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  1. Hey everyone, I'm a current IB student and my CAS project is creating a guidebook for IB students to help them decide on classes and plan their time in high school. I'm searching for volunteers to fill out this form, which is just general advice for high schoolers going through the IB program, or this form, which I'm using to learn about people's experiences in courses I am unfamiliar with so I can provide information on a wide variety of courses. I would really appreciate your help and thank you to those who choose to make a contribution! Feel free to be as honest as you want. Thank you once
  2. i wanna do a project with it but im afraid it would fail so do u have any advice
  3. Hey everyone! I've had this thought cross my mind recently. Since cyber-bullying is becoming such a big problem around the world, I've thought about gathering students from different IB world schools and share, or post information about cyber-bullying. This could be counted as a CAS activity for you since you're raising awareness for something and helping people around the world. Would anyone be willing to initiate this with me? If you have more ideas/advice, feel free to post them, I'm open for any suggestions. Also, I'll be using blogger (blogspot.com) for this, so you (sadly) will have to
  4. So I want to do something music related for my CAS project. I think just practicing my piano should count for Creativity. If I volunteer to teach lessons to some kids in my neighborhood could that count as Service? And do you guys know anything that could count for the Action/Activity?
  5. Hello everyone! I have a project about developing a 3D game but I only can do programming part of it. So I need to work with a designer which can use a program like Maya to design objects and also Unreal Engine 4. Designer should be able to make explosions, objects, materials (F.I. wood), humans ( with different clothes and faces), damaged objects ( like a damaged building maybe) and also animations like walking, jumping, exploding objects, death and damage animations. Knowing basics about blueprint system in Unreal Engine 4 will also be beneficial, knowing game functions are not that imp
  6. Hey guys, My school is terrible at explaining the way CAS works, and I'll be starting IB this year (in summer at the moment). I have heard that in order to "fulfill" CAS, you basically have to tick off objectives, which are given by the school and vary by institution? Can someone give me a basic explanation on how CAS works, and how not to fail it? Sorry for being a noob, Thanks!
  7. Hey So wondering what else I could do in order to do some creativity this year, i thought of creating a blog in which i review at least one book or film per week. Do you think this is a good idea? What kind of things would you be interested in reading in this sort of blog? Please comment, it would be really helpful to see what you guys would want to read in order to create a successful blog.
  8. Hello everyone! I have been offered a part-time position at a library, with about 8-10 hours a week. I would absolutely love to work there and it is a good way to earn some money on the side. Also, I think it would be good experience for me as I have not had a paid job before. The problem is that I am very involved with other extra-curricular activities and as I am in my first year of the IB Diploma Program , I want to be able to focus on my studies and get high marks. Since I can't do it all, either the job goes or some extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I am thinking of declin
  9. I know that they allow spoken languages to be learnt for CAS, but does sign language count?
  10. Hey everyone, I am taking IB next year, and I'm very interested in video games in general. I've been watching a lot of speedruns recently and must say that I really got interested in getting into the speedrunning scene, thus comes my question: Can one speedrun games on CAS? Say f.ex. if my goal would be to LEARN and then SPEEDRUN a game called Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Was very surprised that I couldn't find any existing topics about speedrunning games here or by using google. Thanks in advance, ~rspic
  11. Hey everyone! the title already suggests quite well what my question is. I am planning to start the IBDP next year. So basically, I participate in several math competitions. I spend a lot of time preparing and I get decent results on a national level as well. So it would be quite a pity if that wouldn't count... Yes, I know, I'm going to ask my CAS coordinator, but maybe there is somebody here who has similar experience or advice. Do I really have to look for "classical ones" like tutoring/creating a blog? Thanks in advance, if you help me!
  12. I need some help deciding on my group 3. My school only offers History HL and Psychology HL, so I'm basically being forced to sacrifice one of my HL's to group 3. I'm interested in both, I like learning about history, and I also find Psychology fascinating. Ultimately, the deciding factor for my will be the IA. Which IA is easier? The IA for History HL or Psychology HL? Also workload and what you do in the class. Is there more work in History HL or Psychology HL? What kind of work
  13. Short question. Do CAS projects require collaboration with other IB students from your school? It says on the CAS guide that the projects simply "involve teamwork", but that's really vague. I thought it meant teamwork with people in general - not necessarily with other students. But some of my friends say that the CAS projects have to be done with at least one other student for them to be valid. Is that true?
  14. Okay hi everyone! I'm new to the site and this is my first post so be nice.. My CAS coordinator suggested that i should set up a website for the IB community in our school because I'm quite good with technology and computers so I accepted. Now the problem is, I want it to look as professional as i can make it look. By that I mean it should be at least up to the standard as an amateur forum. I just wanted to ask how i could set up a page like this one, what software i need to use, any code needed? Thank you in advance!
  15. Hey guys, I had a quick question -- I have recently heard that students cannot have any gaps in their CAS timeline. In other words, I heard that we are expected to have at least one ongoing CAS experience throughout all of Grade 11 and 12. Is this true?
  16. Hey everyone! Me and a group of friends have started a student-run newspaper for IB students all around the world, posting articles on general news as well as IB focused academics, resources and CAS. We would love if you guys could go check it out and give it some love at www.ibnewspaper.com 🥰 On the home/front page of the website, there's also a form for people to sign up if they want to help us write articles! We'd love to have some new journalists from IB schools all over the world to help with the international aspect of the newspaper and also to meet some new friends 😁 It would,
  17. If I did laboratory work for a project outside school, does that count as action? It lasted 10 hours each weekend for 6 weeks, though I know that CAS is about learning outcomes and not hours anymore. For context, some other people in my school have gotten away with things like food donation drives as action
  18. Any CAS project ideas that are good but not too time-consuming???
  19. Hi! I am a fairly new IB student. I finished Pre-IB last year, and am in second month of Grade 11 IB. We just got Managebac accounts and have been encouraged to start logging CAS, but I'm not sure how. I can find the section that needs to be filled out for different activities, but I don't know how to tag things. I volunteer twice a week, and instead of having to log each session individually --annoying my supervisor constantly with repeated notifications-- I was wondering if there was a way to log something as an ongoing activity instead...? There's probably a really simple solution
  20. So for my CAS project, my friend and I are creating a Pen Pal program with our Diploma and Middle Years Program (we are mainly focusing on DP). We originally had a school in Italy lined up to work with us, but they ended up flaking last minute. If anyone is interested in being a Pen Pal, or if you know kids at your school who may be interested please respond. The only requirement is that your school is outside of the US and Canada. Thanks a bunch
  21. Hi everyone! I’m starting IBY1 next year and I’ve started thinking of some CAS ideas. Does anyone know if playing an instrument (as a self-taught, I’m not going to attend any extra classes) can count for CAS? Thank you for the answers :)
  22. Hey does anyone want to do a pen pal experience for CAS?
  23. Hey, for my CAS project, I am doing a Pen Pal project with some DP and MYP kids at my school. If you are interested in participating in this project, the only requirements are: you are currently either a DP or MYP student and you go to school outside of the US and Canada. Email me at [email protected]
  24. Hey, for my CAS project, I am doing a Pen Pal project with some DP and MYP kids at my school. If you are interested in participating in this project, the only requirements are: you are currently either a DP or MYP student and you go to school outside of the US and Canada. Email me at [email protected]
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