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Are my CAS activities valid?

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(So Far)

I have done the following CAS activities:}

Organising a bake sale with a classmate and gave the money to a charity     (Creativity?, Service)
Developing a revision app with a friend      (Creativity, Service)
Swimming                     (activity)
Kick Boxing             (activity)
I will attend the European Youth Parliament where we will do some activities, have a debate and get a certificate for participation     (no idea)
Does going to the gym count?    

During IB Forum my physics class and i travelled around the country collecting soil and sending to a radioactivity factory or something like that. We wanted to check how radioactive our soil was.  

Another thing I did was build a device that charges and discharges capacitors, FROM SCRATCH. I soldered a bunch of wires, connected resistors etc and used it for my internal assessment. (Physics SL btw)

The last thing my entire class and I did was perform our own version of Shape of You.

So are these activities good for CAS?.

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Guest TheMagical7

Remember to explain learning outcomes. Ask your school IB coordinator for the process of CAS submission. Ask about managebac, do you use it?

I do:

1. Badminton (completed for 10 weeks) -  action

2. Captain of a school Club (If it's this good, than you can call it a CAS PROJECT like your bake sale) - creativity, service

3. Captain of another club - creativity, service

4. Debating - creativity

5. First Aid learning - service

6. Peer support (helping out year 8s) - service

7. student leader - creativity, service

8. school campus tour leader - creativity, service


I plan to add a few more before the end of year. I will not continue cas into yr 12.

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Gym counts, and everything else looks fine. CAS is mostly about how you sell your activities. I'd just be careful including things you did for your actual subjects as CAS, as CAS is meant to be extracurricular.

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