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  1. Hmm... I got my account for free from a friend. Lucky me. Buying an RV account is...
  2. If you're doing Bio, then pairing it with HL Chem is always pretty good. It depends on what you're interested in. If you're planning to become a med student, then HL Chem is a prerequisite and an absolute must. Personally, I'm doing Maths AA HL, Business HL, and Physics HL. I don't know if I can recommend this to everybody. I do this because for me, these subjects are very straightforward and easy to get good marks consistently (sometimes without studying too much) in. Business is quite straightforward compared to Economics. I think there's less content to cover and it's conceptual and quite l
  3. For those texts, there are tonnes of notes online. I'm sure you can find something online that's related to IB even on those texts, since they're fairly popular IB English texts. Can you write your global issue statement out here? I'm not an English HL student nor have I ever gotten good grades in IB Lang & Lit. but I'm interested in it, especially since I have my own IO to do in a few weeks. I'm doing mine on Tim O'Brien The Things they Carried and Barack Obama's speeches.
  4. Why don't you send it to your classmates or something through a teacher or schoolwide advertising instead? My school does that. Sending links out online seems a bit sketchy,
  5. A Maths EE would not be experimental. You would not have to do an experiment for a maths EE. Unless, for example, your EE was on a physics-based topic for example. From my understanding, a good EE would be about solving a problem, or answering a mathematical question that can be answered within the scope of 4000 words.
  6. Black-Scholes is not a good idea. The equation itself is complex. Unless you have a pretty good understanding of ordinary and partial differential equations, the black-scholes equation is beyond your reach. For your IA, do something which you can explain to your peers with relative ease. Something that will fit within 20 pages. Something that you can formulate your own mathematical ideas about.
  7. You should consider the Verhulst Equation and other differential equations modelling population growth/decline. Other than that, it's a fairly popular IA idea. You could look at simulations; predator-prey models etc. It's a fairly done IA.
  8. Hey guys, I'm about to start my second year of IB (**** my life). I feel like Chemistry HL has too much content to go through so I'm a little apprehensive about continuing because I don't want to learn so much content, especially additional organic chemistry where the content is just ****ing unbearably huge. In addition, I want to move from SL business to HL business management. I've already done a practice IA in SL where I got a high 6. I'm getting 7s in BM SL. I hope that the HL IA won't be that much harder, but I've heard that it is a little hard. The thing is, I just don't want to do
  9. Living in London is expensive, but accommodation in Australia isn't exactly cheap either, so be careful. Since you can't go to those UK unis I think you could try going to USyd or some other Australian uni. I know that tuition fees are, like the UK, cheap in Australia. You can attend some good universities, like University of Melbourne, Australian National University, etc. if you want. Universities like Uni Melbourne and ANU are particularly prestigious in Australia. Compared to SOAS, however, I think SOAS has more of an inclination towards social sciences and studies. This would be good
  10. I wonder why you'd go to Australia when you can instead go to a university in the UK and avoid crazy living expenses. I may be going to USYD for a double degree in engineering and physics or ANU (Australian National University). In my opinion, if you want to go to USYD, by all means go. IMO the UK unis you've listed above seem more prestigious. But USYD is a good university; it's up to you.
  11. I'm pretty sure reading would count for creativity; just remember to type up summaries/reflections after each book you read. You should be reading on your own accord too.
  12. Considering you're doing pretty damn well in your other courses, you could give IB a shot. Here, I'm assuming you're going to try out the actual IBDP. Let me answer your questions. 1.) SL Chemistry and SL Biology are known to both be rigorous courses. They are by no means easy. I don't know about your local courses, but these two are standard IB courses that aren't know for being super easy. I take HL chemistry, and for me the SL chemistry content is difficult enough. 2.) The transition from non-IB to IB means that you'll likely have to do more writing since you have IAs and ge
  13. By reading your previous posts, I understand that you're under a lot of pressure from your parents to perform well. If you absolutely want to continue with IB, and nothing is going to deter your choice, then you have to sit down, ignore them, and work hard. And remember: don't ever rely on your teachers.
  14. Let me address your issues one-by-one. From what I gather, in French, your main issues are in auditory and oral examinations. It seems as though you haven't had enough practice hearing and speaking French with others. A few things could be done to alleviate this. Try listening to podcasts and French radio channels to understand. Watch YouTube channels for help in listening. Also, considering you live in Canada, perhaps you could visit the French part or maybe have some French friends around there? I don't know. Whatever you do, make sure you practice your French orals with someone since
  15. My advice is just be careful. It's uncertain whether you'll get your full diploma with this subject combo.
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