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How to choose a Math course: AI or AA? HL or SL?


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Hello everyone! Now I am 10 grade student at IB school and im on that period of time when we need to choose the DP subjects. I wanted to listen to your advices on how to choose a math course correctly. I am not sure what I want to take as a major. but I am really interested in Economics and Engineering stuff. I am planning to take Economics as HL and probably Physics as HL. Also, I am a really math enjoyer but the problem is I don't have high marks in it, I ended up 9th grade with 5/7. I do really understand every topic in the class but on the summatives we get some 1 course stuff lmao. so, pls help me, I am open to every idea

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Hello. For engineering or Economics you definitely want to go with Math AA, not AI. Depending on the university they will take you with Math AA SL but HL leaves you with more possibilities. I personally do Math AA HL and find it quite manegeable to score a 7 in exams so far (Currently in DP 2). I would make the choice between SL and HL depending on how much time you want to invest and how much you invested to get the 5 in your last year. If it took you a lot of effort then it would be even more to keep up a good grade in HL, but if you were doing little to no work then you could do Math AA HL and get away with it and a decent to good grade. My personal belief is that anyone can score well in any subject, different people just need different amounts of time to achieve a 7. In the end its about how much effort you're willing and able to put in. I would definitely go with AA though. Hope that helped

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