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Changing schools and repeating IB1: CAS?

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Hi guys! 

I'm currently an IB1 student in studying Finland but I'm going to move to Switzerland in a few months. I'm going to move in the middle of the school year so I can't really just hop on board to IB1 there and also they have different subjects there. I think I have to repeat IB1 in Switzerland. My question is, what happens to my CAS? I've already done quite a bit of volunteering and community service so I'm wondering if that was all for nothing and if I need to start over when I move. 

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I'd say that if you did those experiences as part of the IB programme in your school in Finland, then they should count here.

You can't include experiences that were done before entering the IB programme, since that you weren't "aware" of the CAS programme.

If I were you, I'd just add the experiences to my journal. I would nevertheless still check with the CAS coordinator in Switzerland.

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