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New school teacher asked me to not take IB Full diploma. What is this?

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I went to my new school to take the entrance exam and during the interview, one of the teacher asked me to not take IB Full DP. And i was confused and due to lack of my english skill, they recommend to take some of the subjects and they said that i don’t need to do an EA or IA or TOK. They told me that I can take only english b in group2 for studying langage. English is not my first language so i was quiet hard to understand what they talked to me. Does anyone have idea for this? And how is it possible to take some of subjects? 

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I am not sure if school declined to offer you (full) IB diploma because of you English skills or another reason.

EA are basically final exams. If you do the IA and exams at least you will receive certification that you took certain courses with your results in them. If you do not take IB exams then you will not get any document from IB. Taking an incomplete diploma is known as IB Certificate.

Groups are categories of IB subjects. Second language is group 2 and is required (for IB diploma). IB certificate can take any combination of subjects, just doesn't get an IB diploma.

Finally IB is a two year course, taken in last two years of high school. If you have 2-3 years before you take IB, then there could be time to improve your English skills, especially if all your courses are taught in English.

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