HL instead of SL, or is it all the same marking scheme?
  7. is business management easier then econ (both at hl) honest answers please i need help
  8. Can I do maths studies and get into Melbourne Uni or UNSW?? for medicine
  9. Hi all, I am starting IB next year and I'm starting to have my doubts. I've been reading a lot online and it's putting me off, so I'm trying to regain my confidence. I was just wondering whether Australian Universities like/favour IB students? Thanks,
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